I first began to think about a future in natural science as a seventh-grader when I was captivated by a book called Hyperspace, by physicist Michio Kaku. I was somewhat familiar with science fiction staples like black holes, time travel, parallel universes, and higher dimensions, but only as plot devices on Star Trek. A lot of it was beyond my grasp, since I had never taken physics class. To think that real scientists seriously theorized about any of it inspired me to read on. When I finished the book, I turned into The Star Trek Physics, and it seemed a wonderful adventure to me.After I came to the U.S, I had to survive chemistry first. Concurrently, I took physics and two required courses of biology. I wondered at times if I was insane to do so, but I was fascinated by what chemistry had to offer: a background for interpreting natural happenings and a means to advance scientific understanding in general, a worthwhile pursuit. Since I went to a foreign high school, I had to learn all the terminologies all over again. But fortunately, I had a wonderful professor who helped me to get though all of that. I grew confidence working with techniques and equipment and always looked forward to working in lab. Concepts were one thing, but demonstrating them in the lab provided a whole new insight into what made things work and introduced me to many lab techniques and approaches. Investigation into enzyme performance revealed the effect of various influences, countless titration of solution perfected my method, gel electrophoreses and qualitative analysis tested my nerves and concentration. Suddenly, it seemed like natural sciences could be part of my future. Now, it seems a more and more possible path.
As I progressed in school and maturity, my interests evolved into the people-oriented aspects of medicine. During my experience at Mass General Hospital, I gained profound insight into how modern science can change medical practice. I have seen that through…

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