This assignment is about the touristry industry in France, includes its touristry historical context, migration, population construction, linguistic communication hosts use within France and local hosts ‘ faith. Furthermore, it will advert about the development of touristry, conveyance and rural development. It will besides speak about France ‘s seasonality and their employment. Besides, it will speak about how EU policy and political relations that relevant with France ‘s development of touristry.

Metropolitan France is located in the Western Europe, extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and the North Sea. It is nearby Belgium, Spain and Italy. France is at the sou’-east of United Kingdom and nexus with it by English Channel. Furthermore, France has few Numberss of districts around the universe, which included Gallic Guiana that at Northern South America, nearby by the North Atlantic Ocean, between Brazil and Suriname. Guadeloupe and Martinique situated at Caribbean island. Reunion that is an island located in the India Ocean at southern Africa.

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Tourism: the historical context

The earliest of touristry found in the France is in the 17th and 18th centuries, which called The Grand Tour, which undertook by chiefly upper category European immature work forces for instruction intents, such as foreign linguistic communications, cultural and art of the finish, siting and dancing etc. At eighteenth century, the form started to alter, people changed their intent from Grand Tour to wellness touristry, spa vacation. In France, there were Aix-les-Bains and Vichy etc spa town provide particular installations for wellness and leisure to its visitants, and they were chiefly come from upper categories as low category people can non afford at the beginning, but in-between category visitants subsequently.

Vichy is likely the best-known of Gallic watering place, although it now attracts fewer affluent foreign clients than the epoch prior to the Second World War. ( Boniface B and Cooper C, 2005, p. 205 )

At the beginning of nineteenth century, people started to travel from spa vacation to seaside resort for medical grounds as imbibing sea H2O can contend assorted disease or upsets, but amusement shortly alternatively of the intent of medical grounds. From the center of the nineteenth century, there is tendency of the increasing figure of middle-class tourers travel to seaside resort by following upper category footfall, they are mainly households with kids, which lead more and more of the Gallic seashores to be developed for the touristry industry, the Gallic Riviera and the north seashore of France from Boulogne to Cherbourg. Alpine resorts start to pull tourers from the terminal of the nineteenth century during the period of the winter. Ski resort shortly became popular, and France became one of the popular finishs for skiing vacation.

The Gallic Apls have become Europe ‘s most popular winter athleticss finish, pulling domestic and foreign skiers likewise. ( Boniface B and Copper C, 2005, p.207 )

Migration, population construction, linguistic communication and faith

Harmonizing to Migration Policy institute 2004, there are 140,033 people flows into France from other states. 64.4 % are from Africa, 8.7 % are from Americans, 16.6 % are from Asia, 9.8 % are from Europe, 0.3 % is from Oceania and 0.1 % is from unknown. Harmonizing to CIA universe fact book 2009, the entire population in metropolitan France is estimate 62,150,775 ( July 2009 ) , 18.6 % of 0-14 old ages old ( 6,129,729 male and 5,838,925 female ) , 65 % of 15-64 old ages old ( 20,963,124 male and 20,929,280 female ) , and 16.4 % of 65 old ages old and over ( estimate 4,403,248 male and 6,155,767 female, 2009 ) . The official linguistic communication people use in France is Gallic. However, few Numberss of people still utilizing regional idioms such as Provencal, Breton, Alsatian, Corsican, Catalan, Basque and Flemish, which worsening quickly late. Harmonizing to CIA universe fact book, Roman Catholic is the mainly faiths in France, which is 83 % -88 % , 2 % are Protestant, 1 % are Judaic, 5 % -10 % are Muslim and 4 % are unaffiliated.

Agribusiness, touristry and rural development

France is one of the states with good developed rural touristry with 80 % of rural countries in Gallic district ( Sources, 2005 ) which conveying the economic system net income to the state and rural country.

In 2005, touristry ingestion in France amounted to 108.11 billion euros, of which about 59 billion for the occupants. The portion of rural countries in footings of touristry ingestion represents 19.3 % or about 20 billion euros. ( Source, 2005, writer ‘s ain interlingual rendition )

The most popular rural touristry activities is bivouacing and trains in rural countries. Except Gallic people ever go to bivouacing and trains, foreign tourers from other states like United Kingdom are besides like to see France for bivouacing and train during the summer, particularly is for educational intent such as Scout.

The Federation du Scoutisme Francais lobbied the authorities for the acknowledgment of their preparation and makings ensuing in the 1998 act modulating cantonments and activities organised by recognized Gallic Scouting Associations ( ScouteBaseUK, 2007 )

Rural touristry started develops at 1950 on France as the authorities noticed the possible value of it. In France, there are assortments of activities for rural touristry for case, G & A ; icirc ; Tes, Logis de France, Chambres d’H & A ; ocirc ; Tes, Fermes-Auberges, nutrient and drink as heritage, Crafts, ecomis & A ; eacute ; es and loisirs Accueil, these illustrations are successful and inspired by public sector and chiefly is supply adjustment, nutrient and drink during people ‘s vacation by the traditional manner. ( Swarbroke J, 1999a, p.164-165 )

Food and drink as heritage ‘s case is alcoholic drinks, and Vineyards is celebrated country for alcoholic drinks, this activity is all about observation of grapes turning and being harvested, wine production, savoring and sing wine basements, even purchase vinos. ( Sznajder M and Scrimgeour F et Al, 2009, p249 )

Harmonizing to Rural touristry International, the most visited countries in France for rural touristry are located in the Mediterranean country, for case Dordogne, Provence, Pyrenees, Massif Central and the Alps etc.

Seasonality and employment

France is the major finish that at the top of the rank on International Tourist Arrivals by harmonizing to UNWTO 2009, which had 79.3million tourer reaching, and the international touristry grosss is 55.6billion that rank at 3rd.

Traffic volume in France nexus with school vacation tightly as households can take their kids travel holiday, like Christmas, New Year and summer vacation. In winter, Gallic people will travel for winter athletics vacation with their households all the clip, and their favorite finish is the mountain, and the conveyance they used for travel bulk is auto, hence, it leads heavy traffic during these times. Furthermore, July to August traffic volume truly busy every bit good as abroad tourers will see France during summer.

Accounting to the Observatory of Tourism, 39.5 % of Gallic people travel on vacations at least one time during the winter season. The favorite finish during this period of the twelvemonth is mountain, with 21.7 % of nightlong corsets. ( Bison Fut & A ; eacute ; , 2009 )

Beginnings: Bison Fut & A ; eacute ; , 2010

Harmonizing to Eurostat, the employment rate in France is bit by bit increased from 59.6 % ( 1997 ) to 64.9 % ( 2008 ) , and lessening to 64.2 % ( 2009 ) . The mean on the job hours for full clip occupations per hebdomad are 41.Besides, the unemployment rate in France from 9.1 % ( March 2009 ) addition to 10.1 % ( February 2010 ) .

Different than other European states, circuit operators and all inclusive vacation is non popular in France as many of Gallic people like to be after their domestic vacation on their ain than travel abroad. Furthermore, they travel by auto for chiefly instead than flight, approximately 80 % of Gallic people travel by auto. Therefore, there are non much occupations provide by circuit operator for local people, merely 5 % of the entire people working in the whole touristry industry. ( Pompl W and Lavery P, 1993, p.214 ) However, other countries in the touristry industry like adjustment, attractive forces did supply tonss of occupations chances for local people.

Conveyance and development ; Spatial forms of travel

Conveyance is ever of import for travel to and within the finish, and the development of the conveyance leads people can make their finish easier and quicker. There are different manners for conveyance, include route, rail, air and sea. Tourists chiefly use air conveyance for farther finish, nevertheless, the growing of low-cost air hoses lead more and more tourers use air conveyance as this is a lots quicker than the other method of conveyance in the late old ages. France has both international and domestic airdromes, which is truly accessible for inbound, outbound and domestic touristry. Road conveyance is the earliest conveyance in the universe and still really popular for domestic travel and within Europe, this includes autos, coachs, and trains etc. However, coachs are going out of day of the month even it is the cheapest manner to go, and merely for short distance as it is non comfy than the other method of conveyance and decelerate. Car travel for domestic touristry in France is truly immense as France has assortment of resources for different types of vacation, even particular involvement vacation, includes skiing, beaches, nutrient and drink, urban and rural etc vacation.

Conveyance by auto dominates tourism in France, accounting for two-thirds of inward tourers and about 80 per cent of domestic vacation ( Boniface B and Cooper C, 2005, p.198 )

Rail conveyance is popular for domestic travel and within Europe. The development of high velocity train increase the Numberss of people travel by train as it is faster and comfy than air conveyance. Domestic travel within the France by rail conveyance is besides common as the web of high velocity train did cover some of the chief metropoliss in France, which leads it easier to entree.

These Run chiefly on dedicated path at velocities of 270 kilometers per hr, associating Paris to Lyon, Lille, Mantes, Bordeaux and Nice. ( Boniface B and Cooper C, 2005, p.187 )

Sea is the other method of conveyance, nevertheless, it may non as popular as the other manner of conveyance as it took longer to make the finish, and cost a batch more than the other, particularly is sail. However, there are more and more cruise vacation to France late, chiefly come from Britain.

Cross-Channel ferries are the preferable conveyance manner for tourers from Britain. ( Boniface B and Cooper C, 2005, p.199 )

Relevant EU policy and political relations

There is non any EU policy is peculiar for touristry, however, there are some EU policy for environment, conveyance, employment and development which link with touristry industry tightly. Under the employment policy, there is a harmonization of makings to better the quality of service within the touristry industry through European Social Fund ( ESF ) to back up developing class in touristry, these preparation are chiefly for catering and hotels. Furthermore, rural development policy are support by the European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund ( FEOGA ) for assisting husbandmans expand their income beginnings and better their farm adjustment and substructure etc, which could assist develop the rural touristry activity. Beside, the environment policy is to protect nature resources and home grounds, and cut down the pollution, for case noise, air and H2O etc. The policy is besides purpose to better the environmental for better quality vacation for tourers. In add-on, the conveyance policy is really of import to tourism industry as they are inextricably linked. ( Fitzpatrick Associates, 1993, p.56-80 )


Overall, France is one of the earliest states to develop touristry and is one of popular finish in the universe nowadays as France had assortment of natural resources for different touristry activities, therefore, France ‘s domestic touristry is immense. Gallic people travel by auto chiefly, so it causes high volume of traffic during the periods of school vacation as most of them go for domestic touristry. However, the immense domestic touristry leads the deficiency of people require all inclusive vacation and circuit operator, therefore circuit operators in France can non supply many occupation chances for Gallic people. Rural touristry in France is good developed every bit good as France has plentifulness of rural countries for touristry and developed about 60 old ages, which entreaty to both of Gallic people and foreign tourers. The popular illustrations for rural touristry are bivouacing and trains. There are different manners of conveyance for acquiring to and acquiring about with France and autos is the most popular 1. However, for long distance finish are chiefly by flight. Beside, high velocity train became more and more popular in France bit by bit as it is a batch comfy and accessible. There is non any peculiar Europium policy for touristry, but there are environment policy, rural development policy, employment policy and conveyance policy which linked with touristry closely.

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