Religion is a peculiar system of religion and belief refering the cause, nature and the intent of the existence. There are figure of faiths in the universe with the major faiths as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. Each faith has different construct of God every bit good as different life styles as guided by their spiritual leaders. It can be clearly observed that every individual has typical life style with their ain involvements, activities, sentiments and attitude. Even the manner they are transporting themselves in the frocks or their outer visual aspect besides forms the indispensable portion of their life styles. While most of the civilised societies have settled down in peace with the enormous attempts in raising the regard for each faith amongst the occupants, making the kernel of brotherhood and humanitarianism, there still exist many countries in the universe where unbearable attitudes towards other faiths and their life styles are found and the struggles still remain unsolved. From past history to present twenty-four hours, there are so many narratives and incidents uncovering about the spiritual wars and their resulting in emotional, physical and economical catastrophes. If it is seen through the past history, foremost the war started between Jews and Christians followed by the Christians and Muslims and so subsequently some unbearable Muslim emperors and leaders started know aparting and go againsting the Hindu beliefs and life styles. And in this manner throughout history faith has been misunderstood and abused. Majority uses it as a beginning of power and domination over the other faith people and their beliefs. In fact in the name of the faith figure of unfairnesss is done in one manner or other and in the cause whole humanity is enduring from the earlier BC period boulder clay now. And this misdemeanor has been done to such an extent that even the word faith has lost its true significance which is mark of peace. Truth is that no faith taught this. Every faith spreads the message of peace. Though these conflictions have been thining with the clip but unluckily it seems to be everlasting and will be ever lingering amongst the societies. Always such illustrations can be traced where there is a struggle on the positions, misdemeanor in the name of the faith, hatred for others activities even in the present twenty-four hours. And where the extremists do non hold any dry point to contend at they start assailing the minor issues like frock codifications.

“ As a general regulation, the rights to freedom of faith and look entail, that all people should be free to take what – and what non – to have on. These rights can non be restricted merely because some – even a bulk – happen a signifier of frock obnoxious or violative. ” But the job exists when the individual ‘s single pick is curbed due to the facts and simply useless causes. Whatever be the ground for this, it is wholly inhumane. Without traveling beyond hundred old ages or centuries, past recent old ages itself gives the grounds of such occurrences. The most popular controversial issue has been the affair of Hijab that has reflected immense dissensions between the Muslim beliefs and western societies. Some other illustrations besides dictate the similar narratives are discussed below.

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Controversy of Hijab in the western states

Not so far it was the perennial intelligence in 2004 when France authorities banned the erosion of Hijab and Burqa in the schools, colleges, work topographic points and even most of the public topographic points. Even some other states like Spain and Germany besides wanted to implicate such Torahs in their several states. After the incidence of 11/11 even America was non behind in curtailing the Muslims from openly following their spiritual beliefs though they claim the grounds for this to be political. In one of the articles it ‘s stated that If you chose to have on Hijab guaranteed obstructions are traveling to come your manner. There will be a job in schools and colleges, in the calling field. The misss who will be have oning Hijab will non hold every bit many as chances as the misss who are without it. ( Nadia Fadir, 2009 ) . They suffer great underestimate merely because of something that has so modest ground to be followed. Wearing Hijab does non at all mean that adult females can non execute better or possess less cognition. In fact this is something which protects the adult females from bad portion of the society. Why there are such conflictions where inexperienced person are enduring? Is it less than a terrorist onslaught? It can non be judged to what extent it is aching and working the rights of the adult female. Decidedly Muslims have full right to contend against these unfair Torahs to be implicated. It is right to support the miss ‘s right to have on her spiritual dressings if she chooses so. On the other manus she should non be forced if she does non desire to. That is besides unacceptable. As Muslims denounce the misdemeanor of their spiritual freedom likewise they should besides digest the non-Muslim beliefs and attention should be taken that their ways are non unmolested.

Issue of the Sikh turban

While there was a prohibition on headscarves there was equal resistance on the Sikhs erosion turbans and even the Jews have oning yarmulkas in the western states. Sikh turbans are confronting the hard times in the western states though the current in-migration position of the Sikhs originated in the period of 1980s when there were many struggles between Hindus and Sikhs in India ( Priyeneha Gohil, 2004 ) . Though clip have brought a great alteration to the Indian state sing the spiritual affairs, but for a long period of clip Sikhs did non hold much infinite in the political universe and were assigned for other high official stations in a limited figure. Turban was the major ground behind their rights being curbed. They were looked upon by uneven eyes as they were non the portion of the society. Besides being a citizen of India, they are merely found adjusting in the Punjab Territory. India is majorly a Hindu state and Hindus are non accustomed to cover their caputs with turban as Sikhs. These rights can non be restricted merely because some – even a bulk – happen a signifier of frock obnoxious or violative. ” Their right of have oning turbans should non be violated. They have full right to follow their ain ways and life styles. They should hold an equal entree to all the chances as an built-in portion of the community.

Other similar issues

Religion is a manner of life. Everyone has an equal right to take their ain life style. Number of people in this universe decides non to follow any peculiar belief and desire for freedom of idea and outward visual aspect but now on contrary, these kinds of people have besides been targeted someplace by the spiritual states or spiritual people. They are tortured even if they are non harming anybody or interfering in other ‘s beliefs. They are blamed for botching the spiritual values and thought to be against the being of God which is non true. Orthodox people forget that God ‘s first lesson through every faith is humanity. They possess intelligence and take part in the development of the economic system every bit every bit as others but yet they are non spared.

Though little, but these important issues are making differences amongst the different civilizations which are of no worth. It is giving rise to hatred and wars. The chief ground for this ground we have made the faiths as a coop to maintain ourselves confined to that and seeking to coerce others every bit good to stay within this instead than raising the spiritualty degrees which takes us to the greater highs. Spirituality will ever exaggerate the similarities while minimizing the differences. These sorts of limitations and struggles are non adding to the glorification of any faith or society but instead foregrounding their rough portion. These all immoderate Acts of the Apostless are the consequence of the ignorance of the true significance of the faith and the deficiency of cognition and bounderish nature. These behaviors are anti ethical to spiritual and moral moralss. Furthermore when the God will mensurate the adult male he will mensurate the Black Marias but non the encephalons and outward visual aspect unless it is going the ground of doing some deathly wickednesss to predominate.

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