Purpose: To understand how finishs are presented to visitants for them to be able to hold an experience.

This research paper seeks to happen out about the experience physique of visitants on their visit to a memorial, in this instance, Jantar Mantar. Jantar Mantar is a topographic point of great historical, astronomical, and astrological value and is in being since 1724. It is an Observatory built by Jaipur ‘s Maharaja Jai Singh Sawai II on the order of the Mughal Emperor, Muhammad Shah to develop a medium to record and roll up all the astronomical informations and future anticipations of clip, related to survey of the motions of Sun, Moon, and other planetal organic structures.

Four more observatories were built by the same Maharaja in other parts of India. The observatory in Delhi was the first observatory built by him.

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Aim of the Undertaking is to research figure of related inquiries, including:

1. What are visitant ‘s reactions on their visit to Jantar Mantar?

2. How have other tourer topographic points been developed for bettering the experience of visitants?

These inquiries were explored through literature reappraisal, contextual survey, interviews and questionnaires and observations.

The paper concludes by analysing the findings from the informations collected and coming up with recommendations for Jantar Mantar Authority ( Archeological Survey of India ) to see some alterations in the manner they present themselves to their audience, i.e. , to the visitants.


Research Questions and Data Collection Method

Contextual survey and literature survey

Introduction: Jantar Mantar besides known as Yantra Mantra which means “ computation instrument ” in Delhi is the topographic point to detect the motions of the Sun, stars and other planetal organic structures. It ‘s an astronomical, astrological observatory, a sun dial. It is a memorial which has great astronomical and astrological values attached to it.

Physique: In 1724 by Jaipur ‘s Maharaja, Jai Singh Sawai II, on the order of Mughal King, Muhammad Shah. Later king construct four other observatories in India, in Jaipur, Ujjain, Mathura and Varanasi.

Location: It is situated in the Parliament Street near the Connaught Place.

Admission fee: INR 5 for Indians and INR 100 for the Foreigners.

Admission timing: Open from dawn to sunset.

How to make: Rickshaws, taxis, coach, tube can assist you make this topographic point in clip.

Nearest railroad station: Delhi Railway Station.

Nearest tube station: Connaught Metro Station.

Reason for it ‘s edifice: To revise the astronomical tabular arraies. The memorial was built as the significance of a Sun Dial, and to enter the astronomical informations and future anticipations of clip, the intent was to analyze of the motions of Sun, Moon, and other planetal organic structures.

What is an Observatory?

“ A room or edifice lodging an astronomical telescope or other scientific equipment for the survey of natural phenomena. ” Hypertext transfer protocol: //oxforddictionaries.com/view/entry/m_en_gb0571970 # m_en_gb0571970

Oldest Observatories in the universe: Chinese archeologists claim that they have found the universe ‘s oldest observatory, dating back to some 4,100 old ages ago, in North China ‘s, Taosi, Shanxi Province. He Nu, a research worker from the Institute of Archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said “ the observatory was non merely used for detecting astronomical phenomena but besides for sacrificial rites. ”

Other discovered sites that autumn under the class of the “ universe ‘s oldest astronomical observatory, ” includes one in Goseck, Germany, that was constructed around 7,000 old ages ago, it is called a “ sun temple ” and other is the “ German Stonehenge ” with building get downing about 4,000 to 5,000 old ages ago. Standing Rocks of Callanish in Scotland, are older than Stone henge, being constructed around 2900-2600 BC. In Egypt Nabta Playa, are about 6,000 to 8,000 old ages old.

One of the oldest known sites in the universe is “ Gobekli Tepe, Turkey ” which is around 11,000-year-old ruins at Gobekli Tepe.

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.chinadaily.com.cn/english/doc/2005-10/31/content_488952.htm

Some observatories build during 1700 ‘s:

A· 1724: Indian observatory of Sawai Jai Singh at Delhi

A· 1725: St. Petersburg observatory at Royal Academy

A· 1732: Indian observatories at Varanasi, Ujjain, Mathura.

A· 1734: Indian observatory of Sawai Jai Singh at Jaipur

A· 1758: John Dollond reinvents the neutral lens

A· 1780: Firenze Specola observatory

Instruments which comprises of Jantar Mantar:

The Samrat Yantra:

As the name says “ Samrat ” which means Supreme. The name wholly justifies the instrument because it is in the form of a elephantine trigon which represents a sun-dial. Measuring 70 pess in tallness, 114 pess in length and 10 pess thick which depicts the hours, the proceedingss and seconds of the twenty-four hours. Its hypotenuse is parallel to the axis of the Earth. It is used to picture Delhi ‘s local clip.

The Jai Prakash Yantra:

The form of an instrument is a hollow hemisphere of concave surface with markers on them. One is treated as Northern hemisphere and other as Southern hemisphere and this one is used by Astrologers to do worlds horoscopes.

The Ram Yantra:

The form of the instrument is really interesting in itself, it has Windowss and the border of Windowss have taging inscribed on them, and with the aid of those taging the perceivers can happen place of Sun and Moon. The function of this instrument was to track the occultation and full Moon There are two Ram Yantra ‘s one to track the Moon and other to track the Sun.

The Mishra Yantra:

Since the name is “ Mishra ” , which means combination, this instrument is used to picture the clip of midday of assorted metropoliss across the Earth and Delhi ‘s local clip. It is the lone instrument which was non constructed by Maharaja Jai Singh Sawai II.

Ancient India ‘s parts in the field of uranology:

The earliest mentions to uranologies are found in the Rig Veda, which are dated 2000 BC. Astronomic rules were used to explicate affairs which are related to astrology, like doing of a horoscope. Besides from associating uranology with star divination in ancient India, astronomy continued to develop independently, and resulted into original findings, like:

A· The computation of occultation happening.

A· Earth ‘s perimeter.

A· Theory of gravity.

A· Proving that Sun is a star.

A· Finding figure of planets under our solar system.

Experience Design:

“ No adult male ‘s cognition can travel beyond his experience. ”

– John Locke

Great experiences do n’t go on by accident.

They are the consequence of deep idea and deliberation.

– Bill Buxton

Experience design is the pattern of planing services, events, and environments with a focal point placed on the quality of the user experience by supplying a relevant solutions. Experience design draws from many other subjects psychological science, linguistics, architecture, environmental design, jeopardy analysis, merchandise design, theatre, information design, descriptive anthropology, trade name scheme, interaction design, service design, storytelling, and design thought.

Touch points are created between people and the topographic point on the footing of thoughts, emotions, and memories.

Ronald Jones, describes the pattern as working with subjects, which is an integrating between constructs, methods, and theories. Harmonizing to Jones, the mission of Experience Design is “ to carry, excite, inform, envision, entertain, and forecast events, act uponing significance and modifying human behaviour. ”

Experience interior decorators create experiences that brings alteration in behavior amongst clients, users, visitants, audiences.

Study of how other tourer topographic points have been developed for bettering the visitant ‘s experience:

“ Eiffel tower, Taj Mahal, Pyramid of Egypt, Great Wall of China provides improbably powerful image for their several finishs. ” These finish works to construct an experience for the visitants.

Lubbe Berendien, page 154, part5 Tourism direction in Southern Africa


Introduction: The Eiffel Tower is located on the bank of the Seine River which is northwesterly of the Champ de Mars, Paris. It was build to observe 100th day of remembrance of Gallic revolution. It was built as an entryway arch for an international expounding held in Paris in 1889. After the expounding closed everything was dismantled, the tower remained, to assist retrieve the costs of its building. It was supposed to be dismantled after 20 old ages, in 1909, but by so it being utile as a wireless transmittal tower was discovered by the armed forces.

Hypertext transfer protocol: //www.chowhill.co.nz/library-studentawards02.html

Build by: The technology house of Alexander Gustave Eiffel.

Height: Till May 28, 1930, Eiffel Tower was the tallest construction boulder clay Chrysler edifice in New York City, United States.

Hypertext transfer protocol: //www.atkielski.com/main/EiffelTowerFAQ.html

Chemical reaction of people in 1800 ‘s for Eiffel Tower: It was treated as an oculus sore. Parisian novelist Guy de Maupassant used to dine really often in Eiffel ‘s eating house because that ‘s the lone topographic point where he could non see the tower. He was n’t entirely in non wishing the construction. If it had n’t proven so utile for wireless communications it would hold been dismantled in 1909, at the terminal of the lease period.

Present scenario: Paris tops ranking in planetary metropolis image survey. GfK roper public personal businesss & A ; media and simon anholt Roper ( universe ‘s 4th largest market research company ) release 2009 City Brands Index, which captures consumer perceptual experience of the image and repute of 50 major metropoliss worldwide.

The Eiffel Tower is the most visited paid memorial in the universe and it is one of the most accepted constructions on Earth. In 2009, Paris topped the GfK anholt metropolis trade names index and the Eiffel tower is visually a large portion of that trade name.

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.gfkamerica.com/newsroom/press_releases/single_sites/004195/index.en.html

Eiffel Tower from interior: The construction has three platforms, to make to different lifts either stepss or lifts can be taken, in which stepss are merely allowed till 2nd lift, to travel to the acme lift is a irresistible impulse.

Counting from the land, there are 347 stairss to the first degree, 674 stairss tothe 2nd degree, and 1710 stairss to the 3rd degree. While mounting up one can read the little boards explicating about the history of Eiffel tower.

Hypertext transfer protocol: //www.tour-eiffel.fr/teiffel/uk/pratique/acces/page/tarifs.html

Facilities for visitants:

Flat 1: This is the largest platform, with room for a coffeehouse, station office with particular Eiffel Tower cast and little museum called Cineiffel demoing a short movie about the history of the Eiffel Tower and, Souvenir store.

Other attractive forces on this degree include the expansive historical stairway, the one Gustave himself used to mount to his office on the top.

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.suite101.com/content/eiffel-tower-a-visitors-guide-a114907

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.french-at-a-touch.com/Newsletters_and_Articles/facts_about_the_eiffel_tower_vi.htm

Flat 2: One can see sing Paris with telescope, souvenir stores, animated shows on the operation of the lifts, eating house.

Hypertext transfer protocol: //www.discoverfrance.net/France/Paris/Monuments-Paris/Eiffel.shtml

Flat 3: Office of Gustave Eiffel. Scale theoretical account showing the history of the platform.

It is here one will be able to see that the tower is of communicating and transmittal importance as it has tonss of aerials of wireless and telecasting.

There is a tabular array while indicates the Parisian landmarks and distance of Eiffel tower from other topographic points in the universe.

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.hotelsorbonne.com/fiche/eiffeltower.html

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.ukstudentlife.com/Travel/Tours/Paris/EiffelTower.htm

Engraved names: The names of 72 Gallic scientists, applied scientists and celebrated persons were graved by Gustave Eiffel, under the first balcony, with 18 names on each side. This has been done to pay testimonial.

Commemorate the Gallic presidential term: In mid-2008, the tower was lit from the exterior in blue.

Visitors Remarks, suggestions, tips and their experience

Paris ‘s Image:

A· Place to fall in love with.

A· For the ultimate romantic feeling, there ‘s no demand to go across the Earth.

Wordss from Eiffel tower director: Melissa Drumheller: :

A· ” At nighttime, it ‘s really romantic, “ and Eiffel Tower is a popular romantic finish. ”

A· ” During the twenty-four hours, you get a position of all these mountains which is a phenomenal position. ”

Suggestion by visitants:

1. Visit at Night: It is agreed that Eiffel Tower is charming at dark, traveling up to different lifts ad detecting streets of Paris is a ocular delectation, and makes you recognize why Paris is called “ City of visible radiation. ” hypertext transfer protocol: //www.france4families.com/paris/RegionsParisAttractionsEiffelTower.htm

2. Tour to mechanical room: Visitors interested in mechanics can hold a expression of how Eiffel tower plants. Original machineries are placed with current Eiffel tower control room, and the visitants can larn about the building of the tower.

Hypertext transfer protocol: //www.parisescapes.com/paris_eiffel_tower_tips.html

Hypertext transfer protocol: //www.french-at-a-touch.com/Newsletters_and_Articles/facts_about_the_eiffel_tower_x.htm

3. Send a Postcard: On the First floor of the tower is a station office. Send post card with Eiffel Tower postmark to do the trip memorable.

Hypertext transfer protocol: //www.ukstudentlife.com/Travel/Tours/Paris/EiffelTower.htm

4. Keepsakes: Around Eiffel tower one can happen many sellers selling the Eiffel tower keepsakes, interested people can purchase.

5. Visit to the web site: visit to the Eiffel tower web site ‘s intelligence page, it lists current events taking topographic point on the tower.

Hypertext transfer protocol: //www.parisescapes.com/paris_eiffel_tower_tips_page2.html

Hypertext transfer protocol: //

Experience of one of the visitant ‘s to Eiffel tower:

– Akash Bhasin

My twenty-four hours started with the touring of the Eiffel tower. The tower has glass-walled lifts which get to the first, 2nd and top platforms. There is a ticket to come in the tower which is around 12-14 euros. Nevertheless, I purchased the ticket and started my journey, the journey of Eiffel. Everything about Eiffel is particular, get downing from the entry gate, the glass-walled lifts which gives you a broad position of the lovely metropolis. As there are three degrees in the tower, I halted at each one of them as I wanted to hold the feel from different heights. At last I reached the Top most platform of the Eiffel tower. The minute I stepped outside the lifts I was flabbergasted with the position I saw. It was a lifetime position, the one I used to see in my dreams. As I was on a tallness of 300 metres, there was fear inside but I outstripped it and moved towards the corner. The position of the Paris metropolis I saw from there can non be defined. It was the most mind-bending and fabulous scene I have of all time in my life. From the top I could see the sienne river merely below me, the tower block merely opposite the tower, a resort area and traffic traveling like emmets. The worlds from the top were hardly seeable. On the Top platform, there were agreements for a larder and other basic necessities. There was a room in which an image of Gustave Eiffel was placed. In another room, there was a list of states and their distance from the ‘Eiffel tower. ‘

I saw India distance that was about 6600 kilometer, I felt great to see that.

I stayed for an hr on that platform and gazed at the position so that I can capture it through my eyes and shop in my memory forever and of all time. It was lovely, it was great. I really felt that love in the air, felt like in calm enlightenments.

This is the minute of my life I really lived.

Statue of Liberty

Introduction: The Statue of Liberty or known as Liberty Enlightening the World is a sculpture on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, it was designed by Frederic Bartholdi on October 28, 1886. The statue was a gifted to the United States by the people of France. The female figure represents Liberates, the Roman goddess of freedom, she holds a torch and a tabula ansata i.e. , a tablet which represents the jurisprudence upon which is inscribed the day of the month of the American Declaration of Independence. A broken concatenation is placed at her pess. The statue is an iconic symbol of freedom, autonomy and of the United States.

Idea and people behind its devising: Bartholdi a sculpture was inspired by Gallic jurisprudence professor and politician Edouard Rene de Laboulaye, he commented in 1865 that “ any memorial raised to American independency would decently be a joint undertaking of the Gallic and American peoples. ”

In June 1871, Bartholdi went to New York Harbor, he their fixed on Bedloe ‘s Island as a site for the statue, because vass arrive in New York has to traverse that island, which is owned by United States authorities.

In 1875, Laboulaye offered that the Gallic can finance the statue and the Americans canprovide the base and the site for it. Bartholdi visited U.S President Ulysses S. Grant, where he was assured that is would non be hard to acquire the site for the statue. The model was by Euge-Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc and Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel.

Public visual aspect of the statue: Bartholdi completed the caput and the arm retention torch, before the statue was wholly designed ; two pieces were exhibited for promotion at international expoundings. The arm was displayed in New York ‘s Madison Square Park between 1876 to 1882.

Fund-raising: Attempts were made to raise financess for building of base in America, but boulder clay 1885 work on the base was a large inquiry due to miss of financess. Publisher Joseph Pulitzer started a thrust for contributions to finish the undertaking. This run inspired over 1,20,000 subscribers.

Construction and Assembly: The statue was constructed in France and was shipped to United States and it was so assembled on the base of what it was so named Bedloe ‘s Island. The statue ‘s completion was celebrated by New York ‘s first ticker-tape parade and a ceremonial by President Grover Cleveland.

Encharge: The statue was under United States Lighthouse Board until 1901, so it was under Department of War boulder clay 1933 ; since so, it has been looked after by the National Park Service.

Renovation: The statue was closed because of redevelopment in 1938. In the early 1980s, it was found that it had deteriorated to such an extent that a major redevelopment was required. For the same ground statue was closed from 1984 to 1986. The torch and a big portion of the construction were so replaced. After the September 11, 2001 onslaughts, the statue was closed for safety grounds. It so reopened in 2004. It ‘s once more scheduled to shut by late 2011.

Meaning of the statue: The seven beams form a aura or an corona. They mean the Sun, the seven seas, and the seven continents, and the torch represents Liberty enlightens the universe. Bartholdi ‘s theoretical account ‘s construct, a female figure in represents autonomy, have oning a stole ( which is a gown and cloak, and it is common in word pictures of Roman goddesses ) . The face was modeled after sculpturer ‘s female parent Charlotte Beysser Bartholdi. He gave it bold classical expression and applied simplified

The erected statue is over a broken concatenation, it is half-hidden by her robes and it is hard to see from the land. He decided on to a tabula ansata, a keystone-shaped tablet which is used to realate to the construct of jurisprudence, he chose to scratch “ JULY IV MDCCLXXVI ” , bespeaking the day of the month of the state ‘s Declaration of Independence.

Use of the statue as an Icon: 1971 US airmail cast depicted the caput of the Statue of Liberty.

It appeared on coins which were issued to tag its centenary in 1986. An image of the statue was decided for the American bird of Jove Pt bullion coins in 1997. It besides appears on the back side of the presently issued series of Presidential Dollar which are presently go arounding coins. Two images of the statue ‘s torch besides appear on the current ten-dollar measure.

In between 1986 and 2000, New York State had issued license home bases on which statue was used. The “ Women ‘s National Basketball Association ‘s New York Liberty ” uses both the statue ‘s name and its image as their logo. The “ New York Rangers ” of the “ National Hockey League ” had the statue ‘s caput on their 3rd New Jersey which began in 1997. The “ National Collegiate Athletic Association ‘s ” 1996 “ Men ‘s Basketball Final Four ” , once more had statue on their New Jersey and used it as their logo.

Replica in circulation: A bantam version of the original statue, approx. one-fifth the tallness of the original, was gifted by the American community in Paris to France. For a loyal testimonial, “ the Boy Scouts of America ” , as portion to promote and beef up the Arm of Liberty run in 1949 to 1952, donated about two hundred reproduction of the statue to provinces and municipalities across the United States.

Media: In the films, the torch of the statue helped to put the flood tide of manager Alfred Hitchcock ‘s 1942film Saboteur. The statue was featured as the most celebrated cinematic visual aspects in the 1968 image Planet of the Apes, in which it was shown half-buried in sand. It was destroyed in the science-fiction movies “ Independence Day ” , “ The Day After Tomorrow ” , and “ Clover field ” . In Jack Finney ‘s time-travel novel “ Time and Again ” , the right arm of the statue, played a important function.

On October 15, 1924 it was announced to be US National Monument, and in 1984 it was announced to be a UNESCO universe heritage site.

Presentation to Public: Inside the statue is a museum for visitants to acquire to cognize about the history, importance of the topographic point and about the great heads behind its devising, for this the image gallery is set at that place, they have audio ocular media and multimedia presentations for explicating it easy and convenient manner.

For childs particular plan has been installed to acquire to cognize the topographic point better and understand it in merriment and easy manner. For this a plan called “ Junior Texas Ranger ” has been set up in which kids from age group of 7-12 can take part. Children are given assignment sheets in which they have to finish the assignment which asks inquiries about the Statue, replies to which could be found from sing museum and inquiring inquiries from the Texas Ranger. In this manner the kids learn about the statue which will stay with them for clip, and as a wages on the completion of the assignment they get certificate and a batch.

The Wall of Honor

The American Immigrant ‘s Wall of Honor at Ellis Island, which is outside the statue, is the largest Wall on which names are written in the universe. Over 7,00,000 names are presently inscribed.

Peoples can hold your household name inscribed at Ellis Island. Along with the lettering people receive a certification and their names will be listed in Ellis island ‘s web site which is an on-line practical wall, which can be viewed universe broad over the Internet.

Benefits of a Name on the Wall of Honor:

It is a lasting lettering on “ The American Immigrant Wall of Honor ” , which featured exhibit at the “ Ellis Island Immigration Museum. ”

A listing is done of the honoree ‘s name and their state of beginning, on the “ Virtual Wall ” where it can be viewed by the universe.

And, most significantly, people know that for ages to come their household ‘s name will be on show at “ Ellis Island ” , which honors their household ‘s alone part to America ‘s heritage.

Visits to topographic points ( for primary informations aggregation ) :

Red Garrison: It is known for brilliant history of India, where Kings stayed and gave their opinion. To explicate the history of India to audience the visible radiation and sound medium is used as a tool. Human head retains more when it hears or see, instead than what it reads, so they work on the same lines and nowadayss history in a merriment and interesting manner.

Gandhi Smriti: It is topographic point where Gandhiji pass last few yearss of his life. It is an synergistic museum, utilizing electronic media. It try to explicate about India and Gandhiji ‘s Life, they work on the lines of the more you do it yourself the more you gain. I observed the visitant themselves get so involved that it decidedly creates an experience and the visit go deserving and does non travel waste.

Finding and Analysis

Now in twenty-first century due to clip factor and pollution the marker of the Delhi observatory has become unseeable, which means it does non work any longer. Now when visitants visit this topographic point they do non understand how it used to work, because it was all ocular game. Though the shadow falls, but the perceiver needs the marker to happen out the clip.

Visitors to Jantar Mantar and

Their activities: { VISUALS }

What do visitants make in Jantar Mantar:

1. Get their images clicked.

2. Climb up the stepss.

3. Walk.

4. Relax.

5. Wait when some official work nearby has.

6. Some read the description on the boards.

7. College departers come to go through clip when they bunk categories.

8. Couples find this topographic point private.

9. Hang out with friends.

There are two options available to depict the instruments at Jantar Mantar, ushers, and these descriptive boards.

Visitors visit and their feedback:

One of the visitants to the observatory was a Physics professor from Bangalore, he was highly acute to understand the instruments because of which he went through every descriptive boards. He was able to acquire a just thought that different instruments are used for different intent. But he was non able to understand how it used to work, what are the different constituents in an instrument about which is described in board.

He was bit disquieted on his visit, so he gave suggestions to better the topographic point.

1. To hold a scale theoretical account of all the instruments, so that the visitants can visually detect the clip without conceive ofing reading description about it.

2. As the topographic point is closed in dark, and it has a batch of intending for dark clip i.e, stars are tracked by utilizing instruments, so to do the visitants clear image

Gallery should be developed.

3. Descriptive boards can be more for one instrument as one board which has excessively much of text is bit unpleasant to read, it will increase the sum of information which the visitants get.

4. Mentioning of other near by topographic points in Jantar Mantar.

5. The descriptions could be more in audio ocular signifier which the will enable the visitant to retain the images in head.

6. Package should be developed for educational trips to the topographic point.

From other visitants:

Something should be done to convey out it functional value to the visitants as the chief purpose to see the observatory is to detect clip.

Current image of Jantar Mantar from visitants point of position:

So now Jantar Mantar has built an image for itself in the head of visitants ‘ particularly local people, which is that it ‘s a topographic point

1. To hold merriment,

2. Where you can hang out,

3. It has seemingly become the celebrated topographic point for the twosomes because of which many childs go at that place for bird observation,

4. it is celebrated for all protest related activities in the metropolis.

Visitors see this topographic point like this because what they want they do non acquire to see that at that place, i.e. , The working observatory.

Visitors from the full Earth semen to see this ancient astronomical delectation to make full their funny heads about the use of the assorted tools and methods applied during those past centuries for computations and anticipations, but their funny heads remains unreciprocated.

For now Jantar Mantar is non making or have impact on visitants mind, it fails when it comes to go forth an impact on visitants mind. It ‘s non the mistake of the topographic point or the memorial since it is an observatory and visitants visit it to see how in ancient clip, these elephantine constructions used to work, they come with funny heads which seemingly remains funny because there replies do non acquire solved, as the observatory is a non on the job construction now as its marker has got erased over the period of clip.

A topographic point builds its image at following measure: –

On the visit plays a major function as the visitants come to the topographic point and experience it but if that experience is non memorable or something that individual does non experience proud about his station visit activities would non be at that place, as in the visitant will non distribute about it, will non post anything/less on cyberspace, will non be encouraged to compose articles.

1st visitant ‘s station visit become the anterior to see of the 2nd visitant, so it ‘s a circle/ concatenation which is followed.

Examples: when the 1st visitant visits to Eiffel tower, on the visit he is offered a bundle to see so many things, and he takes back place a bag full of experience and memories so post visit he will be encouraged to distribute about it amongst the friends, will upload images, write up on cyberspace and will portion the memories with people around, will hold souvenir to portion, and will be encouraged to compose an article. : : this is what happens when people come after their circuit to Eiffel.

Now his station visit will be prior to see for other possible visitants, who will be encouraged to be after a visit to the topographic point.


Jantar Mantar being an astronomical and astrological observatory has all ocular entreaty and because of it ‘s non on the job instruments its chief motivation has disappeared. Visitors visit a topographic point like observatory anticipating to do observations utilizing instruments, markers and shadow but on their reaching the scenario alterations. In short, their experiences are non great in footings of gaining or understanding the intent of the memorial.

While the other tourer topographic points pull more tourers and have a better name because they let their intent of being come across the people and they make certain it does non rinse off, which creates a infinite in memory of visitants.


Jantar Mantar, Delhi, is topographic point which holds great astronomical and astrological value since 1700 ‘s when it was build my Jaipur ‘s Maharaja Jai Singh Sawai II, to track the stars, Sun and Moon arrangement.

The present twenty-four hours scenario is that everything sells because it try to make a memory or emotional bond with the people.

Jantar Mantar is one of the memorials which attracts big figure of audiences one of the ground except for its values is that its in Connaught topographic point. Observatory is non working now, the visitants except for big ruddy construction do n’t acquire to see anything as the observatory is something in which you observe and non conceive of, the same happens with every visitants. A batch of imaginativenesss go in for those who are interested in cognizing the working of observatory, which can be deceptive.

Now, it ‘s the age to sell topographic point by supplying a alone experience, the other tourers topographic points are making it by making an whole bundle for the visitants, which they can take place as a nice experience.

Travel has become a portion of life style and tourer programs at that place tour maintaining in head the topographic point which suits at that place manner.

The tourer topographic points follow it, although it make the topographic point commercial and might ache the sentiments of the interest holders, but for making so related governments should hold and so believe about the alterations, and betterments.

It ‘s the clip when Jantar Mantar should besides step frontward and follow on the lines. It is a demand of the visitants to construct an experience which is losing for now, and the good topographic point which builds an experience ever keeps in head the visitors/ tourer ‘s involvement and makes it possible for them to make a memorable visit experience.

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