Conservatives describes the 1996 welfare reform as being a successful policy for poor and low-income workers. They argue that it is considerably more effective to encourage a person to become self-sufficient, rather than having improvidently kept dependent on the government for money. Additionally, conservatives pointed to the fact that since the nation’s welfare rolls have fallen by half, a reasonable number of individuals became self-sufficient and in effect provided with jobs.

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On the other hand, Liberals describe the 1996 welfare reform as an ineffective policy which only results in more hardship and poverty for many poor families, especially mothers and children in financial distress. They maintain that those individuals who have left the welfare, as a result, ended up with low waged jobs, which eventually left them in destitution and homeless. Furthermore, liberals argue that the reform has reduced welfare assistance, thus providing inadequate safety nets to low income individuals and those who are unemployed; whether due to illness or old age.

According to them, the reform was “blaming the victim” Moreover, the radical lefts are extremely infuriated by the 1996 welfare reform act. They critically oppose the reform act, arguing that it is a dreadful policy that severely harms low-income families, primarily children. Additionally, they believe that welfare reform fails to recognize redistribution to those who are poverty-stricken, and for this reason, welfare should be offered to individuals without any accountability or anything in return.

I strongly believe that the initiatives to raising taxes and cutting benefits (provided by programs such as medicate) are issues on which people are unable to compromise and reach a common ground. This is as a result of individual self interest, which in turn results in people maintaining different political attitudes. Though people who are conservatives’ support cutbacks made towards welfare programs, they also counter intuitively reject the idea of raising taxes.

They believe that by reducing taxes and benefit programs, people are given the opportunity to keep more of what they’ve earned; thereby creating a more incentive to work and become self-sufficient. On the other hand, liberals support the idea of raising taxes and reject the idea of reducing benefit programs. They assert that by raising taxes the government is then able to constructively provide social welfare programs and jobs for the poor.

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