There are seven statements in the book of John in which Jesus says, “ I am ” something. In this essay I will look at the list of the seven statements and I will get down with Jesus stating “ I am the visible radiation of the universe ” . Throughout this essay, I plan to cover each of these expressions of Jesus individually and I will try to give a brief treatment on each of them. Each announcement reveals the different aspects of Jesus and gives a different sense of apprehension, but, overall, all sum up the disclosure of who Jesus is. Further I will look at why these statements are important to our redemption. These statements are as follows: “ I am the good shepherd ” , “ I am the Resurrection and the life ” , “ I am the true vine ” “ I am the manner, the truth and the life ” “ I am the staff of life of life ” and, in conclusion, “ I am the door ” .

I am Light of the universe. John 8:12.

John 8:12 proclaims the words of Jesus stating, “ I am the visible radiation of the universe ; he who follows me will non walk in darkness, but will hold the visible radiation of life. ” There are many who follow false visible radiation that finally leads to desolation ; but the truth is found merely in Christ. Eternal redemption should be our ultimate end in life and Jesus is the lone visible radiation that leads to a life of fulfilment. There was a strong resistance that came from the Pharisees against the claims of Jesus, they did non believe in His announcement as the visible radiation of the universe. They took him as one of those drinking fountains who did non cognize what He was stating.

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The word visible radiation here is used as a metaphor and it is repeatedly quoted throughout the Bible. The representation here is of Jesus being the truth. In other words if the Pharisees reject Him, so they are really rejecting the truth, and because they reject the truth, so they walk in darkness. Therefore, they do non cognize who they are and were they are traveling as they are in darkness without Jesus. Just like the narrative of the fornicatress adult female, she lived in wickedness for many old ages and one twenty-four hours she was caught ruddy handed in the really act. Then the Scribes and Pharisees came to Jesus and said to Him, “ Teacher, this adult female was caught in criminal conversation, and harmonizing to the Law of Moses, such deserve to be stoned to decease. So the Scribes and Pharisees came to Jesus and said to Him, “ Teacher, this adult female was caught in criminal conversation, now Moses in the Law commanded us that such should be stoned, but what do you state? Jesus stooped down so subsequently answered them stating if there is any among you without wickedness, allow them be the first to throw a rock at her. Recognizing their ain wrongs, they began to go forth one by one until they were all gone and the adult female was left entirely. Then Jesus said to the adult female, “ has any one condemned you? ” she replied by stating, “ no 1, Lord. ” And Jesus said to her, “ neither do I reprobate you ; travel and transgress no more. ”

In this narrative we see that Jesus is the visible radiation of the universe and so He is the truth. The accusers of the adult female were convicted because the visible radiation was shown in their Black Marias and they saw their ain wickedness. Therefore the universe is lost without Jesus. Darkness controls us and unless the visible radiation of Jesus radiances upon us, we can see the truth. But while we have the visible radiation, we must believe in the visible radiation, that we may go kids of the visible radiation ” ( John 12:36 ) . The visible radiation here signifies Jesus and that without Jesus in us and taking us, we walk in darkness and are lost.

I am the good shepherd. John 10:11


Jesus said “ I am the Good Shepherd ” . Those who come before me are robbers and stealers and my sheep do non hear them. The shepherd who takes attention of his flock and gives his life for the sheep is the good shepherd and non a pensionary. The sheep hear his voice and he calls them by name and they follow him. And Jesus claimed Himself to be the good shepherd. The Jews really thought He has a devil and is huffy. This did non halt Jesus go oning His announcement as the good shepherd. Sheep without a shepherd will be scattered and lost. For they know the voice of the and when he calls they hear him. The voice of a alien, they do non hear.

When its dark clip and the sheep are in, the shepherd guards the room access. If a pensionary tries to come in, the shepherd would support his sheep by contending back, to the extent of willing to put down his ain life for the interest of the sheep.A The fact that there is merely one door to the sheep pen, the enemy can non come in the sheep pen except through him. This is the sacrificial responsibility of every good shepherd, who is willing to put down his life for the interest of the sheep. Jesus is our great shepherd ; there will ne’er be anyone like Him, willing to put down His life for our protection. The shepherd had the right to put down his life to buy His flock. Jesus is the best of shepherds, none so adept, so faithful, and so stamp, as He.

I am the Resurrection and the life. John 11:25

I am the Resurrection and the life ; he who believes in me, though he die, yet shall he populate, and whoever lives and believes in me shall ne’er decease ” ( John 11:25-26 ) . This is a announcement that should settle our fright of decease once and for all. Jesus declared Himself as the really kernel of being. In other words He is being Himself and that apart from Him none can be in this age and the age to come. Simply put, everything culminates in Him and everything holds together in Him. Jesus indicates that if He would allow travel of His clasp on us, we would be nonexistent immediately. This deeply reveals our despairing demand of Him because He holds us together.

This is attractively illustrated in the decease of Lazarus. When Jesus was told about Lazarus ‘ decease, He did non panic as we would decidedly. He was inexplicably unagitated such that He went about making what He was making even after hearing such bosom interrupting intelligence. For He said to the adherents, “ Lazarus is kiping but I go to wake Him up ” , they said if he is kiping, so he will acquire good. Jesus cognizing that they did non understand, He decidedly told them that Lazarus is dead. He so said that this is for the glorification of God and that the Son of Man may be glorified in this.

Subsequently when Jesus met Martha, Lazarus had been in the grave for four yearss. Martha cried to Jesus after he eventually came, that if had come early, and his brother would non hold died. In contrast, Jesus said to her, “ your brother will populate once more. ” But Martha did non understand what Jesus was stating. Jesus said to them that if they would believe, so they would see the glorification of God. In this narrative, Jesus demonstrated His Resurrection power, demoing that there was nil He could non make. Jesus is the power of our redemption, He brings new life to the dead spiritually. By the clemencies of God, how can the universe ignore a individual like this?

I am the true vine. John 15: 1-6

Jesus declared that He is the true vine and His Father is the nurseryman. That He is the vine and we are the subdivisions, hence when we remain in Him and Him in us, so we bear much fruit. The subdivision that does non bring forth fruit, He takes off but the subdivision that bears fruit, He prunes so that it can bring forth more fruit. Like a tree and its subdivisions, it is virtually impossible for the subdivisions to be cut and anticipate them to populate. The nutrient of the subdivisions flows through the bole of the tree from the roots. Therefore if the subdivisions are cut off, so at that place much needed nutriment is cut off every bit good and the subdivisions wither and decease. In the same regard, Jesus is our vine and we are His subdivisions, we feed from Him, our lives are healthy because of Him. If we are cut off, like the subdivisions of a tree, we wither and die.

Jesus said that when we abide in the word and the word abides in us, anything is possible when we ask. Therefore we need the word of God in us and if the word dwells in us and we embrace it wholeheartedly, so and merely so are we able to be productive to the glorification of God. The Bibles say, adult male shall non populate by bread entirely but by every word that proceeds from the oral cavity of God. The Bibles besides say that when the word of God is a lamp to our pess and a visible radiation to our way. The religion by which we received the word of Jesus purifies our Black Marias. The word refines us from the impurity of the universe and the flesh because it is a cleansing virtuousness.

I am the manner, the truth and the life. John 14:6.

In this poetry Jesus said that no 1 comes to the Father except through him, no 1 knows the Father except through him and no 1 lives the life of the Father except through him. In this transition of Bible, Jesus decidedly says that no 1 goes to the Father nor sees the Father except through me. One twenty-four hours Thomas said to Jesus, “ Lord, we do non cognize where you are traveling, and how can we cognize the manner. ” And Jesus answered stating, You know me and you know my male parent besides and from today you know Him and have seen Him. By this stating He intend if we see Him so we have seen the Father for the Father and the Son are one.

What is truth? And what is a prevarication? Jesus called the Satan a prevaricator and the Father of prevarications. And that he speaks lies from his resources and that he is a prevaricator from the beginning. Jesus is frequently quoted as stating, “ I tell you the truth ” He ever told the truth because He is truth and He is true in every manner. Grace and truth came with Jesus for it is said that, “ we have seen his glorification, the glorification of the Son of God, full of truth and grace ( John 1:14 )

I am the Bread of Life. John 6:35

Jesus said, “ I am the Bread of life. ” He said that you go to purchase bread that does non last, for after you eat it, you hunger once more for more staff of life. Come and eat my staff of life and you will non hunger once more and it is free. He besides said to the Samaritan adult female, come and imbibe my H2O and you will ne’er thirst once more. Not understanding what He meant, she said the well is deep, how can you give me H2O when you do non hold something to pull H2O with. Jesus corrects her by stating, “ I am your well, and when you come and drink of me, you will ne’er thirst once more. The H2O from Jesus will go a fountain of H2O jumping up into everlasting life.

Like the Samaritan adult female, Jesus was on several occasions misunderstood by people, for case, He tells His followings that if they eat His meat, so they have eaten meat so and if they drink His blood, they have drunk drink so. His followings were so baffled about what He meant such that they decided to walk off and thought amongst themselves that, “ He must be huffy, how can we eat of His flesh and imbibe His blood? ” Most of the adherents turned and walked off from Jesus. However, how many times do we misconstrue Him today? We sometimes think we know, yet we do non.

Jesus besides fed the five 1000 people that followed Him. He took a male child ‘s tiffin, merely five little loaves of staff of life and two little fish. He had the crowd sit down and He took the staff of life and fish ; He gave thanks for the nutrient, and so gave it out to the people. By a miracle manus of God, He multiplied the nutrient such that there was more than plenty for over 5000 people.

During the dark, Jesus walks on the H2O, gets into the boat and arrives at Capernaum. The following twenty-four hours, the people realize that Jesus is non at that place but do non understand how he left. They get into boats and travel to Capernaum and happen Jesus at that place. They ask him, “ When did you come here? ” Jesus answers to them that the ground they are seeking him is because they want more nutrient. The people asked how they can make that and Jesus tells them that they must believe in the 1 that God has sent. In other words, Jesus wanted them non merely to follow Him for physical nutrient that does non last but for nutrient that is everlasting. And that is merely accomplished by believing that Jesus Christ was sent from God and that He is the true staff of life of life and those who partake of Him will ne’er hunger once more.

I am the door John 10:1-10

Jesus said, “ I am the door, if anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and he will travel in and out and happen grazing land. Jesus said this to emphasis a point about who He is. During the clip of Jesus, animate beings were kept in sheep creases and these sheep creases had merely one door for animate beings to travel in and out. They would hold a wall either built with rocks or made from subdivisions and they would be wholly closed except for one entryway where the sheep went in and out. Normally the entryway would non hold a gate across it but would merely be a spread. But at dark when the sheep were in the pen, the shepherd himself would lie across the entryway. So this made shepherd himself to go the gate to the sheep crease. By lying across the entryway the shepherd could maintain close ticker on the sheep and protect them from any interloper or hireling that may endanger to assail the sheep.

The Pharisees seem to turn out his point when Jesus gives them this illustration and one time once more they merely do n’t understand what He means. So Jesus makes it kick to them when He tells them in poetry seven stating “ I am the door of the sheep ” . Jesus makes this even clearer in verse nine when He says “ If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved. ” So this is non every bit complicated as the Pharisees made it out to be. This is what John has been seeking to allow us cognize all the manner through this Gospel. The Jews had long understood that the Messiah would convey redemption. The coming of the Messiah was something they looked frontward to.


The decision of the affair would therefore seem to state that, Jesus is throughout the Gospel of John seeking to uncover who He is. Though He is misquoted and misunderstood on several occasions, He still does non give up the exclusive undertaking of seeking to uncover why He is here on Earth. The grounds of His statements and statements turn out this point. For He repeatedly says, “ I am the visible radiation of the universe, I am the good shepherd, I am the staff of life of life and that I am the door. In all these “ I am ” expressions, Jesus is trying to drive place the cardinal thought that no 1 can be saved except through Him. He is non merely our manner to redemption but He is our redemption. Therefore to reject Him is every bit good as rejecting the really power of redemption.

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