1 Introduction

Development of touristry industry must accommodate to the touristry merchandises of touristry demand, development of event touristry besides needs to accommodate to mass touristry merchandises of touristry demand, while the nucleus of touristry merchandises is tourism attractive force. Tourist attractive force is a natural tourer attractive force, cultural object, and the cardinal belongings and map is attractive to tourers and stimulates people ‘s travel motives ( Margaret Deery ; A Leo Jago ; Liz Fredline, 2004 ) . The most basic map OF tourer attractive force is to pull tourers to the finish. Therefore, the intent of this study is to look for the similarities and differences between touristry direction and event direction, and the event touristry will be the focal point to associate the both.

2 Definitions

Tourism direction is trusting on originative thought, incorporating touristry resources to accomplish the optimum tantrum of resources, environment, conveyance and market, and eventually to accomplish the originative procedure of aims of touristry development ( Witt, S. F. , Moutinho, L. , 1996 ) .

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Event direction is the direction activity to accommodate all degrees and types of political and economic activities, athleticss events, the chief touristry, conferences and exhibitions, amusement, carnival and others based on the explosive growing of authorities and non-government bureaus ( Boris Gruschke, 1998 ) . It is non merely different from authorities disposal, but besides different from ordinary commercial endeavor direction across organisations.

Event touristry refers to the signifier of taking erstwhile or regular festivals held as the nucleus attractive force for finish selling, or heightening the particular touristry activities ( David Getz, 2008 ) . Holiday jubilations frequently accumulated a rich local cultural content, and really strong engagement, amusement, hence, the contrivers of event activities frequently try to make an ambiance of festival or jubilation in order to pull wider attending, more tourers, and even make a recycling of “ tradition ” .

3 Similarities between touristry direction and event direction

In my sentiment, the most of import similarity between touristry direction and event direction is event touristry, which is reflected both in touristry and event activities.

Tourism Management



Event Tourism Management

Figure 1 Similarity between touristry direction and event direction

Compared with the general types of touristry activities, event touristry has its ain distinguishable features:

One is the typical endemic feature. Production of a touristry event will frequently trust on local features and cultural imposts to pull local beginning ( Julie E Otto and J. R. Brent Ritchie, 1996 ) . Originating from the festival with a typical local characteristics travel, it is easy to win the favour of the deepness of the root causes of tourers.

Second is the activity concentration. Event touristry activities are concentrated in a peculiar period of clip, normally a fixed clip period, and activity is really compact agreement, which makes the tourers ‘ touristry activities and touristry experience with important concentration of characteristics. If the event activities are capturing, tourers by and large stay longer.

Third is the widespread influence. Large graduated table of event touristry activities frequently lead to larger concerns, to pull people from all over the universe concentrated in one activity enabling coaction, experience the local ambiance of the event ( David Getz, 1997 ) . This will convey big and widespread impact to the regional touristry development and local economic, societal and cultural development.

Fourth is the fullness of effects. A major event touristry activity held brings both a direct economic benefit, but besides brings indirect benefits to other facets of stealing, will advance the development in assorted facets of the host.

Event touristry has these characteristics, combined with festivals by tourers with high degrees of ingestion, repeatability, a longer abode clip, etc. , characteristics, doing event touristry as a concern of the object for the regional touristry development, increasing people attending ( Robyn Stokes, 2008 ) .

Australia by virtuousness of keeping this particular gay event of “ America ‘s Cup ” yacht race became one of the universe ‘s most celebrated tourers ; China Qingdao through “ Beer Festival ” , “ Ocean Day ” spread out their alone “ marine civilization ” , successfully created the image as the features of the marine metropolis. It shows the organisation of festivals, particularly the organisation of large-scale events, frequently become the focal point of media attending. Event touristry for the metropolis provides a phase to demo their image, any one ad, any selling activities are hard to fit with the effectivity.

Large graduated table of event activities

Participated in event






Media coverage


Travel publicities










Visiting host people

Word of oral cavity


Tourism image

Impression of diminution over clip

Figure 2 The nexus between event and touristry

4 Differences between touristry direction and event direction

Using system theory, with project direction theory, it can understand the event touristry from four degrees ( John Swarbrooke, 1999 ) : the basic rules and constructs ( Tourism event is a undertaking, project direction should be implemented ) ; system development rhythm ( touristry event development life rhythm ) ; systems and processs ( utilizing specific direction techniques and processs ) ; organisational behaviour ( set up sensible organisational construction and effectual encouraging undertaking members ) .

Table 1 Comparative analysis of touristry event characteristics and undertaking definition

Definition of undertaking

Features of touristry event

1, including a individual, definable end or stop merchandise or consequence.

Tourism event is “ non-routine ” , is the particular event happening within a certain period. It is an identifiable undertaking, has a certain economic ends, societal ends. Major touristry festival ( Mega-event ) on touristry has immense economic and societal impact. Large-scale festival events can be regarded as sub-sub undertakings.

2, unique. Undertaking is the activity with merely one type, and can ne’er be wholly repeated.

Tourism event is normally carefully planned. This nature makes touristry events different from the self-generated events and occurrences unique. It is impossible to reiterate, if failed, could non retrieve.

3, the impermanent activities. Life-cycle, one time the end to accomplish, the undertaking has ceased to be.

Tourism event has a certain deadline. While some festivals held on a regular basis, but the consequence of the undertaking objectives, stakeholders and the Environment ( Internet Explorer undertaking system ) will alter, so this new festival should be regarded as new undertakings.

4, requires the usage of assorted professional and organisational accomplishments and ability. Tasks and accomplishments required besides vary with the undertaking.

The procedure of the operation of touristry event is across a figure of direction maps units: authorities, concern, public and many industries. Tourism event ‘s success is inseparable from their extended support and coaction.

5, may be unfamiliar. Very unsure hazard factors.

The complexness of the procedure organisation operation of touristry event, integrated non merely manifested in non merely the features of touristry merchandises in general, it besides has its ain features and properties.

6, there is some hazard. The failure of the undertaking may present a menace to the organisation or its ends.

Tourism event has the hazard for every phase, failure of touristry festival activities could adversely impact touristry finish in reasonably long clip.

7, is to accomplish the end of a procedure to work. A undertaking to travel through several different phases ; phases of transition undertakings, manpower, organisation and resources will alter with it.

Tourism event during the operation and direction may still go on.

There may be single specific undertakings that are non to the full defined in footings of undertakings ; most undertakings have in forepart of three or four characteristics. Comparative analysis from the tabular array, touristry event at least meets the before six points. It can be concluded: Tourism event is a undertaking, project direction theory is applied to the touristry event merchandises.

Tourism event is present the life rhythm. The life rhythm of touristry events is it similar to the dynamic procedure of the natural life rhythm of birth, growing, adulthood, diminution and decease, which includes construct, planning, execution and operation of four phases ( I McDonnell, J Allen, W O’toole, 1999 ) . Purpose of understanding the life rhythm issues travel subdivision is really of import to director of the undertaking: on the one manus, touristry event highlights the undertaking life rhythm in undertaking direction program, reappraisal and analysis, execution procedure, the direction of each procedure systems analysis is the footing for the following stage of the operation, which requires direction system, a comprehensive apprehension of project life rhythm touristry festival, and at different times to take corresponding steps ; on the other manus, life rhythm procedure is for each undertaking aims, which requires the undertaking director should be “ on the festival ‘s apprehension of the undertaking life rhythm ” and the undertaking aims to unite effectual “ direction by aims ” ( David Getz, 1997 ) . Therefore, the directors to react flexibly to the altering environment demand to hold a “ life rhythm direction ” civilization, in order to guarantee the smooth operation of the events.

5 Decision

As a undertaking, the touristry event should be analyzed with a systematic attack. Management of touristry event, in the face of complex elements in the events undertaking system, directors must first transport out systematic analysis of each component. Tourism event undertaking system is an unfastened system, undertaking directors must from the system degree, organisational degree and proficient degree to measure the system, senior directors will necessitate more from the system degree to analyse the system. To understand the chief system of belongings undertakings of touristry events, peculiarly in the development of touristry event is the of import position in the major touristry events and immense undertakings.

Event touristry as the span to associate touristry and event activities, in the touristry development assumes more and more of import maps and function. Although it shows the similarities and differences between touristry direction and event direction, for the issues of the operation thought of touristry event, development scheme and effects, we should pay more concerns.

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