The complainant. Davis is actioning Dona Ana County. The complainant was a patient at Mesilla Valley Hospital ( MVH ) in their inmate mental installation. while she was in their attention one of the mental wellness technicians. Joseph Herrera sexually assaulted her. She is actioning the County of Dona Ana. because Herrera used to be a detainment sergeant for the county. while employed there he was found to hold been sexually hassling and mistreating female inmates.

His higher-ups Steele and Mochen were cognizant of his misconducts and were be aftering on suspending him. nevertheless prior to the suspension Herrera resigned. Upon his surrender Herrera asked his higher-ups for a missive of recommendation. he was given a missive of recommendation saying that he was an model employee. and one that they would engage once more. The legal issue in this instance is to find whether or non the county’s missive of recommendation cause third-party injury to the complainant. Davis?

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Did the positive feedback in the missive cause MVH to engage person who was potentially insecure to their patients? ( Walsh. 2009 ) . Why does the tribunal conclude that Dona Ana County could be held apt for negligent referral ( deceit ) ? In this instance the tribunal concluded that Dona Ana County could be held apt for a negligent referral on the footing that each citizen has a basic duty to non convey injury to one another. and to do every attempt to halt injury from go oning to person.

In this instance the County did non take the proper stairss to guarantee public safety. Without excessively theorizing on all the assorted scenarios that might or might non hold played out had the County provided true information. at the terminal of the twenty-four hours the County non merely omitted truth ; which is misdirecting within itself. but they besides falsified the information that was provided to Herrera’s hereafter employers taking away their ability to do to the full educated determinations about his employment. In this peculiar instance is really similar. to California Supreme Court instance sing Randi W. here an employee was given a glowing missive of recommendation from his former employer at a school even though he was known to hold a record of sexual misconduct. was so hired on at another school as vice-principle. he sexually abused a 13 twelvemonth old.

In both these instances the old employers mislead future employers with the skips of really of import information every bit good as lying about their existent employment behaviour. In both instances guiltless third-parties were harmed from this. The tribunal recognized that this referral was negligent. because they failed to halt injury from go oning to person. Krasnow. 2013 ) . Should it hold mattered that the former employer’s probe was non able to corroborate all of the allegations against Herrera? Explain your reply. In this instance Herrera’s employers were non able to carry on an probe to the fullest due to the fact that when he was informed that a full probe was traveling to be conducted and that he would be suspended. Herrera decided to first resign. Though a full probe was non conducted the court’s determination to reason that the County is apt for carelessness is still valid.

The County had the option of staying silent. had they remained soundless MVH would hold conduct their ain background probe more exhaustively. but because the County gave such congratulations filled recommendation MVH lacked their background cheque. The County became negligent when they falsified information. regardless of whether Herrera was really found to hold had any sexual misconduct. the fact that there were several allegations and ailments against him would do it so that he did non justify any kind of missive of recommendation.

Due to the probe non being to the full executed it would do more sense that the County chorus from holding any kind of sentiment on Herrera’s public presentation instead than manufacturing information. ( Walsh. 2009 ) . What practical deduction does this determination keep? Are you convinced by the court’s claim that this opinion should non do employers more loath to supply mentions? Due to the County being sued for supplying referrals. they might be loath along with other employers. to supply any kind of referral for future employment. because they may fear that they will be sued irrespective of what they do.

However. the tribunal claims that employers should non be worried about supplying mentions. because every bit long as the information that is being provided is true than they are non at mistake. Of class it does look safer to merely non supply a referral at all. but you do non desire to penalize those who have worked really hard at keeping a good work history and repute. In this state of affairs the tribunal would non hold found mistake had the

County merely non provided a recommendation at all. if they would hold merely denied Herrera’s petition for a missive of recommendation. they would non hold been at mistake for third-party injury to Davis. However. the fact that the County provided deceptive information while keep backing information that might hold told of harmful behaviours. MVH might non hold hired Herrera. and they would hold had a opportunity to better protect their patient. but the County took that ability off from them. ( Walsh. 2009 ) .

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