The Walt Disney Company. founded in 1923. has been radical in the American life industry with the introduction of Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie to be the really first sketch of all time with synchronized sound. In 1954. the company expanded and developed its really ain telecasting plan known as The Wonderful World of Disney. Later on in the decennary. the company farther expanded beyond movie and telecasting to open amusement Parkss having characters from their beloved movie and telecasting series. Since so the company has farther grown. deducing gross from amusement assets and consumer merchandises and nutrients aimed at kids. In 2004. The Walt Disney Company found itself in the center of a whirlpool. specifically sing nutrition degrees of their consumer nutrients. The company was capable to turning unfavorable judgment from militants. parents and authoritiess around the universe who believed that packaged good industries. fast nutrient companies and media mercantile establishments that advertised Disney merchandises were lending to the turning fleshiness epidemic. Disney Consumer Products ( DCP ) . a division of The Walt Disney Company responsible for merchandise development and selling of Disney-branded ware has seen this contention as an chance to reconsider their full scope of nutrient merchandises.

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Change is being implemented to transition the Disney trade name from a big confectionery aggregation of foodinto 1 that offers a balanced nutritionary diet. In sing this issue. it is recommended Disney take an active attack and collaborate with their telecasting channel in making out to kids and learning them the importance and advantages of healthy feeding. As the Disney Channel garners a batch of positions. this avenue will make a broad sum of viewing audiences and may be a positive influence with kids. Another recommendation would be to maximise the purchase of the popularity of Disney characters by tie ining them with healthy feeding. This would be similar to the thought of the Popeye character whose strength chiefly comes from Spinacia oleracea. As good. it is besides recommended that Disney employ a Healthy Food Campaign aimed at parents to set up credibleness with them and the authorities to show that Disney is taking an active measure to assist cut down the fleshiness epidemic. Issue Statement

In 2004. wellness experts have characterized childhood fleshiness in the United States as epidemic and Europe as non far behind. The dramatic additions in childhood fleshiness and turning concern from militants. parents and the authorities have caused The Walt Disney Company to see the nutritionary value of their nutrient merchandises. DCP directors have realized that the company needs to set up credibleness with the U. S. authorities. parents and dieticians. nevertheless. this is a important challenge due to the company’s bing licensing trades with assorted confect and dainty industries and long-standing function as a plaything provider for McDonald’s who is besides under changeless onslaught as a important subscriber to the fleshiness epidemic. Though cipher expects Disney to work out the job of childhood fleshiness individual handedly. it is expected from Disney to at least take enterprise and utilize its trade name strength to make kids. Situational Analysis


The 4 P’s ( Product. Price. Topographic point and Promotion )
Disney has a great assortment of merchandises divided into 5 classs: chief repast. side dish. bites. drinks. and dainties. In each class. there are a figure of nutrient merchandises with 15 % of all merchandises can be classified as dainties with
the remainder of the 85 % falling in the other 4 classs. As good. Disney has placed an accent on the quality of the goods under the Disney trade name. A conducted research shows that female parents appreciated the fact that the merchandises offered under the Disney trade name were of high quality. This accent on high quality criterions has continually positioned the company as the preferable nutrient distributer. Monetary value:

Though the retail merchants sell the merchandises at the normal market monetary value. there exists an excess cost of royalty charged by the company for the advertisement consequence. Disney wants to be low-cost so steps have been taken to cut down costs. Topographic point:

Disney has marketed their merchandises through supermarkets such as Wal-Mart. Albertsons. and Safeway. 3 distribution channels have been used: Licensing. sourcing and Direct-to-retail. These channels bring in big steady watercourse of gross without much cost. Promotion:

Many publicity schemes have been implemented by DCP such as the spine publicity on assorted fruits. which have generated a batch of involvement in immature kids.

The 5 C’s ( Company. Competitor. Collaborator. Context. Customer ) Company – Disney. DCP
Potential internal strengths: Potential internal failings: -Corporation trade name name has strongly distinguished itself nationally as one of the best in the amusement concern -Well-known trade name name that has lead to high trade name trueness ; synonymous with merriment and charming -Disney has held the top musca volitanss for the world’s most valuable franchise characters. -DCP is the world’s largest licensor

-Children are really good familiar with Disney characters-Licensing with McDonalds and assorted confect and dainty makers -Growing unfavorable judgment from militants. parents and authoritiess around the universe about part to the turning fleshiness epidemic -Does non have their ain fabrication

Competitor – Entertainment trade names
DisneyNickelodeonSesame workshopWarner bros.

CharactersMickey Mouse. Winnie the Pooh. etc. SpongeBob. Dora the Explorer. etc. Elmo. Grover & A ; Cookie MonsterHarry Potter. Looney Tunes

CollaborationKroger. Safeway. Albertson’s. Wal-MartLicensing partnershipDel Monte FoodsReady Pac

NetworkFilm & A ; Television programNickelodeon channelSesame Street public telecasting plan —–

Concept“Better for You”“Every fruit a child would desire to eat with Nickelodeon character” “Healthy Habits for Life”“Healthier Snack Alternative” & A ; “The Original Kid Pleasin’ . mom-lovin’ dippity delightful bite! ”

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