This assignment hence tends to analyze these claims by critically analyzing the book of 1st Thessalonians 4:13-17 in position of the Apostles narrative, what ‘s his position about Gods relation with the church and eventually where am I standing?

Apparently some Thessalonians suspended working believing the at hand terminal of history and therefore the return of the Lord { vv.11-12 ; 2 Th.3:6-15 } ; this was likened to announcements made by false Prophetss from clip to clip, cheering people to dispose of their ownerships and caput to the hills, as Jesus is coming back. Others seem non to be certain of the religion of trusters in Yeshua who have died.[ 1 ]

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Paul, being cognizant of the mayhem this false instructions and uncertainness could do the Messianic religion, { 1Cor.15:12-19 } explained and clarified issues that trusters in Christ should non to be sad over those who died in religion unlike disbelievers that have no hope and therefore hold every ground to be sad about the destiny of those who died. As a truster, decease is gain for a truster, for he is rest assured to be with the Messiah { Phil.1:21-22 ; Jn. 14:3 } . This persuaded and encouraged Paul despite series of persecutions and trials he went through, even in the face of executing declared:

“ And now the prise awaits me-the Crown of righteousness which the Lord, the

righteous Judge, will present to me on that twenty-four hours and non merely to me, but besides

to all who have longed for Him to look. ”[ 2 ]{ 2 Tim.4:8. }

This is contrary to the doubtful and pathetic position expressed by the convener of the Yavneh Council, Rabbi Yochanan Ben-Zakkai who claimed that one time God is angry with you, he is angry for of all time. If he imprisons you, he imprisons you for of all time. If he puts you to decease, he puts you to decease for of all time. That no 1 could carry Him or bribe Him with money. That there are two options ; one that leads to Gan-Eden { Paradise } and the other to Gey-Hinnom { Hell } , and that no 1 knows which one will take him. What so can one make but cry?[ 3 ]

Paul explained that Yeshua, on his return from Eden, “ will convey along with him ” those trusters who had died and were already with him where he is now either to reign on Earth or to roll up populating trusters in ecstasy. Sing the Grecian word axei Sun avto, which implies will take or will convey or will take with him ; are we instead stating that Christ will take back with him all those trusters who have died and are non yet with him on his return journey from Earth to heaven

or he will roll up and take along with him trusters who have died and are non yet with him as he reigns on Earth? This is equivocal. However, ancient impressions on meeting visitants, as in Acts.28:15-16 suggests that trusters who have died would run into Jesus in the air { vs.17 } and thenceforth, accompany him as he descends to reign on Earth.[ 4 ]

Opinions differ as to when in the strategy of future history the coming of Yeshua to raise foremost those who have died in Christ and afterwards those still alive otherwise known as ecstasy. Eschatology differentiates at least three future events: the Millennium, the earthly regulation of Yeshua for a thousand old ages { Rev.20:2-7 } ; Tribulation { Rev.7:14 } describe in Mt.24:15-31 and likely identified with the clip of Jacob ‘s problem { Jer.30:7 ; Rev.4:1, 11:1-2 } ; and the Rapture, as described in this text, 1 Thess.4:13-17 ; 1Cor.15:51-53 ; and Rev.4:1.

5There are three schools of ideas refering the timing of the Millennium, Tribulation and the Rapture.

The station millennialist claims that the millenary is present and that the church will kick off a period of perfect peace, a millenary, so Christ will come. This position is hard to accept sing the 20th century events which cast uncertainties on the stableness of the universe.

The amillenialist claims that there is no actual earthly millenary. They claim that Yeshua and the saints will govern from heaven and this will stop with the return of Yeshua to judge world and so set up his glorious reign in the new Eden and new Earth { Rev. 6:9 ; 20:2-7 ; 21-22 } .

The premillenialist believes that the millenary is futuristic. They claimed that Yeshua will return after the Trial in bodily signifier and would govern for an drawn-out period of 1000 actual old ages ; at the terminal of which Satan will one time more rebel { Rev.20:7-10 } . The rulership of God and the Lamb will be established after the Great White Throne Judgement would hold taken topographic point. { Rev.20:11-15 ; 21-22 } .

Two Grecian words describe Ecstasy: “ Second coming ” , which means personal coming or visual aspect and can be applicable to both ecstasy and disclosure of Christ ; and “ Phaneros ” which means to reflect, apparent, be seen or manifest { 1st Jn.2:28 ; 3:2 ; Col.3:4 ; 1pet.5:4 } . Rapture therefore is the personal visual aspect of Christ in the air to take the Saints. The dead in Christ will lift foremost, and those that are alive will be caught up with Him[ 6 ].

The post- and Amillennialists, believe and identified ecstasy with the 1 and lone hereafter coming of the Messiah to govern with the saints for one 1000s nonliteral millenary. The Pre-millenialist, though agree that the period of Tribulation is a actual seven old ages ; they nevertheless disagree on when the Rapture in relation to Tribulation would take topographic point. To them, there are three/four schools of ideas viz: Pre-Tribulation Ecstasy, Mid-Tribulation Rapture and Post-Tribulation Rapture.

The Pre-Tribulation Rapture teaches { as indicated in poetries 15-17 } that the event happened before the Tribulation epoch. Believers who died in Christ would be removed in other to get away and see non the greatest adversity, problem and pains of all time happened since creative activity ; this period Usshers in the regulation of Anti-Christ as

spoken by Christ in Mt.24:21. During this period, the Anti-Christ will come in into a pact and do peace with Israel during which the Trial temple would be rebuilt and Israel allowed to offer forfeits and idolize their God. After the three and half old ages, the pact will be broken, the Temple desecrated and the 2nd half of his reign will show in the period of Great Tribulation. Following this event is the return of Christ { 2nd coming } with the Saints to govern the Earth in glorification and righteousness, { Zech.14:3-5 ; Jude.14 } ; and this will tag the millenary Kingdom. During the Tribulation, in line with the place held by the Dispensationalists, 144000 Messianic Jews would evangelize the universe. This position was expounded in J. Dwight Pentecost, Things to come, and decidedly stated by the popularizer, Hal Lindsey in his book, The Late Great Planet Earth.

The Mid-Tribulationalist seems to be a via media between the pre-tribulation and the station trial positions. They claim harmonizing to { J. Oliver Buswell. Jr ; Systematic Theology, 11, 546 } that ecstasy takes topographic point half manner through the seven old ages of trial ; that is after the three and half old ages of the fallacious peace instituted by the Anti-Messiah, and before the three and half old ages of opinion in the trial. It therefore explains that Saints of Christ will get away the Great Tribulation, but will witness the period of false peace, the rebuilding of the Temple and eventually, it ‘s profanation. { Mt.24:15 ; Dan.9:27 } .

Post- Tribulation Rapture position provinces that ecstasy takes topographic point instantly after the seven old ages of Tribulation, in other wards, the church would see it excessively. They based their statement on 1 Thess.5:9 “ For God hath non appointed us to wrath… ” that Christ statement in Mt.24:15-21, implies that the truster will come in

the Tribulation. This is the position expressed by Messianic Jews Dan Juster and Keith Intrater, in their book, Israel, The church and the last yearss ; citing Jn.16:33, KJV “ in this universe you will hold trial ” to buttress their claim. To them, it is unthinkable that what the New Testament religion offers is flight from enduring which they found contrary to the above statement made by Jesus.[ 7 ]

I believe that the church will be caught up with Christ { Ecstasy } at the coming of the 2nd coming and non after the trial. Paul says in 1Thess.5:9 “ for God did non name us to endure wrath, but to have redemption through our Lord, Jesus Christ ” . This is synonymous to Rev. 3:10 where Jesus promised to present trusters from test and the hr of test that will come upon the Earth. The period of wrath coincides with the trial epoch and is meant intentionally to direct Israel to the point of redemption and avidity to accept the Messiah and His Kingdom.[ 8 ]

The statement in Rev.4:1 point to the hereafter, beyond the church age. Rev. 4-5 pictures the celestial scene with the Father sitting on the throne, the 20 four seniors stand foring likely the raptured Church and their wagess. The figure four and 20 likely represent the Church as priest before God, synonymous to the division of the Leviticus Priesthood into 24 subdivisions by David { 1chro.24:7-19 } . Meanwhile, the Old Testament Saints were non inclusive as their Resurrection and wagess come after the trial. This portrays the singularity of the Church to God. From Rev.4-19, the Church seized to be, but grounds of Israel is seen throughout the book after Rev.4. This farther confirms that the Rapture of the Church is pre- trial and non post or mid trial.[ 9 ]



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