Walk onto platform, agitating caput, looking agitated. God merely doesnt drama carnival. Have you noticed. pause You look shocked. What? Do n’t you hold? Now, I ‘m non stating God is n’t just. I ‘m stating He does n’t play just. Have n’t you of all time felt that manner? I surely have.

Why do I say that GOD DOES N’T PLAY FAIR? Let me explicate. It might surprise you to cognize that being an officer ne’er was ( and still is not- my thought. This is non where I intended to stop up.

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Two old ages ago, I had what I thought was a great occupation for a good company and went to a fantastic corps and had fabulous friends and lived in a topographic point that had my Dad ‘s fingerprints on every stick that made up the house. Yet, here I stand. I thought that God was being unjust with me but as a I look back over what has happened in my life I now see that God had a fantastic program for me. I know that wherever you find yourself today, God has a program for your life every bit good.

When you look to the Bible and some of the narratives at that place, it might look as if God has been unjust with a batch of people. One illustration is the narrative of Jonah for case. You might believe that Jonah is best known for the whole trade with the giant, but that is such a little portion of what happened in those four short chapters.

You see, the book of Jonah ‘s is all about one prophesier ‘s reaction to a God he did n’t believe played carnival, ( would this be a good opportunity to state that Jonah wanted the people of Nineveh destroyed but he knew that God would forgive them if they repented? ) either. ( I would extinguish this inquiry as it may do for some hostile hearers! You can carry through the same thing without a show of custodies or a verbal “ AMEN ” . ) I ‘m traveling to inquire for your input. Raise your manus or state “ Amen ” if you agree with this statement: “ The narrative of Jonah is true and happened merely like the Old Testament said it did. ” Amen? intermission If you did n’t hold with that statement, I ‘d wish you to see what Scripture says. In 2 Kings 14:25, Jonah is referred to as a prophesier who spoke God ‘s words to the people of Israel. Possibly even more significantly, in Matthew 12:40, Jesus talks about Jonah being in the abdomen of a fish for three yearss and three darks, and in Luke 11:32 Jesus negotiations about Jonah ‘s sermon. So if Jesus, the merely begotten Son of God, believed that Jonah was a existent individual, and if Jesus presents the narrative as factual, so I think we can be reasonably assured that it is true. Amons?

So, Jonah was a prophesier of God. He is faithful plenty to be mentioned in the history of Israel and by Jesus Christ, so we know he is n’t merely some run-of-the-mine prophesier. ( Do believe that the narrative of Jonah is in the Bible to learn about fidelity or our attitudes? Not that your discourse is the clip or the topographic point for argument but it might be argued that the book of Jonah might be a “ do n’t make things this manner ” type of narrative. The sad portion about the stoping of the book is that Jonah seems to stop up a acrimonious man.-o wellaˆ¦makes for interesting idea! ” )

One twenty-four hours, Jonah heard from God. God told him that he was to travel preach to the dwellers of the metropolis of Nineveh, which was about 250 stat mis north-east of where Johan was populating. ( Walvoord ) Let ‘s imagine that my manus represents the country of the universe in which Jonah lived. Let ‘s state that right here indicate to middle of left manus and widen arm to left is where Jonah is when he hears from God. Good thought to give a physical mention!

Imagine that the tip of my indicating finger represents Nineveh. Here is what Jonah did. He went south a small spot to Joppa point somewhat lower than centre of thenar and purchased transition ( a ticket- might be easier to understand. ) on a boat edge for Tarshish. And where is Tarshish?

Well, we ‘re non positive, but from every bit near as we can state, it is someplace about here indicate a twosome inches above cubitus on arm which is about 2,200 stat mis from where he started. ( Norris ) Alternatively of heading E, he went west. Alternatively of 250 stat mis, he went 2,200 stat mis in the incorrect way. Did he merely acquire east and west mixed up? No. He knew what he was making and intended to run from God. He was traveling every bit far as money and a boat could take him.

Now, before we poke merriment at Jonah or go excessively defeated in him, we need to understand a few things. Nineveh was the Capital metropolis of a great state, the state of Assyria. The Assyrians and hence the citizens of Ninevites were the enemy. They were hated. They were barbarous. They were powerful. And they were feared. Their Acts of the Apostless of inhuman treatment were the material of fables and incubuss.

Think of the cruelest individual you can, either from history or present twenty-four hours. pause The Ninevites would do whoever you thought of expression like a junior-grade hood. It is likely that person ( or more likely a batch of persons ) Jonah would hold known would hold either been harmed by these cats, or would at least have had a comparative injury or killed by them.

Imagine, if you can, that God told you to travel travel to a gang-infested country to prophesy to them that they were traveling to be destroyed because they were so evil. Now, conceive of this pack had threatened your life before. Just imagine they ‘d crush up your sister or possibly even worse. If you can conceive of that, so possibly you can understand his feelings. He did non desire to assist these people, but he was afraid that God did! !

But we besides need to understand what Jonah knew about God. Good POINT- be certain you pause for consequence! During the clip of this narrative, ( In this clip period ) , it was common cognition that the people of the countries environing Israel worshipped many Gods. The people believed though understood though that these God ‘s merely had power within the part they were worshiped. ( Carson )

One of the most mentioned heathen Gods was Baal, but at that place was non merely one Baal but many. Each Baal had the name of a metropolis or an country attached to their name, because they had power merely in that one part. In the Old Testament, you ‘ll see names like Baal-berith, or Baal-qad, or Baal-hanan, or Baal-peor, and on and on. These were different countries.

One of the grounds people worshiped more than one God was so they could experience protected when they traveled from topographic point to topographic point.

Is it possible that Jonah may hold thought he could acquire out of God ‘s sight and out of God ‘s range? We see by what he did that he wanted to acquire far off from God every bit fast as he could. Now you and I know that we ca n’t outrun God but Jonah did n’t. But Jonah did n’t cognize about that yet! So, when Jonah decided to disobey, you ‘d believe that God would merely allow him travel, would n’t you? But no. God did n’t allow Jonah acquire really far at all.

You know the narrative. While he was onboard the ship, God created a storm. And non merely any storm. This was an heroic poem, horrific, ruinous, cataclysmal storm! The original linguistic communication says God hurled the air current at them, doing seasoned crewmans to go panicky. Those guiltless bystanders were agitating in their sandals! The crewmans prayed to their Gods and in an effort to salvage their lives they threw everything overboard, including the lading. And where was our prophesier? He was asleep in the underside of the boat, unmindful to everything. But, I do n’t believe this was the peaceable sleep that the inexperienced person know.

No, I think this was more of a pull-the-blanket-over-your-head-and-make-the-world-go-away snore fest! After all, he was running from God, non with Him. The crewmans woke him up, and they wanted some replies. To Jonah ‘s recognition, even in the thick of his noncompliance, ( non certain it would hold been a fantastic testimony given the fact that he subsequently admits that he was running from God ) He spoke about who God was, stating it was God who made the land, the sky, and the sea. Jonah admitted that he was the cause of the storm and he talked the crewmans into throwing him overboard as their lone agencies of flight. When they did so, the sea calmed instantly.

But, Jonah went from the shore, to the ship, to the breaker, merely to be swallowed by a super-sized salmon! Okay, so it does n’t precisely state the fish was a ‘salmon ‘ , but ‘great fish ‘ does n’t get down with an ‘s ‘ . But, Jonah did acquire swallowed by a ‘great fish ‘ which was particularly prepared by whom? By God.

At the terminal of the narrative, we find that Jonah eventually does as he was told which resulted in the whole metropolis of Nineveh repenting and being saved from certain devastation. Great material happened! But, do the terminals justify the agencies? ( DO they? Does God utilize means that are unethical? Let ‘s non works the thought of God playing both sides of the fencing or of pull stringsing us to acquire what He wants done complete! )

I can associate to Jonah because when God called, I ignored Him excessively. I was His kid and had been praying to cognize God ‘s will for my life, but when I eventually understood what that was, I retreated into denial. Like Jonah, I questioned God ‘s program! I tried to speak myself into non believing what I had been told and shown. Alternatively of traveling into ministry, I disappeared into my work. I tried to travel as far off from God every bit rapidly as I could!

I went to my occupation earlier and stayed subsequently. I spent more clip with my friends and my place. I even spent more clip assisting out at the Church/Corps. And I became more and more suffering. A few short months subsequently, the occupation I adored had become a boring challenge. The house I loved all of a sudden started necessitating major fixs. Bees moved in. Shingles blew off. Deadlines at work were acquiring harder to run into. And the friends I cared so profoundly about started making the strangest things. I ran even farther. And I ran even harder. And God played even rougher. The things I was depending upon were progressively going a load and a letdown. Was that God ‘s making? I ‘m positive of it. I was convinced at the clip that God Did n’t Play Fair!

Why could n’t God merely allow me make what I wanted? Why did n’t God merely leave Jonah entirely? Why would n’t God merely allow me be? How unjust is that? ! ? ! After all, if Jonah and I merely wanted to throw away our relationship with God, what concern was that of His? Long intermission. Or, is that truly the point?

PEGGY- Alternatively of running the cartridge holder, I would prefer that you set up the narrative and so merely read the narrative the visitant reads. The job is the set up clip and the visibleness factor and the interruption from what you making. You may free some of the hearers. I have a really short film cartridge holder I want to demo you. It ‘s less than two proceedingss long, so watch and listen closely. It is from the terminal of the film, “ Wit. ”

It ‘s a small disturbing because the adult female in the infirmary bed is contending the hurting of malignant neoplastic disease, but I want you to pay attending to the narrative the visitant reads to her. ( Wit. ) . run cartridge holder or read this subdivision to the people if there is no video equipment or merely play the sound from the film over the soundsystem

So so, what do you believe? Does God genuinely play unjust? Well, if by unfair you mean that God will make all that He can to convey back a doomed and rolling kid, so possibly He does. But, do we truly want anything less? In my ain life, God began to step in and demo me that what I thought was of import truly was n’t! He began to work in my life to acquire me to where I ‘m today, , and I ‘m non merely speaking about being an Officer one twenty-four hours shortly.

But, I would n’t hold any other manner. I know that I am precisely where I am supposed to be, making precisely what God created me to make. God knows what is best for me. He knows the beginning and He knows the terminal! What God has asked for me to make would be terrorizing if He were non at the centre of it.

Now, what about you, friend? Does it look to you that God interfering in your life? Are you angry at God for some unfairness you hold Him responsible for? Possibly the fact that some doors are closing agencies that some other doors are opening. Let ‘s happen a manner to joy when this happens.

Think about it. The God who created the existence has stopped by to go personally involved with you and to touch your life! God has a program for your life today! Can you trust Him? God promises in Jeremiah 29:11, “ I know the programs I have for you, plans to thrive you and non to harm you, plans to give you hope and a hereafter. ”

God is right beside naming to you to return to Him today! Can you possibly see things from the yesteryear a small otherwise now? When I look back on my life, many things were stripped away that seemed reasonably valuable at the clip. But would any of them have been so valuable that I ‘d take them alternatively of being close to God?

To be honest, I ‘d hold to acknowledge that merely possibly I would hold. Maybe that ‘s why they were removed. I do n’t cognize. At the clip they surely seemed of import. But in visible radiation of infinity, their significance slices into void.

As we sing a chorus together, allow ‘s be grateful for the things God has done to steer and direct us back to Him. In a minute, I ‘m traveling to travel to the communion table to thank Him for the times He ‘s intervened in my life, and I invite you to make the same. I believe that you ought to remain at the dais to carry on the supplication meeting. Normally, when this is a portion of the discourse, it does n’t come off as genuine. The hearers will understand your bosom as you continue with the meeting and give way. But first, possibly there are those who do n’t cognize the love of God. Possibly there is merely one individual I ‘m speaking to right now. Possibly you ‘ve ne’er turned your life over to Him and answered the call to be His kid. If that individual is you, there is no demand to wait. You know if He ‘s naming you. Possibly you can about experience His manus on your shoulder. If this is you today so do n’t wait any longer, come place. Run to the Father. You can come to Him!

If the Holy Spirit is speaking to you, delight stand up right now. Do n’t waver. You can swear Him. Pause and cover suitably with any who might come frontward at this point. Pray as lead by the Spirit. What do you desire them to make? Make you desire them to come frontward? Stand/Kneel?

For those who already know Jesus as Savior, what does God hold in head for you today? I invite you to come and pray and inquire for God ‘s way in your life.

Songs: In Thee, O Lord, Do I Put My Trust ( same phrase repeated )

All My Days, and All My Hours ( # 33 in chorus subdivision )

Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us ( # 845 )

Other Bible:

Luke 15:3-7 ( God searches for us ) – The fable of the Lost Sheep

Psalm 91:14A ( God is waiting for us to name upon Him )

“ Because he loves me, ” says the LORD, “ I will deliver him ;

A A A A A A I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. ”

Exodus 19:4-6a — ( God has set us apart and cared for us. We are His. )

4 “ You yourselves have seen what I did to Egypt, and how I carried you on bird of Joves ‘ wings and brought you to myself. 5 Now if you obey me to the full and maintain my compact, so out of all states you will be my cherished ownership. Although the whole Earth is mine, 6 you will be for me a land of priests and a holy state. ”

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Sermon Title: God Does n’t Play Fair

Sermon Text: Jonah 1-4

Purpose: To research what we need to cognize and what we can make when it seems that God is non playing just, cognizing that God loves us and will make what is finally best for us.


( oops )

God does n’t play just


( ugh )

God called Jonah to salvage the enemy.

Jonah ran off.

God stopped him.

God took away the things with which Jonah was replacing his dependance upon God. ( the boat, his will )

God called me, I ran, and God took away what I was depending upon every bit good. ( house, occupation, friends, corps )


( aha )

I am grateful God intervened.

We should be grateful when God intervenes.

God will make whatever it takes to convey us back to Him when we stray.

( whee )

God loves us and will step in as necessary.

We can swear God.

( yeah )

If by human footings God does n’t look to play just, possibly we should joy in the fact that God loves us adequate to travel to extremes in order to make us.

Opening Sentence:

God does n’t play just!

Descriptive Wordss to Include:

Great metropolis


Ran off

Great air current

Violent storm

Ramping sea

Great fish

What action do I desire my audience to take place with them?

To acknowledge that when God intervenes in our lives that it is a good thing and that it is because He loves us that He pulls out all the Michigans.

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