When we hear the word Muslim, what comes into our heads? Some of us may believe of a lady have oning a fabric to cover her face whom we normally see selling varied objects runing from second-hand phones and equipments to pirated Cadmium ‘s, aromas and medical specialties at Divisoria or Greenhills. There are those who associate the word to polygamy. Others think that Moslems are those who are so rigorous that they can even kill person viciously if they want. These are merely some of our most common associations to the word “ Muslim. “ , but, who are they truly? What is it to be a Muslim or a Moslem?

Moslems are those who believe and follow the faith, Islam. If Christians have God as the Supreme Being to be worshipped, Moslems have Allah as their one and merely God. Although Islam is fundamentally a faith, we believe that it is more than merely that. “ It is a manner of life, a regular civilization all on its ain. ”[ 1 ]It is a faith impacting about all other facet of the society including its civilizations, values, and societal patterns. Moslems do non merely hold a corporate signifier of worship but instead a corporate signifier of mundane life.

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Like Jainism and Buddhism, Islam excessively descended from Hinduism. From the book, India: In the New Era, the writer, Wallbank writes, “ … Muslims are posterities of Hindus who accepted Islam voluntarily, frequently to get away low caste position, or who at times chose it as the preferred alternate to decease at the custodies of the occupying Muslim hosts or prejudiced revenue enhancements by Muslim swayers. ”[ 2 ]Since Islam is seen as an flight from the caste system, it can be said that there is equality in Muslim relationships. Similar to Jainism and Buddhism in footings of beginning, it besides has its ain fusss and heavy duties that for most, if non all Moslems are tolerable.

Harmonizing to the book Islam Society in Practice, the writer, Fluehr-Lobban states that “ Islam means ‘submission, ‘ entry to God ( Allah ) , the one and merely divinity in the sturdy monotheistic religion. ” She besides explains that Islam peculiarly came from the Arabian Peninsula and that earlier Islam was revealed, the period of unknowingness that Allah exists is called Jahiliyya.[ 3 ]From the definition given, Islam can be seen as a complete resignation which may explicate why Islam affects other facets of the lives of the Muslims.

Why do we hold to cognize more about the Muslims? Possibly, one of the most basic grounds is their population. As of 2007, the 2010 World Fact Book of the United States Central Intelligence Agency shows that of the universe ‘s population, “ Christians [ represent ] 33.32 % ( of which Roman Catholics 16.99 % , Protestants 5.78 % , Orthodox 3.53 % , Anglicans 1.25 % ) , Muslims 21.01 % , Hindus 13.26 % , Buddhists 5.84 % , Sikhs 0.35 % , Jews 0.23 % , Baha’is 0.12 % , other faiths 11.78 % , non-religious 11.77 % , atheists 2.32 % . ”[ 4 ]

2010 World Fact Book of the United States Central Intelligence Agency.

Figure 1: Percentage of each faith in the universe ‘s population

The chart above made from the information taken from the 2010 CIA World Fact Book clearly shows that Muslims comprise the largest per centum of the universe ‘s population. Even the figure of Roman Catholics is less than that of the Muslims. With this fact entirely, we can see how of import it is to familiarise ourselves with who Muslims truly are every bit much as we know who Christians are – who Roman Catholics are. Like Christianity and other faiths, Islam has sacred texts from which it bases its instructions. The two primary footing of Islam are the Qur’an and the Sunna. The alim or the ulema are bookmans who analyze these spiritual texts. Although they are unfastened to analyzing and analysing which have been done in Islam ‘s 14 centuries of devotedness, they are adhering and irreversible.[ 5 ]This means that the texts themselves are lasting, unchangeable, and all Muslims are required to follow them. The lone thing that can alter is how they are being interpreted.

The Qur’an serves as the Holy Book of Islam which contains the word of God revealed through the Prophets which includes Muhammad. It “ speaks merely the truth, and its directives are cosmopolitan for all topographic points, state of affairss, and times. It is the completion of the earlier disclosures, and it is the lone Divine disclosure that exists in its original unchanged signifier. ” Moslems are continuously guided by the Qur’an with their duties, rights, and their end.[ 6 ]Why the Qur’an corsets unchanged may be caused by the belief of Muslims that the book is irreversible. Bruce Lawrence gives three elements of the book: “ Qur’an significance recitation, Islam being the true faith, and peace being the precedence. ” Qur’an as recitation is a scripture unwritten book that is better recited than read mutely. Listening to it being recited is similar to hearing God ‘s voice.[ 7 ]Submission to Allah is followed by peace called salaam which is besides shown in Essalaam alay kum, a Muslim salutation that can be compared to stating hullo.[ 8 ]This seems to belie our impression of Muslims being violent such as the terrorists. Possibly, some Muslims truly fight to the point that they become violent because that may be their ain manner of give uping themselves to Allah. The 2nd footing of Islam is the Sunna of the Prophet. The term Sunnah can intend different things – “ usage, usage, habit, legislative act. ” It may mention to the “ Sunnah of those of old ” or the “ Sunnah of Allah ” .[ 9 ]However, the Sunnah referred here is the Sunnah associated with Mohammad. The Sunna of the Prophet is the “ words and the pattern of Muhammad during his life-time. ” Hadith is the “ preserved traditions of the Prophet. ” Because Muslims believe that Muhammad is divinely inspired, they consider the Sunna and Hadith as the footing of their faith.[ 10 ]Like Christians, Muslims excessively imitate the life of holy people who in this instance is their prophet Muhammad.

The two beginnings of Islamic religion: Qur’an and Sunna of the Prophet define what it is to be a Muslim. It is of import to cognize these beginnings before understanding how Muslims live because as mentioned earlier, Islam affects the day-to-day lives of Muslims. Knowing them can take us to understanding why Muslims live the manner they do.

“ Ashhadu an laa ilaaha illa Allah, Washington ashhadu anna Muhammadan rasul Allah. ” ( I testify that there is no God but Allah, and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God. ) The declaration of these words specifically is what makes one a Muslim.[ 11 ]It is similar to a credo which maps as the nucleus of belief. However, being a Muslim does non halt at that place. It has to be a uninterrupted pattern of Islamic beliefs and instructions. The most cardinal of these Islamic patterns is the five pillars of Islam which are the Shahada, Salat, Sawm, Zakat, and the Performance of the Hajj.

The Shahada or testimony of belief is an averment of the “ monotheism of Islam. ” It has two parts, the first proclaiming that Allah is the lone God and the 2nd that Muhammad is His Prophet or Messenger.[ 12 ]Monotheism is maintained here since it shows that Muhammad is non god but His Messenger merely. Muslims give so much importance to the Shahada that they declare their religion in about everything they do. The announcement of one ‘s religion to Allah is non merely the first and last words that a Muslim hears, but besides his manner of recognizing another Moslem in both personal and informal interactions, and his starting motor for his day-to-day activities such as feeding and driving a auto.[ 13 ]

The 2nd pillar of Islam is the salaat or the supplication. Muslims believe that they can turn spiritually and have a better connexion with God through the five supplications at five different times. These supplications are Fajr ( the morning supplication ) , Dhuhr ( the midday supplication ) , Asr ( the afternoon supplication ) , Maghrib ( the sundown supplication ) , and Isha ( the dark supplication ) .[ 14 ]The salaat is done separately and personally but it seems to be done jointly since Muslims pray at the same clip confronting Mecca. They besides end the supplication with acknowledging the other Muslims. Fluehr-Lobban describes how the Muslims do the salaat. The start of the supplication is signalled by the muazzin who shouts “ Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. ” Before they pray, they clean their custodies and pess, oral cavity and ears at the communal fountain or running H2O. When they pray, they remove their places, face Mecca, and on their mats, they kneel with their brows touching the land and their custodies on their articulatio genuss. They use the shahada in their supplications. After they pray, they look at their sides to recognize the other Muslims.[ 15 ]

Sawm is fasting during Ramadan which happens every 9th month of the Islamic calendar. Fluehr-Lobban writes that Muslims are required to fast from dawn and sundown, abstaining from nutrient, drink and sexual activities. Merely the immature, the pregnant, the sick, and the travelers are exempted from this pattern. It has even become an index of a kid ‘s being adolescent – a personal determination to fast. Success from sawm brings peace to Muslims.[ 16 ]As Muslims, they are expected to give up their desires for nutrient and sexual dealingss as a signifier of worship to Allah. It is similar to Christian belief of fasting – a manner for religious growing since Muslims besides see this as a “ self-purification ” which helps their psyche to turn and sympathise with the hungry.[ 17 ]

Zakat or obligatory alms giving is a duty of all Muslims which can besides be associated with Catholics ‘ manner of giving alms to the needy. While alms giving is optional to Catholics, Islam on the other manus requires its people to carry through their duty to the needy. It is both a personal pick and a responsibility as a signifier of worship to God, which can be in the signifier of a spiritual revenue enhancement. This comprises of 2-3 per centum of the wealth of a Muslim or equivalent of giving meat on vacations.[ 18 ]Zakats can be understood as an Islamic manner of giving importance to the Ummah or the community of Muslims. It may besides be considered as giving importance to the human being by feeding the hungry and giving alms.

The last of the pillars is the Hajj or the pilgrim’s journey to Mecca and Medina. All Muslims must be able to make this at least one time in their lives. Imam Sayed Moustafa Al-Qazwini writes that this pilgrim’s journey is both a symbol of Muslims ‘ integrity and growing in one ‘s personal relationship with God demoing how one can give everything to follow Him.[ 19 ]The rites include touching or snoging the Ka’ba which is the black rock believed to be the leftover of Abraham ‘s worship topographic point, standing from midday to sunset in the Plain of Arafat to inquire God for forgiveness, butchering a forfeit, and observing the terminal of the Muslim twelvemonth.[ 20 ]

Moslems are considered traditional and disciplined persons who value greatly the Torahs taught to them since they were still immature. These Torahs and instructions are sacred and are passed on from coevalss to coevalss. Moslems are particular through their great devotedness and dedication for forfeit in award of their God, Allah. They are united through their trueness in following what they are asked to obey, no affair how simple or complicated these may be.

Equally complicated as following the Five Pillars, Moslems are besides required to follow rigorous regulations on their personal life such as make up one’s minding on what sorts of nutrient they are allowed to eat. Knowing how the Islamic Torahs cover even their pick of nutrient and drink, it is apparent how Moslems are aware of their determinations or better yet how cognizant they are in looking into little inside informations such as ingredients of a peculiar food. “ By Islamic jurisprudence, all nutrients are considered halal, or lawful, except for porc and its byproducts, animate beings improperly slaughtered or dead before butchering, animate beings slaughtered in the name of anyone but Allah ( God ) , carnivorous animate beings, birds of quarry, animate beings without external ears ( some birds and reptilians ) , blood, intoxicant, and nutrients contaminated with any of these. All seafood is halal. ”[ 21 ]Halal is fundamentally nutrient allowed to be eaten while Haram is the out nutrient of the Muslims. Moslems are tested each and every twenty-four hours in footings of their memory on what are allowed or non. Hence, Muslims are trained to go good research workers and readers in look intoing for the ingredients found on certain nutrient merchandises. “ Food ingredients that come from multiple beginnings, such as gelatin, emulsifiers, and enzymes, necessitate the Muslim consumer to make some research to corroborate whether they are lawful. ”[ 22 ]

These halal nutrients are designated through the Son labelled on the screen of the nutrient merchandises. This is to attest and guarantee Muslims that whatever they are purchasing or eating are in favour of the Islamic Laws. Muslims must follow greatly with these Torahs since they believe that most nutrient have spiritual value and representations. They have a strong sense of belief that animate beings contaminated particularly with blood are considered impure and soil. Hence, these must non be consumed as non to impact the sacredness of their organic structures. On the other manus, there are certain nutrients valued greatly such as “ Olives, honey, yoghurt, day of the months, figs, grapes, Punica granatum, and leguminous plants. ”[ 23 ]Looking at the several limitations the Islamic jurisprudence dictates, Moslems are great followings who have control over their desires. They are non easy tempted by assorted sorts of delightful nutrients offered around the Earth since they believe that all their forfeits and difficult work will be put into good usage. They believe that they will be rewarded by Allah if they do good by detaching themselves from other external influences and pleasances.

Modesty is greatly practiced and valued by Muslim work forces and adult females. It entails great value and regard towards the sacredness of the parts of their organic structure. This can be reflected through their penchants in vesture and accoutrements. Just like in nutrient, Muslims are besides purely encouraged to follow regulations on the manner they present themselves to the populace. There are no certain manners, colourss or types of apparels they are required to have on every bit long as they do non bury to represent modestness. The differences in the picks of Muslims on apparels show greatly the singularity and diverseness of their civilization among the different Muslim communities all over the universe.[ 24 ]Hijab pertains to covering of one ‘s organic structure non merely physically but besides socially. The vesture of Muslim adult females peculiarly does non merely concentrate on their award and self-respect but besides shows how they interact with the opposite sex.[ 25 ]Muslim adult females are peculiarly asked to obey Hijab as to forestall any signifiers of enticement and force done by work forces. This is besides one manner on how adult females can turn out to their society that they are worthy of being respected. The vesture worn by Muslims mirrors who they genuinely. It besides proves that Muslims, who ne’er forget the values instilled within them, are morally good and knowing persons. Complying with these simple regulations on vesture would reflect how honest they are and how dignified their codifications and patterns can be.

For Muslim, make up one’s minding on what apparels to have on and taking what nutrient to eat are matchless as compared to what they will undergo when they will run into their hereafter partner. “ Love will happen a manner ” might be a good phrase to depict Muslims ‘ experiences on edifice relationship with others. As the expression goes, love as expressed by Muslims is really sacred in which the twosome should first undergo understanding before come ining into matrimony. Islam calls Muslims to get married and hold a household of their ain. Having a household will function as an eye-opener for them in carry throughing and prioritising responsibilities and duties every bit good as to accommodate certain of import values taught from one coevals to another.

Marriage is valued greatly and taken earnestly by the Muslims. Because of this, they have to guarantee that every individual determination that will be made will be rightful and merely. Furthermore, there are certain “ stairss ” or processes they will hold to undergo before a twosome eventually ties bond with each other. In the book, Islam society in Practice, The writer Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban states how Muslims can both pattern intermarriage, get marrieding within the larger extended household and intermarriage, get marrieding outside the group. Although intermarriage is more normally followed, endogamy is still considered for this will guarantee that the wealth is maintained and decently controlled within the household. The writer portrays the relevancy of careful determination doing for non merely the people straight concerned are involved, but besides the image of their ascendants and kin is at interest. Like the Chinese, Muslims besides greatly value household and ties within the same civilization. Although Moslem parents can non coerce their kids to get married person without their consent, they still carry a large influence to their kids ‘s future household. This sort of ordered matrimony is common among Muslims where the parents will be the 1s to take who will be the future partner of their boy or girl. Most of the picks will come from the seniors where they are asked for advices since they are thought to hold great wisdom and experiences. They make certain that the twosome is compatible and each spouse will hold to come from a good background. To make this, they would most likely inquire from different households and look into through household meetings. Family members particularly the parents take these things earnestly since Muslims believe that matrimony is one of the major determinations a individual would be meeting. Hence, parents and relations will come to a point where they will be asking from the friends and co-workers of the spouse every bit good as the different Islamic leaders about this.[ 26 ]

In taking a rightful spouse, both parties have to undergo certain trials and processes as to guarantee compatibility and a long lasting relationship. Before the twosome gets married, they can hold the opportunity to run into up and acquire to cognize each other every bit long as there is blessing from the parents. It is a demand for the twosome to hold a chaperone with them or remain within a group. Spending clip entirely together or dating is non allowed. Pre-marital relationship is besides prohibited harmonizing to Qur’an.[ 27 ]The pureness of the twosome should be ensured before matrimony. All these are because of the belief that Satan will be the 3rd individual present with them when they are entirely together. For the twosome non to be tempted to make anything against the regulations of Islam, any long and direct contact with each other is being avoided. So how can the twosome have a long- lasting relationship if they are restricted to run into? This is normally asked by other people sing Islam twosomes. With the limitations on pre-marriage, the twosome can merely pass clip with each other after being officially introduced to the people as married twosomes. Praying and inquiring for counsel from Allah should besides non be forgotten for He will maintain their married life happy and successful.

After taking the rightful partner, there are still certain conditions for a matrimony to be valid. Aside from the consent of both twosome and household, the groom must give a Mahr or a gift to the bride. This can be in the signifier of money or non-material things like educating her or learning her to carry through something new. The Mahr serves as one of the rights of brides which will give her a sense of security every bit good as regard and award. This will besides guarantee that the bride will be financially secured and divorce will be farther prevented. The nuptials event itself is different as compared to any Catholic matrimonies. One difference is the presence of a celibate during the ceremonial.[ 28 ]As compared to Catholic matrimonies where jubilation happens on one specific twenty-four hours, Muslim marriages non merely involves the matrimony proper itself, but besides the jubilation and brotherhood of both households through banquets. “ The nuptials proper is a three-to-seven-day event which includes symbolic rites, visits of the groom to the bride ‘s household, and banqueting. ”[ 29 ]Marriage in Islam, like the Chinese, is seen more as an understanding amongst household instead than merely between the twosomes. Decisions should non be kept personally and in secret among the household. This is apparent cognizing how Muslims greatly treasure the image and advice of their seniors. Last, common apprehension, love, devotedness, attention and forgiveness are expected between the twosome. Although household members of both sides play a major function in the hereafter of the twosome, what counts the most is how the twosome dainties each other and make up one’s mind together for themselves.

Similarly, non all matrimonies last a life-time. There are some cases where divorce comes in. Divorce among Muslims is non common and valued since encourages reconciliation between the twosome. The twosome can choose to disassociate if there are no advancement or better yet if there are amendss done ( e.g. physical maltreatment ) . The household members are responsible to give advice and assistance the twosome in work outing their job.[ 30 ]For a divorce to happen, the adult female has to return or pay the dowery with the same sum she received earlier matrimony, to the hubby. This thought prevents adult females from registering a divorce since they would be given more loads financially. The adult female besides has to hold a “ waiting period ” to cognize if she is pregnant with her former hubby. If so, the kid can still be supported by him. The waiting period is besides followed as to guarantee the twosome that they are concluding with their determination on their separation.[ 31 ]

Muslim adult females, despite being looked down every bit inferior, are still able to get chances and wagess from Allah. Islam believes that adult females have rights such as to ain and dispose belongings, receive Mahr from their groom and maintain their ain household name after matrimony. They are besides given a opportunity to prosecute educational chances and calling every bit long as it is of modestness, self-respect and righteousness. Women besides have a say to the determinations refering her such as matrimony concerns and voting rights. ([ 32 ]) ([ 33 ]) Unfortunately, poetries from Surah 4 on the book of Qur’an portray how work forces are still overmastering and dominant over adult females. Work force can hold the pick to get married several married womans every bit long as they provide their married womans with belongings and Mahr every bit good as fidelity by non perpetrating fornication to other adult females. Womans on the other manus, can non get married several work forces at the same clip. They will be punished by Allah if they go against the regulations of Islam. Womans are less trusted by the society as shown from an extract from Qur’an stating, “ As to those adult females on whose portion ye fright disloyalty and ill-conduct, warn them ( foremost ) , ( Next ) , garbage to portion their beds, ( And last ) beat them ( lightly ) ; but if they return to obedience, seek non against them Means ( of irritation ) ” .[ 34 ]

These regulations given to them are most likely applicable to their mundane lives. Knowing how elaborate and utmost these Torahs are from the nutrient they eat until their personal determinations in relationships, Muslims still obey all of these cognizing how they can non carry through whatever desires or pleasances which are said to be unconditioned to adult male. People all over the Earth greatly admire how Muslims have this strong sense of trust and unity with each other. They greatly value the thought of scruples that can forestall a individual from perpetrating a wickedness. The thought that they will get virtue if they do good plants is effectual since it helps Muslims maintain their strong sense of subject. They excessively are afraid of the power and effects brought upon by Allah if they go against His orders and will. Through following certain rigorous orders, they are someway united by the sacredness of what their ascendants and seniors brought upon them. Although these may look as hinderances for some, these Torahs really made Muslims really influential and meriting for the regard they earned.

From the beginning, likely one of the fusss of being Muslim is the sheer sum of subject that is required. Rigorous execution of regulations governs most facets of Islam life. It ranges from nutrient and vesture to marriage and decease. In footings of nutrient, there are merely a few nutrient merchandises considered Haram. But that does n’t relieve them from their dietetic demands. In vesture, they extremely value modestness. This of class detracts from the usual apparels work forces and particularly adult females wear. Sawm is a really well-known pattern that involves utmost fasting as mentioned earlier. They can travel every bit far as prohibiting even get downing their ain tongue. “ Dating ” and matrimony are likely the most boring viewed from the exterior. These involve really punctilious procedures to take the most compatible partner as opposed to the common manner of establishing it on love affair and on feelings. It ‘s really much controlled by the households and spiritual leaders. Practically the lone determination the possible partners have is make up one’s minding whether to get married or non.

The point of this all is to paint a image of how a non-Muslim would look at their faith. It would look really much commanding – and it is to a grade. But one time more cognition is gained about the faith, the apprehension comes that these “ regulations ” are for the improvement of the followings themselves and non a unsighted ideal. The subject taught in Islam is really much different from other common faiths such as Christianity and Chinese Buddhism. Ultimately though, these all contribute to their religion: the battle on the way to Allah.

One of the biggest fusss still is witnessing some gender inequality in Islam society. Though it can be said that adult females have been given rights a long clip ago, it appears to non be applied every bit much as it should. This may besides stem from the fact that the Qur’an itself contains poetries that can be interpreted as holding the male dominate over the female, which lends itself to some signifier of gender prejudice. They are viewed as equal in human self-respect, but it is non reflected in some Muslim Torahs. Suffice to state, males have more control or independency in their lives than adult females. As mentioned, cardinal to these challenges are certain readings of Qur’an text sing male rule.[ 35 ]36These largely concern the functions they should be taking and restricting themselves to. Some take it literally while others see it as a general construct. As will be discussed subsequently, outside positions on Muslim adult females have an consequence every bit good. Whatever the instance, equality is still being fought even with the recent resurgence of the faith.

Today, Islam has grown well, holding one of the largest followerss in the whole universe. There are Muslims at practically every part around the Earth.[ 37 ]Unfortunately, despite their turning planetary influence, they have been the mark of some barbarian onslaughts by mass media, particularly in the West. They view Islam as a harsh, uncompromising faith that demands rigorous and unquestioning obeisance from its followings. They are viewed as extremists who resort to utilizing force in order to distribute their beliefs. This is really much reminiscent of the twelfth-century Crusades. The European positions back so are still prevailing now.[ 38 ]They are frequently painted images of war-toting persons engaging sanctum wars in the name of their God. They are seen as highjackers, kidnapers and terrorists. Media onslaughts on Muslims escalated further due to the 9/11 incident and the subsequent combat in Iraq.

Due to Western influence, it has now become the “ universe versus Islam. ” The job stems from the fact that the Muslims themselves are misunderstood. Over recent old ages, several activist and militaristic groups have risen up. These are cabals that fit right into the image that the media is seeking to paint. They use utmost force to foster their religion and their beliefs. They force their faith in seeking to accomplish their ain ends. The point here is that they have become “ representatives ” of the Islam faith as they receive more attending and exposure. This is false since they do non truly support Islam, but Islamism. Islamism is a faith turned into a political ideal.[ 39 ]

Media besides plays a portion in the misunderstanding of certain footings. One of the bigger concerns is how they are called in intelligence studies. They are largely called derogatory footings such as extremists or terrorists when there are more impersonal footings available.Media falsely relates the term fundamentalist to extremist when they really mean the antonym. A fundamentalist merely describes a Muslim that is following his faith and his religion. It fundamentally means that a Muslim believes in merely one God, Allah, and the great prophesier Muhammad is his courier. The term should non in any manner be related to violent actions. Following comes the misunderstanding of jehad, which literally means “ holy war. ” It can intend a batch of things done for the interest of their God. These can include executing good in school, obeisance to household and good relationships with colleagues. What media does is deform it and utilize merely the actual significance. They frequently illustrate it as unreasonable violent death of non-Muslims or the non-believers.[ 40 ]

Not merely do media falsely accuse Islam as a violent faith, they besides turn their ill-conceived eyes to some Islam beliefs. The biggest issues they attack are adult females and hijab. Harmonizing to Denya Goden, a common misconception is that the hijab is a cultural pattern, aimed at restricting parts of adult females of society outside of the family. A cultural pattern is one offprint from faith. Hijab is in fact a spiritual pattern that should be showing adult females of equality. This has besides led to the misconception of adult females holding no rights at all in the Islam faith. The best illustration is the position of the Taliban as representative to Muslims. The Taliban imprison adult females in their ain places. They ground that they are physically protecting and esteeming these adult females. What happens in fact is that most Taliban adult females are beaten and killed in their ain places.[ 41 ]There besides comes a job with the realisation that adult females have been given rights 1400 old ages ago, which still is n’t recognized by a batch of non-Muslims and Muslims likewise. This has led to the common image of adult females as being used and abused in their communities. This particularly relates to how have oning the proposed scarf or head covering has scarred their image. The media has portrayed this as a agency to stamp down and command their gender. The true purpose is to state that they are adult females with rights equal to work forces ; that they are of great mind.

The biggest job with how Islam is viewed today comes from deficiency of cognition and roseola readings. It has besides become an issue how the actions of one Muslim or group become a generalisation of each and every truster.[ 42 ]

Not much has changed from when Islam was foremost recorded in our universe ‘s history. It was mentioned that Muslims are traditional people. They can be called a really immune group over the centuries. They have withstood many wars and invasions, much like its opposite number, Christianity survived today. Of class, they have witnessed some down old ages every bit good. The nineteenth century presented a immense challenge due to the invasion of European states into the Arabs, where Islam originated. This caused a blow to their followings.[ 43 ]It was merely last century when Islam experienced a sudden resurgence. More and more members started change overing and believing in their instructions. The biggest alteration occurred some 1400 old ages ago when adult females were given more rights and more independency. Despite the down old ages and subsequent resurgence, they still managed to keep practically every tradition. Their spiritual traditions can be seen a batch today. They still adhere to the rigorous execution that it requires, including fasting, supplication and pilgrim’s journey. Islam seems to be the most resilient faith out of all lasting faiths today.

In this modern universe, Muslims have apparently lent themselves a bad name. Of class, so many factors have contributed to this. Despite that, the manner they are treated should n’t alter. They are merely like any people busying our universe. The lone difference lies in what they believe in and the patterns they have. Despite the negative image Western media has created and influenced, they should n’t be generalized as such. The Islam faith and its followings remain to be one of the most dominant and widespread faiths in the universe. This in itself says of how many believe in it. As such, Moslems are to be treated the same as everyone else. If one takes the clip to understand it, their faith will go clearer and a better apprehension between people of different spiritual backgrounds can be accomplished.

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