Generally speaking, there are two methods used in the coal exploitation: over ground and underground exploitation. The choice of different mining methods id determined by the geography conditions, coal hierarchy and the sea filling project. Opening mining is often restricted by the protection of original geography so that the underground mining enjoys significant popularity among machinery manufacturing companies. If the coal layer is very close from the ground and the permutation is very close, then it is thought that this mining method is open mining.

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In order to change this kind of situation, the experts from the R & D team of Henan Hongxing reasonably adopt the most advanced nanotechnology at home to make the cost performance of wear-resistant material improved 1-2 times after the repeated research and experiment of the crushing characteristics of impact crusher. The high chromium blow bars made by super alloying and advanced smelting technology, whose service life is 50%-150% longer than traditional blow bars.

Compared with the products of the same kind, this blow bars features high security, strong wear-resistance, low cost, etc. The blow bars from HXJQ have the following distinctive features: 1). Applying the external refining technology, effectively reduced the harmful elements, impurity and oxygen and hydrogen harm, and greatly enhanced the abrasion resistance and impact toughness of the steel. 2). Using proprietary metamorphic agent for modification treatment, fine grains, improve carbide configuration and distribution, and to improves the abrasion resistance and tenacity. ). Optimizing heat treatment process, make the product of uniform hardness especially, impact abrasion resistance becoming stronger. In the mining process, a lot of machines and equipment will be needed, such as sand maker and crushing and grinding machines and ore dressing and washing equipment is also necessary. Rock cone crusher : http://www. crusher-export. com/cone_crusher. htm Vibrating screen : http://www. mine-crusher. com/7. htm

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