1 Identify the job: What is your rating of the MGI team’s procedures and results? The MGI squad was comprised of seven members. three of which were laminitiss: Sasha Gimpeison. Igor Tkachenko. Roman Yakub. Dav Clark. Alexander Jan Sartakov. Dana Soiman. Henry Tam Jr. The rating of the MGI squad refering procedures and results can be determined by analysing the five phases of squad development. The five phases are. organizing. ramping. norming. executing. and recessing. In organizing the phase. members were brought into the squad at different times. For illustration. Dav Clark was non introduced until the 3rd meeting. There were some struggles and confusion among the group members in the storming phase. The confusion about group functions arose when Sasha felt Dana and Henry were simply interns. Dav and Igor. the other squad members. saw Dana and Henry as strategic subscribers to the concern.

In the norming phase. the group normally starts to work together. struggle is reduced. and team assurance additions. However. in this instance. the squad failed to set up proper land regulations and values. non leting the squad to work successfully. There were still dissensions between Sasha. Henry and Dana. Since no information sing regulations and norms had been officially discussed in the norming phase. the jobs amongst the squad followed them to the acting phase. The acting phase was unsuccessful because the squad did non accomplish their end of completing their undertaking on clip. The concern program was non completed by the appropriated clip. In the concluding adjourning phase. due to the dissensions between group members. the undertaking of finishing the concern program was non accomplished in the allotted timeframe. 2. Identify the causes: What are the root causes of the team’s jobs? The root causes of the team’s failures came as a consequence of many factors. including the undertaking. the people and subgroups that formed. and deficiency of organisation.

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The undertaking was to make a concern program. nevertheless the squad did a hapless occupation of delegating functions for each member to finish and their brainstorming Sessionss were led in a disorganised mode. Through this instance. we besides saw the formation of subgroups in the signifier of Dana and Henry. who were doing the concern program. and Dav. Igor. and Sasha who worked on the proficient side of merchandise design. The laminitiss were Sasha. Igor. and Roman. With this being said. function elucidation was really hapless and team members did non use their accomplishments every bit good as they could hold with way. Group members took on larger functions than they could manage. as evidenced by Henry and Dana when they struggled to complete their work load. From an organisational point of view. there was no squad leader and therefore a deficiency of coherence within the squad.

The squad did a hapless occupation of doing determination and delegating functions. There was besides no system of feedback from which they could happen their mistakes and better from them. Valuess and norms were ne’er instilled in the squad. giving the MGI squad a hapless civilization to work in. Team members were seting mistake on each other. as seen by Igor and Roman faulting Sasha for disregarding gross revenues. while Sasha blamed Henry and others for non using his parts. Their self-seeking prejudice as they took recognition for good work but looked to fault others in tougher state of affairss alternatively of taking corporate duty. Their hapless communicating resulted in-group struggles and deficiency of coherence as a whole. 2 Evaluation: What are the strengths of the MGI squad?

The diverse squad at MGI was the biggest strength that the start-up possesed. MGI had confederates from many different backgrounds that provided many of the expertnesss and skill sets that they needed. The MGI squad had strengths when it came to musical and composing expertness. Roman and Igor provided musical accomplishments and developed proficient accomplishments associating to utilizing music in package. Roman and Igor were considered to be really originative and therefore performed the originative responsibilities of the merchandise development stage. Dana. Henry. and Sasha all had a backgrounds in concern. Dana. a 2nd twelvemonth HBS MBA pupil had some cognition in media experience. Henry. besides a 2nd twelvemonth HBS MBA pupil. had experience in merchandise development. Sasha. a HBS MBA alumnus. used his cognition to form MGI into a concern and besides provided fiscal abilities. obtaining investors twice.

Alex provided MGI with the Music Industry Market expertness that they needed to market the merchandise right. Dav was a MIT alumnus with package development experience. One of MGI’s other strengths was the thought of their merchandise. While Dav. commented that the plan needed technological aid. the design of the package game was first-class. Alex who had cognition of the industry was really impressed with the game and remarked that there was nil on the market rather like it. The creativeness and musical expertness that was incorporated into the game. gave MGI its largest strength. The MGI laminitiss shared a common ethnicity and friendly relationship that could be considered a strength. The laminitiss besides shared a dedication to making and set uping the start-up as a feasible company. Stemmed from the relationships that the laminitiss had with each other. the instance mentioned that none of them would go forth MGI when the company was down. This close knit group of friends can do issues in the workplace. but with the laminitiss being close friends they all approached their concern with the same degree of earnestness and dedication.

3 Evaluation: How would you hold evaluated the MGI squad “on paper” prior to their first meeting? Before the first meeting. on paper. the MGI squad looked both good and bad in different facets. Before the first meeting MGI consisted of Sasha. Igor. Roman. Dana. and Henry. This is a really diverse group of people all holding different countries of expertness. cognition. and accomplishments. Having a squad created from many different schools of idea can be an advantage when happening advanced thoughts. By holding a squad comprised of people from different countries of expertness. one would believe that MGI would hold a competitory advantage in making a product/company that would be really advanced and good developed in all the refering countries. Having a diverse squad besides poses issues associating to group coherence.

The most obvious possibility of bad group coherence is the mistake lines that could be created between the laminitiss and the HBS pupils. The three laminitiss were non merely long clip friends but besides immigrants to the US from the former Soviet Union. The possible mistake line that could split the squad is a serious factor when finding if this is a feasible squad. Due to the diverse set of cognition. experience. and backgrounds the MGI squad had the possibilities to be successful “on paper” . Prior to the first meeting the MGI team’s merely negatives would originate out of squad coherence and the ability to work together. 4 Evaluation: Are the differences among the squad members an plus or liability? Or Both? Explain. The differences among the squad members on the MGI squad are both an plus and a liability.

The proficient differences the MGI squad possesses. are the needed experience and cognition that would be needed to make a successful package based musical game. The proficient differences that the MGI squad has are the best plus to the squad. The cultural differences that the members of the MGI squad posses are a liability. The members of the squad all have really different ways that they participate in groups. Some of these differences lead to confrontations that create a win-lose dialogue type atmosphere with-in the squad. Aggressive civilization besides creates an environment where some members are non able to lend their thoughts. This aggressive behaviour lead Alex. to non talk up for the the deficiency of involvement in the aggressive meetings that occurred.

5 Identify possible solutions: What could Henry hold done earlier to avoid the team’s jobs? How would this hold affected the team’s processes or results? Henry could hold noticed that they lacked a leader. and no 1 on the squad had specific functions. A possible solution could be to set up who was CEO and have the CEO co-ordinate meetings and assign squad functions. A knowing wise man could hold helped the squad acquire passed many of the amateur jobs they faced.

Organized construction was besides needed to assist find single functions every bit good as functions for meetings. Major faultlines occurred between members in the MGI squad. the most serious lines were between the HBS pupils and the laminitiss of MGI. All of the members in these subgroups thought as one. There was no mixture of thoughts. but two groups colliding inside of a squad. Henry could hold broken that faultline by dividing the group he belonged to and being originative with other members. All members on the squad. every bit could hold solved the issues that destroyed the squad. MGI lacked a leader.

6 Identify possible solutions: At the terminal of the instance. what actions could Henry take? How would these actions affect the team’s processes or outcomes? The MGI squad had great makings to be an effectual squad. MGI did non do the deadline because of its deficiency of way and organisation. This could hold been nonexistent if one of the squad members would hold stepped up and took the function of leader. A leader is required to set all the diverse thoughts into context that can assist the squad make the ultimate end. When there is no leader everyone likes their ain thoughts and therefore those who are more aggressive control more of the procedures. Henry may hold non been the best leader out of everyone but person needed return on that function and facilitate advancement.

If MGI had a designated leader. he/she could do certain that squad members had functions and responsibilities they would be held responsible to. The leader could besides hold created undertaking deadlines to do certain that the squad met the competition deadlines. A leader would hold been able to concentrate the full team’s attempts towards a individual end.

7 Recommendation: At the terminal of the instance. based on your possible solutions. which action would you urge and why? How will you cognize if this action is effectual. Establishing a squad leader and seeking a believable wise man are two solutions that would pay dividends. The squad leader would assist maximise the group attempt by spliting undertakings consequently. deputing duties and organizing squad communicating. A squad leaders effectiveness will demo consequences sing group coherence and squad end product. The 2nd solution of a wise man could assist form the squad but most significantly give every group member person to look up to and esteem. Every group member would be humbled with this attempt assisting to let go of tenseness between ego’s.

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