Store managers will utilize segmentation by classifying the market on various parameters pertaining to demographics to ensure the advertising is reaching its target market. It will consist of both primary and secondary research. Sale items will be determined by store managers during weekly operations meetings and cleared by Kathy.

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Hand off to: Kathy |Advertising reaches target market(s) more effectively | |C |Accounting |Point-of-sale Terminals |20 |High |Ensure accounting data is being correctly gathered through the point-of-sale terminals. |Accounting data will be collected through the point-of-sale terminals. All items, quantities, prices, and totals will be determined on a daily basis and reconciled. Hand off to: Accounting |Data integrity is validated | |D |Inventory Management |Department Managers |20 |High |Determine proper inventory levels. |Department managers will utilize the data from the point-of-sale terminals to determine proper levels of inventory.

Stock-outs should not occur more than 2-3 times a year and a customer service level of 95% will continue to be the goal. Hand off to: Kathy |Inventory levels are synchronized | |E |Forecasting |Kathy |20 |Moderate |Effectively monitor the competitive environment by collecting and analyzing data. |Competitive intelligence will be utilized in order to continuously monitor the competitive environment. Kathy will then be able to make appropriate forecasting decisions pertaining to marketing, research and development, investing, and additional long-term business strategies.

This will be a continuous process involving the legal and ethical collection and analysis of pertinent data. Kathy and her department managers will continue to utilize historical data (last 2-3 years) in these projections to prepare monthly and quarterly forecasts. Hand off to: Department Managers |Forecasting is accurate | |F |Pricing |Kathy |10 |Moderate |Analyze the market and competition to determine selling prices. |Competitive intelligence will be utilized to analyze the market and see what Kudler’s competitors are planning/doing in the near future.

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