The Armed Forces of the Philippines Transformation Roadmap ( AFPTR ) are of import portion of our program to run into our aspiration to go a universe category armed forces. We look to construct a strong military. to be to the full mission effectual. professional. believably equipped and extremely antiphonal to the technological. philosophy and sociological alterations. I believe we can accomplish our vision to go universe category armed forces that is a beginning of national pride by 2028. The AFP can make these ends. by first. attachment to the constituents of the transmutation roadmap. 2nd. through the strong support of the stakeholders and 3rd. through the absolute committedness of the leading.

The AFPTR is based on the Performance Governance System ( PGS ) which is an version of Harvard’s Balanced Scorecard model into local fortunes of the Philippines. ( OJ5. 2014 ) The AFP instituted reforms based on the rules of good administration and public presentation excellence. AFPTR has three cardinal constituents. foremost. Charter Statement. which sets and defines the strategic way to prosecute. Second. Strategy Map which outlines the strategic aims and defines the interrelatedness among these aims. Third. Governance Scorecard to guarantee that the strategic aims are achieved and the 2028 vision is realized. ( OJ5. 2014 ) The AFP has set up three base cantonments along the manner that must be achieved to acquire closer to the 2028 vision. By the terminal of 2016. to the full mission capable AFP. By 2022. a strong and sustainable armed forces in the Pacific part. The end-goal for 2028 is to go a world-class armed forces.

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In mission capable AFP. one beginning of incredulity. is the mission capable in territorial defence. peculiarly capable in procuring the state from aggression or invasion. this is because of our limited resources and equipments. To turn to this job. the AFP needs to beef up security confederations and partnership with other states through sustained bilateral and many-sided battles and uninterrupted engagement in the United Nations plan or missions. Another is through scheme preparation of a minimal believable defence that could enable the authorities to protect the national involvement by discouraging and forestalling invasion or possible invasion. ( OJ5. AFP Strategic Planning System. 2014 ) Sing limited resources. the AFP’s aim is to heighten effectual budgeting. financial subject. transparence and answerability with a strategic enterprise of developing a fiscal and resource evaluation.

To be a beginning of national pride. the AFP has to work hard to win the Black Marias and heads of the people every bit good as to gain the support of the stakeholders. The AFP has to develop and pass on a trade name image consistent with its nucleus values. award. service and nationalism. The AFP besides recognizes the jussive mood of making out and to prosecute with cardinal stakeholders. Harmonizing to President Aquino” This is why we are prosecuting assorted stakeholders in our peace and security attempts. The AFP Internal Peace and Security Plan ( IPSP ) open up infinite for people’s engagement in specifying. determining. and guaranting national peace and security.

It acknowledges that the parts of each and every authorities bureau. civil society organisation. and even local community. are critical in recognizing our common goal…” ( World Wide Web. scribd. com/doc/46302366/AFP-Internal-Peace-and-Security-Plan-IPSP-BAYANIHAN. 2010 ) The timeframe of the IPSP is six old ages. from 2011 to 2016. which is designed to render communist insurgence irrelevant by 2016. nevertheless. at present. their strength remained about the same. ( Mallari. 2013 ) Despite this. Head of Staff General Bautista said “These are non our standards now for mensurating our performance… we are looking at the peaceable status in different localities…if there is development. if there is economic advancement in the country that is the ultimate” . ( Mallari. 2013 )

Another beginning of apprehensiveness is the frequent alteration in leading. The AFPTR has adapted a long-run and strategic attack to governance. This will supply stableness to the plans and policies of the AFP which will function as a usher for the strategic precedences of the wining leading and hence will non be personality driven.

In decision. the vision to go a world-class armed forces by 2008. although brave and ambitious is accomplishable. through proper execution or executing of AFPTR. dedicated committedness of the leading and strong support of assorted stakeholders. This administration model will incorporate and harmonise the different plans and activities of the AFP. With IPSP unfastened to the populace. it signifies the AFP’s intend to pull on the support of the broad spectrum of stakeholders. The paradigm displacement in relation to IPSP of winning the peace instead than merely get the better ofing the enemy will climax to security. development and advancement.


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