The overview of Starbucks’ Corporate Strategies are maximizing the market penetration, providing a relaxing and attractive social atmosphere, offers high quality products, create a great working environment and achieve profitability. Corporate Strategies of Starbucks are mentioned below:- First is the Rapid Store expansion strategy (Starbucks Everywhere” approach). These basically are related on Domestic and International store expansion where everything about the company, company owned, company operated stores or licensing (Khan, S. 2010).

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Other than that, employees’ training and recognition are important too. This part is where all the system to recruit, hire and train Baristas and store managers, screening, training programmes and award for partners (Khan, S. , 2010). On the other hand, real estate, store design, planning and construction are related too. Lastly, is about Store ambience that having the concept of “everything matters” and assessment of standards makes the surrounding better (Nugroho, D. and Retnowulan, 2007).

Second point is the Product line. This point is about having a wide range of products choices, special product promotion, selling music CDs and Joint ventures with companies such as Pepsi-Cola, Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream and Jim Beam Brands (Khan, S. , 2010). Other than that, acquisition, Starbucks cards and even Partnership with Bank One are included in the point (Khan, S. , 2010).

Third point of corporate strategy is the Coffee purchasing strategy. This helps to build better relationship with growers and exporters (Khan, S. 2010). Checking on agriculture conditions and crop yields, and searching out varieties and sources that would meet Starbucks’ standards (Nugroho, D. and Retnowulan, 2007). Using fixed-price purchase commitment and purchasing coffee future contracts. Contributing to the sustainability of coffee growers and helping environment conservation.

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