Human Development varies from a individual to individual and is a ‘highly complex procedure ‘ . It develops as a consequence of the consequence of assorted factors act uponing the growing at different phases in a life-time of an person. The undermentioned essay is divided into two parts. In portion one, we will be analyzing the work of a professional practician and for this I have interviewed the Youth Worker of St Andrew ‘s church in Charminster. In portion two, we will be analyzing a existent life instance survey which centres on the job of rebellion and we shall analyze it in item looking at the assorted issues environing it and the possible solutions.

2. Young person Worker

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Charminster is one of the topographic points in Bournemouth which is invariably monitored by the constabulary due to the presence of drug traders and high offense rates within adolescents. Therefore, particularly here the young person worker is an of import function in the development of the community. Youth workers promote the personal, educational and societal development of immature people. Roger Baker, who is the current young person worker of St Andrew ‘s, says that working in Charminster is a challenging and an interesting topographic point to work. Roger has 10 old ages of rich Christian young person work experience and prior to that he worked with the council as a young person worker and besides as a student nurse officer.

2.1 Job Description

His overall aim is to increase the church ‘s community engagement with the immature people, to beef up the relationships with the local schools, to work in partnership with other administrations to prosecute with the immature people for their public assistance and development.

Chiefly his function on a annual footing includes:

Measuring the demands of immature people, running assorted young person nines on Friday darks for the young person of the community.

Multi bureau working in line with the informal young person undertaking. Agencies like Bournemouth Youth Services, Youth Offending Team, Connexions and Bournemouth Council. AlsoA moving as an advocator for immature people ‘s involvements and showing them to the needed bureau.

Taking the Bible surveies during the hebdomad for different age groups and discipling the immature people into a Christ like character.

Pull offing & A ; developing the young person and community undertakings and resources

Serving the demands of the immature people in the community including the bringing of athleticss programmes, back uping recreational activities, supplying advice and guidance.

Pulling up concern programs, composing studies and doing formal presentations to funding organic structures.

Over and beyond the occupation description the young person worker does many more informal activities for the church and the community.

2.2 Advantages of the function

Since antecedently Roger worked with the council as a secular young person worker, now he compares his former function to his present function as a Christian young person worker and says that the latter has more advantages and more chances.

As a secular young person worker in instance of exigency he could n’t drive in a auto entirely with a immature individual. Besides, he said that they worked merely during their on the job hours in a twenty-four hours after which they did n’t believe about young person work at all and they worked merely because it ‘s their occupation and spent less clip with the young person. Now, he says that Christian youth work function is more relaxed and comfy with no set timings to work and therefore he can concentrate on a peculiar issue or work giving it the clip required in order to decide or to work on it. Harmonizing to Bruce Britton, what immature people want from their young person workers is non their organizational ability, but willingness to concentrate and to listen to their positions and spend clip with them as per their handiness.[ 2 ]Though this is Roger ‘s position, nevertheless I think this is how youth workers really need be irrespective of whether they are secular or spiritual experiencing comfy with clip and disbursement meaningful clip with the young person.

He said that he had less chances for degage young person work whilst working with the council. If a immature individual had a job they had to come to the Centre, merely so they could assist them. But now they can run without the usage of a Centre and can travel to the topographic point where immature people are, both geographically and developmentally. He gave an illustration where one immature cat ( 19 year ) called him and said that he had an interview and was small nervous and asked him to attach to him to the interview. So Roger did attach to that immature individual which made the immature individual experience confident. He said that this would n’t hold been possible if he had been with the council. Harmonizing to Erik Erikson ‘s 8 phases of development young person who are 19-25 yrs wrestling with the Isolation versus Intimacy.[ 3 ]This is the phase where they need person to steer, comfort and construct a relationship with them.

2.3 Stresss and Strains

In his work there are few emphasiss and strains which they are seeking to work out. He says the chief issue is the of all time altering staff squad with in the young person squad. Peoples who come to assist as voluntaries or those who come on arrangement stick with the young person nine for 6-12 months and so they move to a different topographic point. He says that this is where the whole job lies with keeping continued relationships with the young person. Suddenly that individual moves out and a new staff member who works with a different attack or method takes more clip to construct that same relationship with the young person and because of that there is no consistence.

They presently get close to 40-60 childs during a Friday young person nine and low staff resourcing is a job in oversing these childs. Another issue he raised was that of fundss. They have adequate undertakings and programs for the local young person, but they lack financess to run these undertakings. Besides he says that since it ‘s a church scene, for effectual discipleship of childs the church needs to come and assist the young person groups on a random footing back uping the young person worker.

2.4 Skills for Practice

Roger is a trained professional in the country of young person work. He did few former functions like young person worker and student nurse office with the local council. His function as a young person worker with the church is twofold. The first undertaking harmonizing to his precedence is working with the unchurched young person of the community lending to their growing and development and the 2nd facet being discipling and fostering the young person of the church.

He frequently keeps himself updated with some of the books written by young person and community workers. He said that the book ‘Joined Up: An Introduction to Youth Work and Ministry ‘[ 4 ]with itsA four nucleus values of young person work: voluntary engagement, authorization, equality of chance and informal instruction were really helpful and gave a great penetration in understanding the young person work within the church and outside the church.A

He used to pull his accomplishment for his young person work from the national occupational criterions of the National Youth Agency when he started working with the young person. However now he draws his expertness from assorted available beginnings. He subscribes to the major young person work magazines and pull the latest intelligence and developments from them. Sometimes he does take the Sunday Bible surveies for the young person from the Youth Work magazine and fundamentally he goes by the current tendency of the young person compared to the prescribed theory within the young person work.

2.5 Theory to Practice

The ambitious portion of the young person work is put to deathing the theory into pattern. When I asked him for a unrecorded illustration he shared with me the narrative of a immature individual whose name is Allan and he was aged 13.[ 5 ]Allan was go toing behavioral school and was in problem with the constabulary for twosome of times. His female parent is in recovery from drugs and his male parent lives someplace else. There were ailments from his neighbors and went through isolation in the school. The whole thought in working with this immature individual was to derive his trust and to give him duty and contact with other immature people to develop societal accomplishments with his equals. Josh McDowell, says that teens that are vulnerable to rejection and peer persecution come from places of broken households and it ‘s is non of import to minimise their hurting but to give them a opportunity to show themselves without reproach in a loving relationship.[ 6 ]Since they need a opportunity to show themselves in a loving relationship, Allan was asked to assist in tuck store and rewarded him with a verifier to pass. He besides helped as a leader during juniors youth club. Roger did school visits with Allan and his Dendranthema grandifloruom to look around the school and to run into the staff and students. With a spot of regular guidance there is a alteration in Allan today.[ 7 ]

In his pattern he says that contemplation plays a critical function and he frequently reflects on this practise and develops his young person work as the state of affairs demands. He besides made an of import remark stating that theory does n’t work ever. We need to travel out of the box particularly when working with the adolescents. In his words ‘Theory is nil but suggested pattern, but suggested pattern is non ever the right 1. So ever go harmonizing to the state of affairs and make the theory ‘ .

3. Case Study – Rebellion

In my young person group I have this cat whose name I ‘ll maintain it anon. and for the intent of this essay we shall name him Joe. Joe comes to the young person Bible survey that I lead every Thursday. He comes to that group non because he likes it, but merely because his best mate comes to this group and partially besides because he gets a tuck of chip and a drink. The chief issue as I categorize it with Joe was ‘Rebellion ‘ . Particularly with adolescents the word rebellion sounds synonymous with them. We will be looking at this in more deepness with the PARC stairss of Theory-Practice theoretical account.

3.1 Practice

Joe, who is 14 old ages old lives with his both parents and has an senior sister who is four old ages older than him. Both his parents are Christian and are actively involved in the church activities. His sister sometimes comes to the assorted young person groups and frequently helps the staff squad in oversing the groups. Joe is an mean pupil at school and is superb at athleticss, particularly football and cricket. He plays for his school and besides in some different conferences. If I organise any cricket lucifer within the church, he is my cardinal participant of my squad. Joe ‘s silent loves him really much and wants him to be a good Christian but Joe thinks that his ma is inquiring something impossible from him. I have heard Joe twosome of times stating, ‘I ‘m non a Christian, merely because of my Dendranthema grandifloruom I come to church ‘ , ‘I do n’t believe in God, He does n’t speak anyways ‘ , ‘My dad ne’er maintain his promises, last dark he said that he would watch a football lucifer with me and he did n’t turn up ‘ , ‘My sister is in her ain universe ‘ . There is a batch of confusion and agitation traveling inside of Joe, which is finally ensuing in his rebellion against his household. Key point to be noted here is that his rebellion is chiefly seen on his religious side though it has its effects on his physical and societal facets.

3.2 Analysis

From his background we can clearly see that his job is chiefly coming through his ain household. Joe is in his cardinal transitioning period of traveling from dependence to independency. He is traveling through a batch of alterations like biological, cognitive, psychological and religious and all of these alterations in one manner or the other are lending to his uncomfortableness and rebellion. Childhood experiences, environmental emphasiss and jeopardies can besides act upon his job during this phase, but in my position these do n’t explicitly impact him.[ 8 ]In his state of affairs we can the chief causes of rebellion are due to:

Poor relationship with his household: I agree with Josh McDowell where he says ‘when parents try to put down regulations without first set uping a existent relationship with their childs, they sow seeds of rebellion ‘ .[ 9 ]In Joe ‘s state of affairs that was the exact job. Though he does n’t demo an outward rebellion straight he is turning an inward rebellion which is really unhealthy for his personal development. His hapless relationship with his sister adds to his quandary.

Discipline method: On the Sunday forenoon Joe ‘s silent asks him if he is coming to the Church and his usual answer is NO and so carries on kiping. I think Joe ‘s parents are excessively indulgent on their methods of subject with Joe. Proverbs 22:6 says that parents should develop a kid in the manner he should travel. I am non stating that they have to be endangering or thwacking him and do him come to church but the deficiency of rigorous subject from his childhood and being lenient on him is one of the causes.

Anger and Frustration: Olson tells that rebellious behavior is caused by aggressive urges that are turned inward.[ 10 ]In Joe we see that he is frustrated with God and at times is angry with his Dendranthema grandifloruom and pa. This Anger is being suppressed and therefore taking to a rebellious nature in Joe.

When we look at this rebellious nature in Joe, the chief individual who is being affected is his female parent. Every clip I ask her about Joe, she looks really concerned and disquieted. Whenever she talks about him, her eyes are filled with cryings and sometimes hold insomniac darks. I do n’t cognize about Joe, but his female parent looks like she is traveling through depression and there is this anxiousness and fright in her about her kid. Relatively his female parent is acquiring affected by his rebellion than himself.

3.3 Relating Theory

Olson cautiousnesss that reding rebellious and delinquent young person is a really hard, slow and frequently frustrating undertaking and success might be fringy at best.[ 11 ]From a scriptural position Bible is really consecutive forward to childs who are rebellious. Deuteronomy 27:16 says that cursed is the adult male who dishonours his male parent or female parent. God gives a batch of importance in honoring one ‘s parents. The 5th commandment is to honor one ‘s parents. Proverbs 10:1 says a wise boy brings joy to his male parent, A but a foolish boy heartache to his female parent. There is a really rough Old Testament jurisprudence which talks about a rebellious boy. Deuteronomy 21:18-21 says, ‘If a adult male has a obstinate and rebellious boy who does non obey his male parent and female parent and will non listen to them when they discipline him, A so all the work forces of his town shall lapidate him to decease.

Joe ‘s state of affairs is non every bit bad as the above transition therefore a clear scriptural and psychological guidance is sufficient to work out his job. I am presently working on Joe ‘s instance. I lead the Junior Pathfinders group on Thursday eventides. I asked the group to come up with all sorts of inquiries that they face on a regular basis at school or in the community so that I can fix Bible surveies entirely turn toing those inquiries. Joe came up with few inquiries like, ‘Why should I be a Christian in the first topographic point? ‘ , ‘Can I truly experience God? ‘ , These are tough and echt inquiries for a immature individual and I thought it was right to turn to these first and we looked at one inquiry each hebdomad, looking at its effects and how to cover with them both biblically and in pattern.

On a psychological degree, Josh McDowell gives a good form to cover with this job and that is in the signifier of an acrostic LEADER.[ 12 ]It goes in this order:

Listen: Rebellious adolescents frequently expect unfavorable judgments or Bible poetries. Listen with the eyes every bit good as with the ears and understand where they are coming from.

Empathize: Reflecting and seeking to see the things through the eyes of the immature individual.

Affirm: Confirming the honestness to come and speak with you and the goodness within that adolescent.

Direct: Here we outline a construction of way working towards a negotiated understanding and long term programs in covering with their rebellious nature.

Enlist: The adolescent must be convinced that rebellion is non the best manner to react by which he easy eliminates that character. This is cognitive scheme.

Refer: In extreme instances where it can non be handled, so he has to be referred to the respective more qualified counselor with their parents consent.

Overall his parents besides need reding. The two indispensable dimensions of rearing are relationship ( support ) and authorization ( counsel ) .[ 13 ]Their relationship with Joe demands to be first set right before traveling on to the authorization. They need to get down carry throughing their promises and need to do a full attempt non to let down him in the hereafter with their promises.

3.4 Change

There are many things that could hold been done. In this instance Joe ‘s sister can come into image and can be a batch of emotional aid and person with whom he can place with in his household. Since his couples at the young person group are his chief involvement in coming to the group, his friends can assist him to get the better of this rebellion with encouragement and support. Once happened can ever potentially take topographic point once more, so in instance of a hereafter similar rebellious behavior we need to rapidly measure the root of the rebellion and get down working from there till the job is resolved.

4. Decision

Developmental psychological science is an eternal fascinating subject particularly because teens of similar ages develop at different rates harmonizing to their cognitive capablenesss and societal position. Anyone who decides to work on any developmental issues one has to clearly understand the underlying cause and effects harmonizing to the age of the individual. Methodology and techniques are harmonic with the work of the Spirit and therefore it ‘s really imperative that as Christians we need to depend on the Spirit every bit much as we depend on our methods in guidance.

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