“Say No to Drugs” is now visible almost everywhere. No matter you are taking public transport, watching TV, or even simply dawdling on the street, the same message appears in front of you, so frequently as if you yourself are already a drug addict. Yet, you know this kind of immense promotion is essential, owing to a rapid increase in the number of youths abusing drugs in Hong Kong. Drug abuse is not a new issue; it has been with not only us, but also all over the world for years, or even centuries, and the main reason of the persistent threat of this problem is simple: drugs can be addictive.

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Misuse of drugs is lethal – once you are addicted to drugs, you can suffer from hallucination, nausea, brain damage, and even death. These youths of course should be blamed for such reckless behaviour, because teenage should be a time where they have already developed senses about what is right and wrong; given the frequent health education lessons at school, they should have understood that drug abuse is not a hobby to enjoy, but an addiction to shun. Yet, despite the efforts made by the schools, these youths are still foolish enough to join the parade of death.

Therefore, it is logical for them to take responsibility for their lack of critical thinking. However, no matter how messed up these youths are, parents should also be condemned. Although youths have already come to the world for some years, there are still many things which they have no idea how to deal with. For instance, they may start abusing drugs because of peer pressure. Therefore, parents have the responsibility to guide their children and help them walk through difficulties.

Unfortunately, parents in Hong Kong often need to work long hours, and sometimes are not even allowed to take a rest at weekends, so they seldom have time to communicate with their children. Consequently, it is inevitable that some youths are coerced into drug abuse and cannot get rid of drugs ever since. To tackle the problem, several measures have already been taken. For instance, all schools in Northern District join the Trial Scheme on School Drug Testing to find out students who are drug abusers.

When these students are identified, they are referred to counseling service until they recover. So far, 15 such students have already been identified. More schools should also be built to help young drug abusers get rid of drugs and learn skills which will be useful to them when they return to society. Right now there is only one school in Hong Kong which provides service, but obviously a single school is not enough, because many young drug abusers are now waiting in the long queue to get into this school, and it is estimated the number of waiters will increase consistently in the short run.

Therefore, by building more schools, these youths can join the working force in a shorter time, thus having more time to make constructive contributions. Education is also crucial to combating drug abuse. Schoolchildren should attend school talks, workshops and visits to drug abuse rehabilitation centres to have a more in-depth understanding about what harm drug abuse brings them. People who were once drug addicts can also act as guest speakers to share their stories and warn the others not to ever abuse drugs. Also, competitions and performances can be held to raise the public’s awareness about this issue.

I hope that the measures mentioned above will raise more concerns about the problem, and hopefully no more youths become a slave of drugs, because drug abuse is definitely a trap that you should never step in. Therefore, do keep yourself a lifelong promise – say “No” to drugs! Drugs… These days, most teenagers learn about drugs from their friends who tell them how good consume pills and smoking some kind of heroin makes them feel good. But, the fact, the users don’t tell about the bad effects from the chemicals they have consume to their body. Probably, some of the users don’t know about the bad effects from consume drugs.

When you buy some good in the street, make sure that you know how it was made and what substances those contained in that good. Nowadays, saying NO to drugs is the hardest thing you ever have to do. Drugs become an easy escape from life troubles. Example, you can’t concentrate in the exam because your girlfriend or boyfriend broke up with you, and you failed the exam, you will feel worse then before. Then you start trying to escape from your troubles by consume drugs. Remember, drugs can make people who consume it addicted for his/her whole life. To stop consume drugs isn’t easy. You have to realized first that drugs can destroy your life.

That’s mean you live in depression forever. Trying escape from your life problems to drugs is not a good way. There’s many ways better than drugs. People believe that saying NO to drugs same as saying no to people who offered you some drugs. And most people don’t want to lose their friend just because rejected the offers of his/her friends. Maybe if you was offered by your friend to consume drugs, better you think the best reason how to reject it. Some example as saying no because you have to go to school, or church and you can also say that I have do what I have to do (anything).

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