All pupils from IBS. IT and touristry sat together in the conference room. We were introduced to many friendly coachs and instructors. I was really interested in the address of Mr Juola- Head of the Rantaviitikka campus. We were besides introduced a really utile book called survey usher. After finished the category. I decided to make my ain library card with my friend’s aid. * 4th September 2012: The first expression about IBS programme. At 10. 00 am. IBS coordinator-Mrs Anzelika Krastina introduced to IBS12 group of 40 international pupils.

I was satisfied with this debut because I knew about: survey methods. class contents and undertaking work and practical preparation issues. After tiffin. we were introduced to IT & A ; ICT class by Mrs Tuijja Kuisma. We besides met IBS11 and IBS10 groups. I had many utile advices from Mrs Tuijja Kuisma. * 5th September 2012: Planing International eventide undertaking. From 8. 30-10. 00. we got together with friends from IT and Tourism. They makes me experience like there are no distance between different grade programmes. After that. we continued to discourse about the International eventide undertaking.

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Because we have 40 international pupils from about 8 different states so our coordinator decided to split the category into 4 groups. As a consequence. we will 4 public presentations from IBS12 group. After tiffin. we came to room c117 to larn about instruction rules and policies. We were besides presented a new survey method called: jobs based larning. this was a wholly new experience for me and I was truly excited to get down with this survey method. * 6th September 2012: A memorable twenty-four hours. We started later than the other yearss. At 11.

30 am. we gathered at Borealis auditorium to listen to Ms Ritva Ala-Louko. Head of linguistic communication centre talk about the subject called “ Adapting to a new civilization ” . all the information given was really worthwhile for me because I knew how to accommodate to new life. new civilization without the aid of household. At 13. 00 autopsy. the new pupils walked together to the University of Lapland for the information session “Getting to cognize Rovaniemi” . The session began with a picture about Rovaniemi. It was so amusing because I had seen this picture when I searched information about Rovaniemi.

After that. the presentation was about Finnish Law and Regulations ; Permits and Licenses for Foreigners ; Rovaniemi Congregation ; athletics services at RAMK and ULapland. The information provided me a general expression about Rovaniemi. * 7th September 2012: Opening ceremonial. That twenty-four hours. I got up early to fix for the gap ceremonial. Precisely. all freshman pupil officially entered the school Gatess and we were welcome by Mr Martti Lampela-the principal of Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences. We listened his address and besides received some cunning gifts from Ramk’s coachs.

When the address finished. the new academic twelvemonth officially began. After tiffin. the pupil coachs leaded pupils to the river bank by Pohjanhovi. the locale of traditional Rovaniemi UAS vs University of Lapland rowing trial. Although. the RAMK’s squad won easy but we had happy minutes together. The twenty-four hours culminated in a party at dark nine Doris. Unfortunately. I was under 18 old ages old at that clip so I could non take part in the party. * 10th september 2012: the first twenty-four hours of academic twelvemonth 2012-2013. The first category was debut to IT.

Mrs Tuija Kuisma taught us to utilize the basic computing machine system in school and some utile tools like: optima. win-hawille as good. I had to maintain them in head because they would related to my hereafter survey. After tiffin. i continued with ”Cross-cultural Man” category. I was confused because Krastina’s voice was rather little. Unfortunately. i sat at the dorsum of category. but I could understand the chief point of the lesson. Mrs Krastina besides so gave us the information about the Problem Based Learning method. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours. we did non hold to hold an English trial because it was cancelled.

* 11th september 2012: The orientation class and Cross-cultural Man category. The orientation class was about information literacy. We learned to utilize the e-library to seek books. information. ECT. We were given a signifier to make full in to make a library card but one already had this card. The of import of the category was to supply pupils with the cognition of e-library. After tiffin. we studied about teamwork and PBL method in Cross-cultural Man category. in my group. we had to work out a existent job in teamwork.

After discusing. we came up with the best solution and we had to compose an essay about the importance of teamwork in school for the acquisition undertaking. In my state. I did non hold adequate chances to work in a squad so when I worked in a group I was non confident. I will better myself in the close hereafter. * 12th september 2012: Cognition about mention and academic authorship. Mrs Johanna made me experience really comfy because of her enthusiam. She was ever ready to assist pupils to complete the mention. In the hereafter. I will compose many essays so i have to remind myself to analyze hard all the clip. Pham Xuan Tung.

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