Decision Making Process
MGT 230
December 2, 2013
Wanda Jones-HeathDecision Making Process
Whenever someone is faced with making a decision whether it is a personal one or a professional one there will always be certain steps that need to be followed to ensure that the outcome that is desired actually happens. In my life I have had to make many serious decisions that the right or wrong choice would have changed my life forever. Some worked out and many did not and it seems that the ones that did not work out the way that I wanted them to is because I did not follow the process and made a quicker decision that resulted in not having the final outcome that I wanted. Each step is important because it helps to way all of the pros and cons and to help you make the best decision possible using all of the information that you have available to you.
A month after I gave birth to my daughter I was laid-off from work and was not sure what my husband and I were going to do. I knew that after child care costs were taking care of the remaining money was not that much but at least it was better than nothing. My husband and I had to really sit down and look at our situation and decide what was best for our family and after receiving the news of the lay-off, we weighed all of our options. The options that we looked into were for me to find another job, become a stay-at-home mom, go back to school, or to start watching other people’s children along with my daughter to make some money. Finding another job seems like the easiest solution but it was 2009 and at the time the economy was not doing well so jobs were not always available and they did not pay a lot of money. Going back to school was an option because I receive money from my GI Bill but at the time I was still not sure what I wanted to do and I did not want to waste time. I love children but I was a first time mom and the thought of watching other people’s children along with my own really scared me…

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