he fictional film discussed to analyse how mise-en-scene was used would be Peter Jackson’s 2001 epic fantasy film, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. COSTUME & MAKEUP The hobbits are dressed in common country folk wear with light colours of red, yellow and green. Their rather colourful costumes reflected the hobbits’ nature which is optimistic and good. Their costumes fitted in well with their surroundings as the colours blend with the natural colours of the forest. The hobbits also wear a cloak over their clothes and carry large backpacks.

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The cloak is typical of what medieval travellers wear when they were on long trips, once again reminding the audience of the long and arduous journey the hobbits are going to embark on for the rest of all three films. They are also fair-skinned with rosy cheeks. Make-up created their natural rosy cheeks giving them an innocent demeanour. All the hobbits had a short stature, curly hair and large prosthetic feet which are the genetic characteristics of the hobbit species. These characteristics added realism to the mythical creatures that exist only in the fantasy world of the Middle-earth.

While the coats that Merry, Pippin and Sam are of different shades of green and olive, Frodo’s coat is reddish brown. He is also the only brunette while the rest are blondes. This created a distinct difference between Frodo and the rest of the hobbits, especially in terms of the significance of their roles. As can be seen in the rest of the film, Frodo as the ring bearer carried the entire burden while the other hobbits provided more of a supporting role to him. In contrast to the protagonists, the Ringwraith is dressed in black and rides a black horse.

He is dressed in a long black cloak and his face cannot be seen. His hands and legs are covered in black metallic armours. Throughout the scene his face is hidden creating a sense of mystery. While horses are typically portrayed as friendly animals, the Ringwraith’s horse is black and has red eyes creating a very sinister feel. Its curb chains and headgear are black too. The horse also looked mistreated with nails stuck in its hooves. All these show the menace of the Ringwraith and its horse as an entity and how far they have fallen into the depths of evil and despair.

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