This papers is indispensable to your engagement in Writing 205. so please maintain it on manus at all times. The readings listed beneath each calendar day of the month are the readings due for that category session. Please do certain to convey the appropriate texts with you to category in order to let you to reexamine the readings and analyse them in greater deepness. Any written prep assignments will look on the class calendar between categories Tues. 1/15 Introductions / Syllabus / Analysis Pat Parker. “For the White Person Who Wants to Know How to Be My Friend” .

Homework: Pick up the class reader for this category at the Copy Center in Marshall Square Mall ( required ) . and purchase text books at the bookshop in Schine ( DK Handbook and Rewriting: see course of study ) . Please do certain you have a dedicated notebook for this class. Re-read course of study and jot down any inquiries you have about this class. Make class readings for Thursday’s category. Thurs. 1/17Race: Entering the Conversation / Questioning DK Handbook. pp. 82-83: What is Analysis? Matthew Bowker. “Teaching Students to Ask Questions…” ( reader ) Beverly Tatum. “Breaking the Silence” ( reader ) .

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Nathanial Smith. “Reconstructing Race” ( reader ) Tues. 1/22Things Peoples Say / Race and Ethnicity as “Doings” Joseph Harris. Rewriting. Introduction. pp. 1-12 Hazel Rose Markus and Paula Moya. “Doing Race” ( read 1-16 + 22-32 ) ( reader ) ***In Class: Cartridge holder from The Eye of the Storm: A Class Divided Writing Assignment: After reading for Thursday. compose an analytical contemplation ( 1-2 pp. ) on a cardinal transition in the readings that has challenged your thought. either emotionally or intellectually.

You may pull on any of the readings we’ve done so far. Supply a small spot of context to take gracefully into the cardinal transition. so cite the specific linguistic communication that you find disputing. and analyze/discuss the transition. Explore the ethical deductions of the transition. explicate why it is hard for you. and joint any inquiries this transition raises for you. Use the authorship procedure as a manner of fighting towards a more solid place vis-a-vis the author’s thoughts. I will roll up these and inquire you to portion your thoughts with your schoolmates in little groups. Thurs. 1/24Racial Identity and Power Joseph Harris. Rewriting. beginning of Chapter 1. pp. 13-24 Beverly Tatum. “The Complexity of Identity: ‘Who Am I?

’” ( reader ) Brent Staples. “Black Men and Public Space” ( reader ) Analytical Reflection Due Writing Assignment: Read for Tuesday 1/29 ; so. utilizing Mukhopadhyay & A ; Henze’s essay as a cardinal text. take up the undertaking that Joseph Harris lays out on p. 24. “Translating a Text into Your Own Footings. ” Write a 1-2 pp. critical sum-up and appraisal of Mukhopadhyay & A ; Henze’s undertaking. in which you identify their purposes. methods. stuffs. moves. and flash points ( see Harris and mention to try critical sum-up ) . Tues. 1/29Race as a Social Construction DK Handbook. pp. 2-11. “What is Rhetoric?

” + 84-91. “Understanding and Analyzing Texts” Carol Mukhopadhyay and Rosemary C. Henze. “How Real is Race? ” ( reader ) Critical Summary Due ***In Class: Cartridge holder from African American Lives 2 Thurs. 1/31Race as a Social Construction ( con’t. ) DK Handbook. pp. 98-107. “What Counts as Evidence” Allan Johnson. “The Social Construction of Difference” ( reader ) James Barrett and David Roediger. “How White People Became White” ( reader ) ***In Class: Race: The Power of an Illusion ( Part 3 ) Tues. 2/5Theories of Oppression David Rosenwasser and Jill Stephen. “Counterproductive Habits of Mind” ( extract from the text edition Writing Analytically. 5th Edition ) ( reader ) .

Tracy Ore. “Maintaining Inequalities: Systems of Oppression and Privilege” ( reader ) Rita Hardiman. Bailey Jackson. and Pat Griffin. “Conceptual Foundations” ( reader ) Thurs. 2/7White Privilege Joseph Harris. Rewriting. finish Chapter 1. pp. 24-27. “Assessing Uses and Limits” Peggy McIntosh. “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” ( reader ) Robert Jensen. “Introduction: Merely a Joke” + “Race Words and Race Stories” ( reader ) Tues. 2/12 Share Thoughts from Unit 1 / Begin Unit 2 Markus and Moya. “Doing Race” ( “Changing the Conversation. ” pp. 62-83 ) Paper 1 Due.

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