Articles on Text Three and Text Four

I have decided to take article 3 and 4 because of the similarities and rather absorbing to read. It besides reflects the turning job of urban population with the troubles of keeping coherence. The two articles assesses urbanization and why it attracts people but article 3 did non reflect on the root causes of the migration by the people from rural or smaller metropoliss to larger such as Lagoss.

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The analysis of both articles will measure the deductions in relation to urban sustainability and take a cue from article 4 to joint the major issues in migration of people to urban Centres.

The impetus by people from rural countries of Nigeria to large metropoliss like Lagos have been known for old ages as kids of husbandmans, fishermen grew and educate themselves, it become a common topographic point for them to travel to the metropoliss in hunt of greener grazing lands. The move enable them to look for a well-paid occupation instead than acquire stocked agriculture in the small town like their parents. This has resulted to the drain of able bodied work forces and adult females traveling to the metropoliss go forthing their old folks to make the agriculture. This is evidently a serious job, as older these parents’ gets, the weaker they become to be able to run their farms. This has doubtless cut down nutrient production and besides responsible for hiking in nutrient monetary values.

Lagos province has bear the brunt of this mass motion, chiefly because it was the state capital metropolis, the place of power for the federal authorities. This has led to tremendous population growing, as the smallest province in Nigeria with an country of 356,861 hectares and surrounded by immense country of wetland, yet histories for harmonizing to the 2006 national nose count 36.8 % of Nigeria’s urban population. The tendency analysis revealed Lagos population growing rate at 8 % , is by any standard rather high for the size of the province. Ironically, the move by the federal authorities to a different location ( Abuja ) did non impact any alterations in population, alternatively it appears that it created a vacuity which is now been filled by more people traveling to Lagos. This will set Lagos harmonizing to the UN, the 3rd largest mega metropolis in the universe if it continue to turn at this rate after Tokyo, Japan and Bombay in India. The branching of the population growing in Lagos in immense as authorities find it hard to keep sustainable communities due to immense population of 20,000 individuals per square kilometer.

The deduction of the population growing is a challenge of over-consumption on the one manus and crunching poorness on the other. The province must ship on one of the greatest Renaissance of the metropolis to provide for the population growing and make sustainable communities with sustainable development in head. This does non merely implies the duty to aids in the present population growing in Lagos province, nevertheless, it’s refer to the duty to see the wellbeing of future coevalss. The continued growing will hold inauspicious consequence on urban sustainability as the attack to environment and land development issues will impact the capacity of the environment to get by with the effects of our attempt to accomplish economic solutions.

The UN population growing estimation for Lagos, means that the province will be providing for 36.8 % of Nigeria urban population. The province will be confronting many challenges such as demographic alteration, and migration, poorness and occupation market globalization, segregation and unrestricted urban growing. Although this is driven by neoliberal planetary market that depend upon the production of new infinites for growing which contribute to deregulating and inequality at the metropolitan graduated table. This as a consequence has led to the gait and graduated table of urban sustainability to go unevenly distributed with its environment hazards.

Further deductions of population growing in Lagos was noted in article 4 as it causes overcrowding with negative side effects. The article sited the attractive forces that lure people into urban Centres as it offer great benefits and equal figure of drawbacks. There are positive factors that contribute to the overall quality of life in urban Centres, it must be said that it is all about urban life as there are great trade of diverseness and pick. The article articulated that in urban countries people have many picks they can do that relates to a figure of facets of their day-to-day lives.

For illustration, a individual who lives in urban Centres are more likely to hold picks of nutrient which is healthy and can supply greater wellness benefits because of its diverseness in diet. Additionally, urban Centres provide people the chance to take portion in a assortment of cultural and societal events as there is a pool of different activities to take from. Equally they have the chance to be more civilized and more likely to meet those from other category, cultural and cultural groups.

There are big figure of shops and eating house to take from every bit good as big sum of societal webs and networking chances. Those that are parents have a figure of picks available to them to run into their kids educational demands as they have immense list of both public and private schools to take from in territory of their pick. This will potentially leads to better instruction for the kids the article noted. It besides noted chance in urban Centres sing employment as it offers the occupants the eternal possibilities of holding entree to a assortment of occupation options because of the concentration of concerns, companies, administrations and authorities organic structures.

The urban Centre is built with cutting-edge engineerings which enable easy communicating and supply chance for people to travel from occupation to another. The engineerings combined with recreational installations such as Parkss, garden, film for people to loosen up are a common topographic point in urban scenes. Healthcare is another chance the urban Centre provide as there are figure of specialist wellness Centres to take from. Despite this decision on the positive side of urban life and the benefits it provides, there are besides negative side to it due to high population denseness.

Lagos is an illustration of such overcrowded metropolis due to its population which as a consequence has create immense traffic congestions that has lead to holds and holding negative consequence on the economic system. The high degree of population could besides take to all countries being littered with rubbish. Pollution histories for immense sum of wellness jeopardy as scientific grounds points to the release of nursery gases such as C dioxide and methane into the ambiance. These substances combined with industrial pollution is responsible as the primary cause of clime alteration.

The high population in urban Centres besides lead to poverty and high offense rates every bit good as high cost of life. It imperative to observe that urban Centres besides create a nerve-racking environment for those populating it due to external factor such as traffic, experiencing caged and long waiting lines. Urban Centres such as Lagos have a high cost of populating crisis as most goods and services provided is at a premium. There is besides the deficiency of personal relationship as the urban life is fast-paced and gawky and with high denseness population it is close impossible to make relationships.

Lagos province provides a perfect illustration of overcrowding due to overpopulation, which besides links to high offense rates. There is a high demand for energy, H2O, nutrient including waste end product of heat, air pollution and H2O pollution and deficiency of sustainable lodging. Other troubles is the proviso of H2O supply, sanitation and garbage disposal, drains, paved route and other signifier of substructure and services indispensable to wellness and comfortable economic base.

In decision, the high degree of population in big metropoliss such as Lagos is due to factors that enticement people into these metropoliss and so go trapped with all the sensed benefits of life in the metropolis. It is possibly inevitable that because of the chances urban Centres provides in footings of occupation chances, immense choice of comfortss are positive factors that enticement people to the metropoliss. The picks are endless, as most comfortss such as eating house, shopping Centres, super shops, societal comfortss, occupations besides combined with its multi-cultural environment are factors that facilitate these motions from rural countries to urban Centres.

It is besides true that instruction with a pick of both private and public school in territory of their pick every bit good as occupations with the chance of work with administrations, authorities organic structures and companies. The great diverseness is diet as metropoliss have different assortment of nutrient to take from. Lagos province will confront immense job with the continued population growing as estimated by the UN. The benefits and convenient the metropolis provide will go on to entice people to travel at that place, nevertheless, due to the overcrowded environments and high denseness in big countries of Lagos will suppress any attempt to develop sustainable communities. The overcrowding will besides go on to do wellness jeopardy due to high traffic congestions, industrial pollution every bit good as blighted by high degree of offense.


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