Is it right to shoot a person to save them? In the book Of Mice and Men, a man named George shoots his friend Lennie before another character can kill him. In the book, Lennie is a disabled person who does bad things. Since he is disabled, he doesn’t know right from wrong. George is his friend that travels around with him sort of watching him. Curley is their boss’ son who lives on the ranch that George and Lennie work on. He wants to hurt Lennie because Lennie killed his wife. She let Lennie feel her hair and he started to mess it up. When she started to squirm, he shook her really hard to shut her up, which broke her neck.

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That’s why it is right for George to kill his best friend. It was right for George to kill Lennie because Lennie doesn’t know right from wrong. George is telling this to Slim, one of the hands on the farm who is trusted and respected, when he and Lennie start working on the ranch. He is telling Slim about how they lost their old job. George said, “ Well he sees this girls red dress, and the dumb bastard like he is reaches out and touches he girls dress, and the girl lets out a squawk. ”(pg41) This shows that Lennie doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong.

Instead he is motivated by his senses and is his world he thinks that he is harming no one. Which proves the point that it was right for George to kill Lennie. Another reason it was right for George to shoot Lennie was because Lennie would have suffered if he had been arrested and put in a mental hospital. Crooks, the black slave like hand on the ranch, tells Lennie about the mental hospital when the George and the other hands go into town to visit a whore house.

Crooks says, “They’ll take you to the booby hatch, they’ll tie you up with a collar, like a dog. (pg72) This shows that Lennie would have been put in a mental hospital if he had not been killed by Curley and been caught by the police. With Lennie’s condition he would have suffered in the hospital, because he wouldn’t have known why he was there and gone insane, which proves that It was the right thing to do when George shot Lennie. The last reason why George was right to shoot Lennie is because Curley would have massacred Lennie if he would have gotten to him. Curley first says this right before they leave for the manhunt. Curley tells the other guys, “I’m gonna shoot the guts outa that big bastard myself… I’m gonna get him. (pg98) This shows Curley wanted to murder Lennie.

That proves that it was right for George to shoot Lennie because Lennie would have died a painful death if Curley killed him. It was right for George to shoot Lennie for three reasons. He doesn’t know right from wrong, he would have suffered in a mental hospital, and Curley would have murdered him. This was a good book because it showed something. It showed that just because someone might be mentally disabled doesn’t mean that they are a bad person. Anyone who is mature enough to handle the themes and dialogue in this book would enjoy this book.

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