If this not important in the annual report will not mention it and the CEO will not say thanks to their employees who are worked in open cut mines. Because their outstanding efforts made to optimise the efficiency of these operations. All of those works are relative to the personal health and safety, any mistake of that will lead to loss of life, environmental harm and disruption to reputation of this company. Depending on their fault and severity, they can impact WHC’s operational performance and financial position.

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Therefore, an effective and comprehensive Health Safety Environment and Security management system to reduce this risk and support safe and secure execution of all critical activities. Host government – political and fiscal risks WHC operates well in recent years. That means it runs business in some countries where political, economic and social transition is happened. Developments in politics and laws can affect operations and earnings of this company.

However, restrictions of imports and exports; tax increases and other retroactive tax claim; price controls; international conflicts, including war and local security concerns that threaten the safe operation of company facilities; cancellation of contract rights; and environmental regulations. All of that are difficult to predict the timing or severity of these occurrences, and also can not forecast the potential effect. These will impact the employees, reputation, operational performance and financial position of the company if the risks are occurred.

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