He is the rival of Naruto. He is famous for his looks and cold nature. He is one of the last three survivors of Uchiha clan,An uchiha is a person who possesses Sharingan in his eye (red coloured eye). The reason I love and admire this character of Sasuke is that has gone through a lot of things that forced him to grow up faster than his peers. He demonstrates remarkable maturity countless occasions. It was Sasuke who practically made team seven a team.

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He was the one who taught Naruto (the hero of the series) and Sakura selflessness and teamwork. From an outside point of view, Sasuke is different from the other kids. He’s not into what the other kids are into. Sasuke’s only source of motivation, of his existence, is his goals. To the other kids Sasuke seems practically superhuman and odd. To Naruto, Sasuke is both his role model, and a huge source of aggravation. Naruto has developed his own strength of will from watching Sasuke. On the one hand, Naruto recognizes they have almost the exact same circumstances.

Sasuke has no friends and no family, yet paradoxically, the two couldn’t be more dissimilar. Though they have the same disadvantages, Sasuke is so much better than him and everyone else. Sasuke blows his classmates and teachers away with his natural talent and ability to absorb whatever he’s taught. Sasuke doesn’t care what his peers think of him because he’s so singularly focused on his goals that stuff like that pales in comparison so he doesn’t suffer from adolescent insecurities. As a result Sasuke has become confident in himself unlike anyone else of his age.

It’s really no wonder that Sakura, and a lot of girls developed crushes on him. Now, from Sasuke’s pov, he lives under an incredible amount of pressure. His brother’s (Itachi) death threat hangs over him foremost in his mind. Itachi promised to come back to kill him someday and Sasuke has no idea when that that day will be. But at the same time he’s decided to not take it passively and is determined to kill Itachi instead and get justice for those he killed. Sasuke sees this as his solemn duty. As an Uchiha, he’s lived his whole life under constant scrutiny. Above average for others is for him sub-par.

Extraordinary is expected. And it’s intensified a hundred fold by the fact that he is the last of his clan. It’s all on him to uphold his family’s reputation as the best of the best. It’s his family’s honor, which is all he has left of them. As the only survivor he (feels that he) owes them a huge debt. As a person Sasuke is suffering from huge emotional scars from the death of the clan and his brother’s betrayal. Leaving him with both a compulsion to protect others, and deeply distrustful of everyone. Thus he has avoided forming bonds with anyone because he’s afraid both of loosing them or of them betraying him.

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