“It has become appallingly obvious that our engineering has exceeded our humanity. ” – Albert Einstein ©

3. 1. Introduction

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How are we to obtain the step of the distance between basic research and the indispensable engineerings of the modern age? Are we in the procedure of constructing the span that will unify the two spheres or is the gulf between them turning wider by the twenty-four hours? Accommodating the interested parties in any unequivocal manner remains hard as each side can supply multiple illustrations to back up their position on the affair. Possibly the best light can be provided through a retrospective attack that highlights legion pertinent finds and in making so clear up some of the fog that surrounds the argument.


Modern Technologies have made us complete slaves to machines. There is no work which can non be done without the aid of machines and there is non a individual country of human activity where machines don’t have to be used. No 1 can deny the fact that appliances have non merely simplified our lives but besides made them more comfy and epicurean. But on the contrary man’s dependance on them has increased so much that we merely can non make without them at all. If cabs go off the route we can non make our finishs. No cooking without LPG cylinder or cookery fire. No. we can’t make even simple computations. what to speak of rinsing without rinsing machine or electricity.

If electricity fails. life for each one of us comes to a standstill as all appliances are operated with it be it AC. Television. computing machine. a telephone. or any other modern contraption. Possibly there were times when every work was done with custodies be it crunching or going far off topographic points. Peoples were tough who could walk for stat mis and work endlessly. In modern times we can’t ascend the stepss without experiencing a load over our staying power. Modern appliances have wholly transformed the human life and wellness to a great extent. It a fact that machines have become like retainers without which life comes to a deadlock.

Therefore we can state that our dependance on modern appliances has made us complete slaves to machines and that we have lost our spirit to work and verve. energy and staying power and hence no more good wellness and sunniness and endurance prevails. This dependance on machines has transformed the really human psychological science.

“All the biggest technological innovations created by man-the aeroplane. the car. the computer- says small with his intelligence. but speaks volume about his laziness” A warm salutations of peace and love ladies and gentlemen

We have come to an epoch where everything inconceivable for the past 50 old ages has been made possible and existent. Once a dream. now a trade good. Once a chance. now outdated. Once a thing of imaginativeness. now an point of esthesis. We can state that everything. I mean. everything. is now made available and accessible. Modernization takes a great portion in the life of people. Effectss that these merchandises brought affects every facet of human life. The effects of these engineerings can be bothh positive and negative. Technologies are designed to do man’s life more easy. Technology makes communicating more faster and easier.

With the modern and improved equipments in our infirmaries and other medical installations. it saves more guiltless lives. Transportation is besides improved and more quicker. Modern engineerings are besides used for security intents. Crimes and other instances are easy solved with the aid of these appliances. But did we of all time think that it could besides destruct and degrades our really ain life? Benfits besides has its monetary value. while it makes our lives and works easier to cover with. it can besides hold upseting impacts to our lives.

While some engineerings are used in security intents. some are besides used to destruct security and peaceableness in the society. Let’s talk about societal networking now. Social networking is rampant these yearss. I am excessively have my ain facebook history. Social networking helps communication more fasters. but are we cognizant of intelligence sing societal networking? Man use societal networkings to happen prospective victims of their selfish desires. I had read intelligence about these in the web. Security of users are non assured and privateness is being invaded. Womans are more prone to this sort of strategies.

Man is the lone life coinage with boundless demands. but gratefully. with unmeasurable capacity to contrive things and fulfill his insatiability. Technology accommodates every homo and inhuman want – pampers every illusion of human fibre. Look around. Peoples manipulate the environment to accomplish practical ends – ends that respond to their physiological thrust. Technology is ever about satisfaction. satisfaction and indulgence ; engineering is about surplus. as in inordinate amusement of human demands.

While new engineering can supply progresss for humanity. it can besides hold upseting impacts. Our young person is the most vulnerable to any unfavourable bearing engineering may convey. With the inundation of modern equipment. appliances and devices. we are deprived of the rudimentss and basicss and necessities of things ; we are estranged by sound judgement to find what is right or incorrect. what is appropriate or non. what is effectual and non so.

With the coming of PlayStation and the likes. who would prefer to garner around grandmother’s cradle and listen to her old-age narratives? Who would hold the idea of catching a book and have the spiritual wont of reading when cyberspace is ask foring? Who would toss pages of encyclopaedia if they can merely surf at Wikipedia and other educational portals? Gone are the yearss for divertimentos – cellular phones radically take over the wooing activity ; state adieu to airmail – electronic mails revolutionize the mailing system.

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