1:1 Outline the anatomy and physiology of the human organic structure in relation to the importance of right traveling and placement of persons The anatomy which the physical construction of the organic structure and physiology which is the normal maps of the organic structure aid persons to travel their limbs. Muscles have the power of contraction therefore it produce motion of the organic structure and let the castanetss to work like flexible joints. When traveling someone/individual it is of import to retrieve that the musculuss can merely travel the joint every bit far as the castanetss will let them.

1:2 Describe the impact of specific conditions on the right motion and placement of an person If an person has suffer from a shot this may do loss of motion in the limbs on one side of the organic structure ( unilateral paralysis ) . In that instance it is really of import to retrieve that when you are helping an person with respects to dressing you need to dress the person foremost the bad side and when discasing him/her you do the bad side in conclusion to forestall uncomfortableness.

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Therefore that average by following this process you are non drawing their musculuss in the incorrect way. 2:1 Describe how statute law and agreed ways of working affect working patterns related to traveling and positioning persons How statute law and agreed ways of working affect on the job patterns: Current. local. UK and European statute law affects processs and patterns.

This include Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 ( as amended 2004 ) . Reporting of Injuries. Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 ( England. Wales and Scotland ) Health and Safety at Work ( Northern Ireland ) order 1 978. Raising operations and raising Equipment Regulation ( 1998 ( – LOLER. The Workplace ( Health. Safety and Welfare ) Regulations 1992. Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations ( RIDDOR ) 1995. Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations ( PUWER ) 1998. Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations ( MHSWR ) 1999 ; Disability Discrimination Act ( 1995 ) . Human Rights Act ( 1998 ) .

In the workplace there is Code of Practice and Conduct. Standards and Guidance relevant to individual’s function and duties eg wellness and safety policies. traveling and managing policies. traveling and managing techniques. Policies on information sharing. hazard assessment certification. single attention programs. infection control processs. entering and describing processs ect.

All these policies and processs can impact our working patterns for illustration Manual and Handling is about back uping the weight of person or traveling them yourself by utilizing an equipment. If you do non transport this processs safely it could ensue hurt to self. to serve user and other person that are working with you. The Health and Safety Work Act ( 1974 ) province that 50 % or all accident reported each twelvemonth are from helping people with manual and handling.

The ordinance that are set impose responsibilities on employers. self- employed and employees. they province that employers must avoid all risky manual handling activities where it is practical to make so. Employees must follow the work system set by the employer to advance attention for the wellness and safety of ego and others. comply with the demand imposed on the employer. ne’er misuse or interfere with anything provided for wellness. safety and public assistance. Besides use stuff or equipment merely harmonizing to recommended processs.

2:2 Describe what wellness and safety factors need to be taken into history when traveling and positioning single and any equipment used to make this Health and safety factors that need to take into history when traveling and positioning single and any equipment used to make this are as follows: Environmental jeopardies: moisture or slippery floor. wires that are hanging or are on the floor and points in the immediate country that could do a trip or a autumn or forestalling you to travel freely when utilizing equipment. safeguards for infection bar and controls. guaranting any equipment is ready for usage and mistake free. single trained in the usage of any equipment and have the accomplishments for the moving and placement required ; any factors that might impact the individual’s ability to travel or place others eg physical disablement or hurt. gestation or other medical status ; processs to understate hazard of hurt ( back hurt ) to the single transporting out the moving and handling ; importance of non dragging including consequence on force per unit area sores ; importance of have oning suited vesture that allows free motion when bending or stretching ; suited. safe footwear. equipment eg hoists. slides. slide sheets. slings. pillows. 3:3 Identify any immediate hazards to the person: The immediate hazards to the person are as follows environmental factors. equipment. service user and individual involved in the moving and handling.

The service user could be in danger or injury if processs has non carried out right. person could be at hazard of infection. it could do hurting. uncomfortableness or clash from traveling. non holding proper traveling and managing techniques could be a hazard to single. Those helping in the moving and handling. others within the environment and servicer. Equipment can be faulty. Hazard can happen any clip at your work topographic point that why it is of import to ever look into and place hazards and seek to rectify it directly off ( Internet Explorer ) if you are utilizing a sling to lift a service user and it has a tear on it no affair how little the hazard is. if it is non being corrected directly off this could take to a large hazard and may do damaging harm to self. service user and others involved.

Therefore a hazard appraisal program should be in topographic point so that it can be changed and implement as to requirement of service user’s needs. 3:4 Describe actions to take in relation to place hazards Action that needs to be taken in relation to identified hazard are as follows: To describe it to Nurse in Charge on responsibility or Manager so that hazard appraisal program can be updated. Ensure service user and all people involved in the attention are made cognizant of the alterations. guarantee staff are implement processs harmonizing the update hazard appraisal. Guarantee the program design comply with the trust demand policy and staff are working within those guidelines. Communicating with the squad to happen out from staff whether the program in topographic point are working or any alterations demands to be done.

3:5 Describe what action should be taken if the individual’s wishes struggle with their program of attention in relation to wellness and safety and their hazard appraisal Policy and processs in relation to traveling and managing may conflict with service user wants. Due accident that go oning in workplace due to raising. Many workplace has now adopted NO-Lifting policy which means that hoists are to utilize harmonizing to their demands. However on many occasions service user do non desire to be hoisted and if dealt with it falsely. it could go forth service user feeling scared. undignified. humiliated. hard-pressed and debauched. Equally much as employees has to follow policies but you find yourself in problem due to basic human right may hold been violated.

. To forestall struggle between service user and workplace policies associating traveling and positioning you must affect service user in their ain hazard appraisal and mobility service program if appropriate. . Hazard appraisal to be focus on service user needs merely on Employer demands. . Patient Centred Care Plan with understanding to serve user taking into history demand demands. . Wishes of service user need to be balanced to guarantee employer are non seting themselves at hazard through traveling and positioning activities. By affecting service user in their attention this will advance independency. liberty and self-respect. Service user may alter and mobility can better or deteriorate – which may take alterations to their head on how they wish to be moved or positioned.

If their wants conflict with their program of support. it is of import to document this in the service user attention program and inform the director and outside bureau that are involved in the attention of the service user. 6:1Describe when advice and/or aid should be sought to travel or manage an single safely You would seek advice: . When single that demand traveling has penchants that struggle with safe pattern. . When hazard can non be dealt with. When equipment appears to be worn. damaged or insecure to utilize. When techniques or equipment used require more than one individual to utilize it safely. When working unaided would transcend personal handling bound

. When single attention program and/or hazard appraisal can non be follow as planned. When Organizational policies and processs can non be followed. 6:2 Describe what beginnings of information are available about traveling and positioning Beginnings about traveling and placement is available within the work puting such as policies. processs and manuals. there is besides advice from other practicians such as nurse. welfare officer. physical therapist or squad reding on wellness and safety eg back attention. beginnings external to the puting including local authorization. primary attention trust and administrations advancing wellness and safety and lovingness for those with physical disablement. Back attention adviser ( BCA ) .

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