Today most people believe that “the man” or the ones who rule are powers that one needs to rebel against. For years this has been going on and one thing that has been causing this to grow more and more are the advertisements that are bombarding our lives with billboards, commercials, and ads wherever we look. Advertisers have created a world where people can disobey and rebel against the man by purchasing products like Ciroc Vodka that tell consumers to “Go Against The Grain” .

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By purchasing their product they are carving into your brain that one will be different from the rest of society. It seems like an absurd idea, but in reality everyone has been lured into the advertiser’s trick into buying a mass-produced product. Companies are creating these mass produced products that are being marketed as a one of a kind item that appeals to individualists. These advertisers are feeding off the idea of consumers wanting to be different by marketing their product in a way that cause the consumer to believe whatever it is that they see.

In everyday life one could probably run across hundreds of advertisements that would cause them to think that by purchasing that product they would be rebelling against the man, but really they are just falling for the tricks created to make a company more profit. A trend that comes to mind that talks about rebelling against the man is when teens dress in a style called emo. Kids who dress in this style are usually dressed in all black. They are trying to be different from the “normal” everyday person by not wearing any color from head to toe, wearing black make-up, and dying their hair black.

These teens are trying to be different from everyone else but really when you look around one can see them almost anywhere. It is nothing new to dress in all black and by doing this they are following a trend that has been created by companies. These companies have created an image in their advertisements that by wearing all black is against the man because it is different than the normal but really teens that dress in this style are just being manipulated by these advertisers that are trying to get the money out of their pockets.

All of this relates back to the advertisements create by companies that are telling people not to conform by purchasing their product. After visiting the International Center of Photography one can see that fashion photographs on the surface look like something that are just their to sell the garment but if one looks deeper they can see the creativity of how the advertiser creates the idea of rebellion from a certain power. In Tim Walker’s photograph “Alice Gibb and Olga Sherer, Sennowe Park, Norfolk England” two girls are dressed in som sort of fairy tail outfits that do not look like they are from this world.

Both girls are extremely skinny and lanky and look very free flowing. The way they are posed, the clothes, and the setting are all being portrayed as a mythical world that does not follow the usual code when it comes to women dressing up to go to work. The photograph is using these ideas and making the garments sell by telling the consumer that they can look this amazing and different if they buy these clothes. Another series of adds that was photographs by Mario Sorentti call “On Fire” , which was created in March 2008.

These photographs are of models dressed up in white and cream-colored spring dresses with fog and different colored lights, such as purple, yellow and red. Like the Tim Walker photographs, these photographs were created with a certain style and mood to cause the customer to believe that whatever is happening in the photograph is what will happen to them as soon as they put the clothing on. These are giving a sort of mysticism about the clothing that cause the consumer to be rebellious because of the fog, messes up hair and the crazy lights, but sweet at the same time.

The sweetness comes from the looks that are being expressed by the models through some of their poses and their facial expressions. In most peoples day-to-day lives they try and rebel against what the man is telling them to do, but when one sets off for a trip to Disneyland he or she forgets about the man and follows the rules of the magic kingdom. No matter what ones age people who go to Disneyland are seen as the happiest people on earth. Little does everyone knows that the creators of the park are using their clever minds to trick you into become what seems like their puppets.

Outside of Disneyland one can try and rebel against the man but when it comes to visiting this magical park it some how does wonders to a persons vision and blinds them from what is going on. The creators of Disneyland tell you where to go what rides to go on next and what you are going to purchase even without you knowing. Even for the rebels without a cause, Disneyland has something for them too. “Every area of Disney World includes a Disney Villains Shop, a chain store for bad-guy merchandise.

Visitors who harbor anti-disney sentiments can express their cultural politics by consuming the negative Disney line. ” Whether one loves Disney World or hates the fact they are being dragged there-by-there parents they are still being scammed into being apart of society. No matter where one goes around Disney World there will always be a product that will have to be consumed or used while at the park and that is exactly the way they were thinking when they created the park.

Throughout the years people have been working their hardest to be against the man and society by dressing and acting different ways but it seems that no matter what they do as long as they are a consumer in this world they will never be able to truly rebel. Advertisers will always be there to bring every consumer back to follow the man and be apart of the society they live in whether the consumer is aware of it or not.

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