Explain how challenges of embarking into the universe can be outweighed by the possibilities that come from personal growing. Barriers of endeavoring into the abysm are non worthwhile to get the better of since growing will sabotage your perceptual experience of ultimate felicity. Since persons necessarily sacrifice a portion of themselves and does non supply ultimate felicity for society. The prescribed text “Educating Rita” by Willy Russell showcases Rita as losing all of her individualism by deriving cognition. Mirroring the above thesis. my related text. ” The Shawshank Redemption” directed by Frank Darabont encapsulates the thought of institutionalisation. Education is a addendum for the old life style giving new ways to populate with damaging side effects. In the drama “Educating Rita” . Rita assumes that instruction is an chance for happening herself but she is simply transitioning from one societal category to another. Rita’s instruction has an oppressive consequence on her personality.

Frank wants her to ‘discipline’ her head. but what he means is happen a less subjective ( personal ) manner to look at literature. The sarcasm is that this will do Rita less self-generated and it might impede her passion for the truth and for life. Education and Alcohol are of both a agency of satisfaction for Frank. Giving an instruction substitutes the demand to imbibe foregrounding his futile quandary since by learning Rita. she is seting ‘nothing of her’ in her essays whereas her old essay was filled with subjectiveness and by imbibing he is losing a portion of himself and. Consequently. she is conforming to the societal category and run intoing the demands and wants of that category but that is non ultimate felicity since they are non wholly her wants and demands. Therefore. mentioning to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. as she is deriving self-actualisation she is losing her belonging and love nature since she runs off from Denny and thrusts Frank off.

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Mirroring the above statement for “The Shawshank Redemption” . Convicted felons are sent to prison to be rehabilitated so that one twenty-four hours they will no longer present a menace to citizens on the exterior. This is non the instance at Shawshank Prison. Shawshank. in world. is a topographic point of lasting parturiency since it strives to extinguish the tiniest hope for freedom from their captives. The full Shawshank system is an educational life style all captives have to larn or there will be ruinous effects. This is seen in the first clip when all the “fish” come into their cells for the first clip and one of the captives starts shouting and protesting he doesn’t belong here. he does non understand the system yet and ends up deceasing for non following orders. The dry nature of this system is that finally convicts depend on the system to keep intent. “These walls are funny…first you hate them. so you get used to them. so you depend on them…that’s institutionalized. ” It is hence useless to seek and overreach the system set uping that the challenges are ineffectual and non worth the clip. This is reinforced by Brooks go forthing the prison system and so perpetrating suicide ­after he lost his Self-Esteem and Belonging which the prison provided him with.

With lone Physiology and Safety from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. he has enlightened to his significance to the universe which leads to his ain death reinforcing that it is better to populate blissfully nescient than to populate harmfully enlightened. An individual’s possibility of personal growing is entirely reliant on their ain grade of cynicism. The extent of an individual’s cynicism is the challenge they have to confront in order to achieve personal growing. Persons have to be avaricious and selfish as it is the lone manner to develop a better apprehension of themselves. Frank is presented ab initio as misanthropic since he is merely motivated by money derived from Frank and Julia’s telephone conversation. This motive helps him reawaken his grasp of beauty in literature and life: ‘I think you’re the first breath of air that’s been in this room for years’ . Consequently. Frank develops an attractive force towards his “Frankenstein” and wants to be with her. Oscar Wilde said “A faultfinder is a adult male who knows the monetary value of everything. and the value of nothing” . However. Frank does non stop up with Rita due to the feelings non being common.

Rita’s cynicism lies with her desire for cognition. In the first scence. Rita explosions into his room and Tells Frank she wants to larn ‘everything’ . Her aspiration is alluded with Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” and the monetary value that it comes with – her personality. Willy Russell intentionally alludes Frank to “Frankenstein” and Rita to “Frankenstein’s Monster” ; Frank to the “King” and Rita to “Macbeth” since she is seen as the hungry ambitious animal instead than the nescient Godhead. To go “Macbeth” or “Frankenstein’s Monster” is non deserving anyone’s clip since it destroys a person’s ethical motives and therefore a person’s opinion on what felicity is. An imitation of the old statement is besides seen in “The Shawshank Redemption” . Since Andy is the lone misanthropic individual there is in the Prison. he is the lone 1 that escapes prison. Shown through assisting Captain Hadley to derive the likes of his equals and to transition into a less exhausting occupation. It is apparent that Andy is fears no 1 even the Warden. Repeating Oscar Wilde’s statement. we can see the grade of Andy’s cynicism which allows him to get away prison.

Contrasty. Red serves his full clip ever disagreed with Andy’s cynicism. After Andy finishes his 2 hebdomad stretch in the hole. he explains his theory of hope and how no 1 can take that off from you. Red argues that hope is useless and that has highlighted that Red has given up his cynicism. Consequently. Andy escapes merely after 20 old ages to venture and happen his personal growing whereas Red serves his full sentence. However. Andy has to rip off the system and unethically supply false inside informations to all the Bankss in order to come on. It is non deserving the outgo of society to let one adult male to be economically richer since he cheated the system. This changes a man’s attitude towards life and Andy had to trust on selfish agencies to acquire where he is. It is non valuable to achieve it in such an unethical method. Ultimately both texts basically show that there are no ways to accomplish growing and felicity on the same degree since accomplishing growing undermines the perceptual experiences of felicity. Since social felicity is ever greater hence an person can merely be selfish and misanthropic to acquire anyplace in life.

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