GREENWOOD PUBLIC SCHOOL ADITYA PURAM, SUMMER VACATION ASSIGNMENT 2013-2014 CLASS – VIII English Read three stories of contemporary authors of the world- Eg. American, British, Indian and make a comparative study of their works Language – Social background, political influence, value systems, economy etc. fgUnh% Hkkjr ikd foHkktu ds dkj. k vke vkneh dk D;k gJ gqvk] mldh Hkkoukvksa dks fdl izdkj foHkkftr fd;k x;k] D;k euq”; dks ns’kksa esa ck? V nsus Hkj ls gh euq”;rk Hkh c? V tkrh gS fdUgha ik? p ? kVukvksa dk ladyu dj vius fopkj O;Dr dhft,A Mathematics I).

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Take any cartoon strip and draw 1 cm square grid on it a) Enlarge the picture by copying the picture on the 2cm square grid b) Also reduce the picture by copying it on the ? cm square grid and find the scale factor. II) Q. 1 Define : (i) Whole number (ii) Natural Number (iii) Rational Number (iv) Prime Number (v) Integer (vi) Parallelograms Q. 2 Q. 3 Q. 4 Draw different types of Polygons. Write the identities. Define : (i) Acute angle triangle (ii) Obtuse angle triangle (iii) Right angle triangle ( with figure) Q. 5 Q. Draw Bar graph and double bar graph by taking any example Draw : (i) Cuboid (ii) Cylinder (iii) Cube (iv) Sphere (v) Pyramid (vi) Cone Science Explore more about your body transporter! a) Keep a record of blood group of your family members and find out how many of you can receive & donate blood among yourselves during the time of emergency b) Take 2 blood reports of any 2 of your family members & do a comparative analysis of the components of blood b) Locate any blood bank near your locality & mention the address.

Social Science 1. “Rahiman paani raakhiye , Bin paani sab soon. Paani gaye na ubre Moti manus, choon ……. ” [ Says Rahim, keep water, as without water there is nothing. Without water pearl, swan and dove cannot exist] These lines were written by the poet Abdur Rahim Khankhana , one of the nine gems of Akbar’s court. What kind of resources is the poet referring to? Write in about 600 words what would happen if this resource disappears? 2. (i) (ii) 3. i) (iii) (iv) Describe the different types of resources ( Natural, human, human made) Provide some ideas in which you can conserve resources. What are landslides? (ii) What are the causes of landslides? Describe the landslides mitigation mechanism. Prepare a case study of a landslide hit area. 1) Prepare a Project on “Web 2. 0”. 2) Explore 5 websites based on Web 2. 0. Collect all the major features and prints of home page of each website. 3) Create your own login account on www. wikipedia. com .

Browse any topic and edit some information on the website from your side about the relevant topic. Computer Design a poster: Design a poster advocating the conservation of a monument. You can either choose a lesser- known monument or a wellKnown monument as the topic of the poster. SAVE OUR HISTORY S. U. P. W Prepare any decorative item using waste materials. NOTE: ? The assignment must be submitted positively by 6th July 2013 in a folder. ? Lose sheets will not be accepted. ? Marks of the given assignment will be included in formative assessment. SAVE OUR MONUMENTS

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