As we find in the spiritual history that Prophet Abraham Ibraheem- Khalil-ullah was the uncle of Prophet Lut. Prophet Lut accepts the belief of Prophet Abraham ( Ibraheem- Khalil-ullah ) and move from Babylon to Egypt with Abraham. Again after some clip Prophet Abraham migrated towards Palestine from Egypt. When Prophet Abraham and Prophet Lut reached at the at the terminal of seashore of the Dead Sea, Prophet Abraham pray to Allah and direct Prophet Lut in the metropolis of Sodom in the costal boundary lines of Jordan to name upon the people to believe in Allah and put them on the right way, as per the bid of the Almighty Allah. Thus Prophet Lut after acquiring married becomes established down in the metropolis of Sodom.

The dwellers of this land were impious, bloody-minded, obscene and immoral as they were indulged into atrocious and immoral activities. They were socially and morally corrupt people. Their tradition was to throw rocks at the by passers. Once, a slave was sent by Prophet Abraham ‘s married woman, Sarah to the metropolis of Sodom to acquire information about the well-being of Prophet Lut. At the minute when the slave reached the metropolis a adult male hit him onto his caput by a rock it inflict a grave lesion and it started shed blooding after this the commuter adult male came and grabbed the neckband of the slave adult male and with several earnestness said, that this blood was some what infected one and if it had remained with in your organic structure it would hold been unsafe to you and because of this it is required, that you should give me some kind consideration for making this high favour. The hurt slave in first answer refused to pay whatever thing to that adult male. The issue was referred to the jurisprudence tribunal established at that land. Surely Judge decreed against the slave and asked him to pay the adult male for the problem he took for him. When the offended slave after the determination saw this improper manner of justness and fraud in the name of legal justness system, he take a hazardous opportunity and strike the individual who presume himself Judge with a rock and due to that hit the caput of the justice besides started shed blooding. At this the slave said to the Judge, that “ delight pay this adult male whatever is due to me for the job I took for you. ” Therefore we find that the people of Sodom or the people of Prophet Lut were morally really bad and guilty of such atrocious wickednesss the case of which was ne’er heard before in the human history. When we go through the Bibles of any of the Abrahahamic faith we find that these people were indulged in buggery ( homosexualism ) there are assorted poetries in the sanctum books about this offense committed by people of that land. Prophet Lut as we find from the historical analysis was a really dignified, righteous, glorious and graceful individual. He, after the supplication made by the prophesier Abraham to the Godhead Allah, started to talk to them about the jurisprudence of Unique God ( Allah ) , informing them of the penalty expecting to the evil people, and reding them and steering them to the manner of ceaseless cloud nine and pleasance. He did his uttermost to steer his people to give up their detestable wonts and execute baronial workss. But, these people of Sodom was under the control of the Satan, and they gone to the inordinate loss of the truth and the right way of morality, ethical debasement was so much, so that Prophet Lut ‘s spiritual discourse had no consequence upon these people. Under really tough fortunes Prophet Lut lived in that metropolis of morally corrupt people, therefore, the life of the prophesier Lut was with full of hurting and agonies. A long period of 30 old ages was utilized by the prophesier Lut but the people at big were against them. With the several attempts of prophesier Lut merely really few people accept and received the way, while the staying other were remained nauseatingly average and pass their lives in dark ignorance with vulgar activities. When they saw that Prophet Lut was often interfering with their personal businesss they decided to throw out him and his smattering of followings from the town. But Prophet Lut twenty-four hours and dark increased his attempts to convey the visible radiation of the truth to people and set them onto the right way and warned them non to astray off from the way of visible radiation to salvage their lives from the dark of ignorance and told them that the choler of Almighty God would some twenty-four hours surpass them without any other information. With the addition corruptness twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours, the agonies of prophesier Lut besides increased twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. The people of Sodom go onto the utmost bounds of suffering workss and ache the emotions of prophesier Lut. Prophet Lut became highly defeated with the disrespectful behaviour of the people of Sodom and so prophet Lut realized that these people are under the irresistible impulse of misgiving of Satan thy people were the group of unwise saps and farther without any consequence it was non proper to trail with them any longer. Prophet Lut so prays to Allah and raised his weaponries high to raise Allah to direct down onto them ( the indigens of Sodom ) His torment. The Almighty God ( Allah ) granted Prophet Lut ‘s supplications and Allah deputed His angels to penalize the stubborn people. Asa it is found in the Holy books foremost of all these three angels in the gloss of human existences called on Prophet Abraham in his house far off from the metropolis of Sodom. When Prophet Abraham meets them all ( angels ) thought that they were travellers who were go throughing by his house and who had come for some remainder prophesier Abraham welcome them with an unfastened bosom and served them with nicely cooked dishes but the angels did non even touch the nutrient as provided by the prophesier Abraham for their welcome. After seeing this Prophet Abraham got disquieted and nervous. After seeing this, the angels in the human visual aspect introduced themselves to the dignified Prophet ( Abraham ) and said, “ We are here and we pass on to you delighted information. By the polish of Allah, you will be blessed with a boy whose name will be Isaac. ” The angels besides told to the Prophet Abraham that the angels were on an of import celestial assignment of destructing the people of Prophet Lut and for that they were heading towards Jordan. When Prophet Abraham recognized his visitants his apprehensiveness vanished and he interceded with them so that Allah`s choler on Prophet Lut ‘s people might be condoned. But the angels in respond of Prophet Abrahamaˆ¦ said, “ Oaˆ¦ Prophet Abraham, You know or should cognize and better maintain off as Allah`s bid by now has been concluding and the harm of Prophet Lut ‘s people is a preset terminal. Merely the people of Prophet Lut`s household will remain safe except his married woman who is from amongst the transgressors and she will be corroded along with the remainder of the people of Sodom. ” After coming out from the house of Prophet Abraham, the angels assumed the figure of enormously attractive and young-looking gentleman individuals and reached Sodom and knocked the door of Prophet Lut ‘s house. Prophet Lut became much worried by seeing such beautiful individuals. On the one manus he with the regard desired to welcome them unfeignedly and be sociable with them and on the other manus he feared a great hazard as he knew the profaned province of head of the people of Sodom. There was no pick nowadays for Prophet Lut but to welcome them ( the angels ) in his house and take attention of them adequately. Equally shortly as the invitees had arrived at the house, the married woman of Prophet Lut ( Wahela ) informed to the people about the reaching of beautiful immature work forces in her house, to run into her hubby. On that all of them so swarmed round the Prophet Lut ‘s house and on path demanding to the Prophet Lut to manus over his visitants to them for their dark ‘s huge joy of basking the party of fine-looking immature work forces. Without cognizing what traveling to go on Prophet Lut pleaded with the people non to convey shame on him before the dignified visitants and advised them to take adult females folk ( girls of state ) as their lawfully married married womans and put an terminal to the violative pattern of homosexualism. But the people Sodom was non ready to pay any attentiveness to Prophets Lut`s imploration and flop into his house like the evil animals.

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The angels who had come to Prophet Lut realized the magnitude of the circumstance ; they exposed to Prophet Lut and said, “ O Lut! We are sent by Allah to protect you and your household ( follower ) and to penalize these people. ” The angels asked Prophet Lut to go forth the town and travel to a safe topographic point with his household people ( followings ) except his married woman so that the choler and Allah`s anguish might bechance onto these disobedient people. Angel Gabriel lifts his arm and the people who were bordering the house ( in an assaultive temper ) of the Prophet Lut became blindfold. In the average clip, with the guard of Godhead Prophet Lut and his followings left the metropolis of Sodom. When Prophet Lut along with his girls and followings had gone off to a safe topographic point out of the town, a atrocious temblor overtook the town and rocked the Earth in a terrific upside down gesture and thenceforth the people were hit down by pebble-stones. One should larn lesson, from such eventful episodes and seek to reform himself. The penalty of buggery in Islam is either to do both the persons crushed by conveying them under a wall and impacting it, to fall upon them or lapidate them to decease or to murder them.

Chapter: 1

The Quran and Homosexuality:

The glorious Quran is the book of Allah, the wise and worthy of the all the congratulations, who has promised to safeguard it from any misdemeanors in its pureness. It becomes incumbent upon each and every individual who seeks the self-respect of this universe and cloud nine of the afterlife to modulate his life harmonizing to it, to implement its commandments and to pay court to the impressiveness of the One Who revealed it.

Surat An- Nisaa: This sura closely related with the capable affair trades with the societal jobs which the Muslim community had to confront instantly after the war of Uhud. While the peculiar juncture made the necessity urgent, the rule laid down have for good governed Muslim jurisprudence and societal pattern. Broadly talking, the sura consist of two parts ; ( 1 ) that covering with adult females, orphan, heritage, matrimony and household rights by and large and ( 2 ) that covering with the recalcitrant in the larger household, the community at Madinah ; the dissemblers and their confederates. We find this sura ordains the decencies of household life should be enforced, adult females should be held in honor and their rights recognized in the matrimony, belongings, and heritage and this rule of goodness should be extended to all existences, great and little. The undermentioned poetries of this sura dealt with illegal sexual intercourse between two people work forces or adult females.

Surat An- Nisaa. Sura 4 verses14 to18 and 27, 28

And whosoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger ( Muhammad SAW ) , and transgresses His bounds, He will project him into the Fire, to stay therein ; and he shall hold a scandalous torture. ( Verse no.14 )

And those of your adult females who commit illegal sexual intercourse, take the grounds of four

informants from amongst you against them ; and if they testify, confine them ( i.e. adult females ) to houses until decease comes to them or Allah ordains for them some ( other ) manner. ( Verse no.15 )

And the two individuals ( adult male or adult female ) among you who commit illegal sexual intercourse, penalize

them both. And if they repent ( assure Allah that they will ne’er reiterate, i.e. commit illegal sexual

intercourse and other similar wickednesss ) and do righteous good workss, leave them entirely. Surely, Allah is Ever the One Who accepts penitence, ( and He is ) Most Merciful. ( verse no.16 )

Allah accepts merely the penitence of those who do evil in ignorance and folly and repent

Soon afterwards ; it is they to whom Allah will forgive and Allah is Ever AllKnower, AllWise. ( verse no.17 )

And of no consequence is the penitence of those who continue to make evil workss until decease faces one of

them and he says: “ Now I repent ; ” nor of those who die while they are nonbelievers. For them We

hold prepared a painful torture. ( verse no.18 )

Allah wants to accept your penitence, but those who follow their lecherousnesss, wish that you ( trusters )

Should divert enormously off from the Right Path. ( verse no.27 )

Allah wants to buoy up ( the load ) for you ; and adult male was created weak ( can non be patient to go forth sexual intercourse with adult female ) . ( verse no.28 )

Surat Al-Arafa: This Sura expounds the philosophy of disclosure and adult male ‘s spiritual history by the illustrations from Adam onwards, through assorted Prophetss, and the item of Moses`s battles, to the clip of the prophesier Muhammad, in whom Allah`s disclosure completed. The narrative of Noah and the inundation, and the narratives of Hud, Salih, Lot, and Shuaib, all point to the lesson that the Prophetss were resisted and rejected, but truth triumphed in the terminal, and immorality was humbled, for Allah`s program ne’er fails. The undermentioned poetries of Holy Quran narrate the narrative of the people of Lot who were indulging in wickedness of homosexualism and due to their evil pattern they suffer immense loses and gravious penalties ;

Surat Al- Arafa. Sura 7 poetries 78 to 84 and 201, 202

So the temblor seized them, and they lay ( dead ) , prostrate in their places. ( verse no.78 )

Then he [ Salih ( Saleh ) ] turned from them, and said: “ O my people! I have so conveyed to you

the Message of my Lord, and hold given you good advice but you like non good advisors. ( verse no.79 )

And ( retrieve ) Lout ( Lot ) , when he said to his people: “ Do you perpetrate the worst wickedness such as none preceding you has committed in the ‘Alamin ( world and jinns ) ? ( verse no.80 )

“ Verily, you practise your lecherousnesss on work forces alternatively of adult females. Nay, but you are a people offending beyond bounds ( by perpetrating great wickednesss ) . ( verse no.81 )

And the reply of his people was merely that they said: “ Drive them out of your town, these are so work forces who want to be pure ( from wickednesss ) ! ( verse no.82 )

Then We saved him and his household, except his married woman ; she was of those who remained behind ( in the torture ) . ( verse no.83 )

And We rained down on them a rain ( of rocks ) . Then see what was the terminal of the Mujrimun

( felons, polytheists, evildoers, etc. ) . ( verse no.84 )

Verily, those who are Al-Muttaqun ( the pious – ) when an evil idea comes to them from Shaitan ( Satan ) , they remember ( Allah ) , and ( so ) they so see ( aright ) . ( verse no.201 )

But ( as for ) their brothers ( the Satans ) they ( i.e. the Satans ) plunge them deeper into mistake, and they

ne’er halt short. ( verse no.202 )

Surat Hud: this sura pointed out the clemency of Allah upon those who follows the right way in this Sura emphasis is laid on the side which deals with justness and penalties of wickedness when all grace is resisted. Lot`s people were given to abominations ; Abraham pleaded for them, and Lot was sent out of them, but they went deeper and deeper into the wickedness and endure the punishment, The undermentioned poetries of Quran pointed out the manner Allah dealt with homophiles.

Surat Hud. Sura 11 poetries 69 to 83

And verily, there came Our Messengers to Ibrahim ( Abraham ) with sword lily tidings.They said: Salam

( salutations or peace! ) He answered, Salam ( salutations or peace! ) and he hastened to entertain them it a roasted calf. ( verse no.69 )

But when he saw their custodies went non towards it ( the repast ) , he felt some misgiving of them, and

conceived a fright of them. They said: “ Fear non, we have been sent against the people of Lout ( Lot ) . ( verse no.70 )

And his married woman was standing ( there ) , and she laughed ( either, because the Messengers did non eat

their nutrient or for being sword lily for the devastation of the people of Lout ( Lot ) . But We gave her sword lily

newss of Ishaque ( Isaac ) , and after him, of Ya’qub ( Jacob ) . ( verse no.71 )

She said ( in amazement ) : “ Woe unto me! Shall I bear a kid while I am an old adult female, and here is my hubby, an old adult male? Verily! This is a unusual thing! ( verse no.72 )

They said: “ Do you inquire at the Decree of Allah? The Mercy of Allah and His Blessings be on you, O the household [ of Ibrahim ( Abraham ) ] . Surely, He ( Allah ) is All-Praiseworthy, All-Glorious. ” ( verse no.73 )

Then when the fright had gone off from ( the head of ) Ibrahim ( Abraham ) , and the glad newss had reached him, he began to plead with Us ( Our Messengers ) for the people of Lout ( Lot ) . ( verse no.74 )

Verily, Ibrahim ( Abraham ) was, without uncertainty, forbearing, used to raise Allah with humbleness, and

was repentant ( to Allah all the clip, once more and once more ) . ( verse no.75 )

“ O Ibrahim ( Abraham ) ! Forsake this. Indeed, the Commandment of your Lord has gone away. Verily, there will come a torture for them which can non be turned back. ” ( verse no.76 )

And when Our Messengers came to Lout ( Lot ) , he was grieved on their history and felt himself

straitened for them ( lest the town people should near them to perpetrate buggery with them ) . He

said: “ This is a distressing twenty-four hours. ” ( verse no.77 )

And his people came hotfooting towards him, and since aforetime they used to perpetrate offenses

( buggery, etc. ) , he said: “ O my people! Here are my girls ( i.e. the girls of my state ) , they are purer for you ( if you marry them legitimately ) . So fear Allah and degrade me non as respects my invitees! Is at that place non among you a individual right-minded adult male? ” ( verse no.78 )

They said: “ Surely you know that we have neither any desire nor in demand of your girls, and

so you know good what we want! ” ( verse no.79 )

He said: “ Would that I had strength ( work forces ) to overmaster you, or that I could betake myself to some powerful support ( to defy you ) . ” ( verse no.80 )

They ( Messengers ) said: “ O Lout ( Lot ) ! Verily, we are the Messengers from your Godhead! They shall

non make you! [ ] So travel with your household in a portion of the dark, and allow non any of you look back, but your married woman ( will stay behind ) , verily, the penalty which will afflict them, will afflict her. Indeed, forenoon is their appointive clip. Is non the forenoon near? ” ( verse no.81 )

So when Our Commandment came, We turned ( the towns of Sodom in Palestine ) upside down, and rained on them rocks of adust clay, piled up ; ( verse no.82 )

Marked from your Lord, and they are non of all time far from the Zalimun ( polytheists, evil-doers, etc. ) . ( verse no.83 )

Surat AL- Hijr: The particular capable affair of this sura is the protection of Allah`s disclosure and Allah`s truth. Evil arose from pride and warping of man`s will, but Allah`s clemency is antidote, as was proved in the instance of Abraham and Lot, and might hold been proved by the people of the Aika and the Hijar if they have merely attended to Allah`s mark. The clemency of Allah to Abraham was conveyed by the same couriers that were sent to destruct the people of Lot for their indefinable offenses ; Evil brought its requital besides on the comrades of Wood ( Aika ) and of the bouldery Tract Hijr. The topic of homosexualism, its effects and the choler of the supreme Godhead in footings of penalty and expletive ordain in following poetries of this sura with narrative of whole narrative of Prophet Abraham and Prophet Lut.

Surat Al-Hijr. Sura 15 poetry 51 to 77

And state them about the invitees ( the angels ) of Ibrahim ( Abraham ) . ( verse no.51 )

When they entered unto him, and said: Salaman ( peace ) ! [ Ibrahim ( Abraham ) ] said: “ Indeed! We are afraid of you. ” ( verse no.52 )

They ( the angels ) said: “ Make non be afraid! We give you glad newss of a male child ( boy ) possessing much cognition and wisdom. ” ( verse no.53 )

[ Ibrahim ( Abraham ) ] said: “ Do you give me glad newss ( of a boy ) when old age has overtaken me? Of what so is your intelligence? ” ( verse no.54 )

They ( the angels ) said: “ We give you glad newss in truth. So be non of the despairing 1s. ” ( verse no.55 )

[ Ibrahim ( Abraham ) ] said: “ And who despairs of the Mercy of his Lord except those who are astray? ” ( verse no.56 )

[ Ibrahim ( Abraham ) once more ] said: “ What so is the concern on which you have come, O

Messengers? ” ( verse no.57 )

They ( the angels ) said: “ We have been sent to a people who are Mujrimun ( felons, nonbelievers, polytheists, evildoers ) . ( verse no.58 )

“ ( All ) except the household of Lout ( Lot ) . Them all we are certainly traveling to salvage ( from devastation ) . ( verse no.59 )

“ Except his married woman, of whom We have decreed that she shall be of those who remain behind ( i.e. she will be destroyed ) . ” ( verse no.60 )

Then, when the Messengers ( the angels ) came unto the household of Lout ( Lot ) . ( verse no.61 )

He said: “ Verily! You are people unknown to me. ” ( verse no.62 )

They said: “ Nay, we have come to you with that ( torture ) which they have been doubting. ( verse no.63 )

“ And we have brought to you the truth ( the intelligence of the devastation of your state ) and surely, we tell the truth. ( verse no.64 )

“ Then go in a portion of the dark with your household, and you go behind them in the rear, and allow no one amongst you look back, but go on to where you are ordered. ” ( verse no.65 )

And We made known this edict to him, that the root of those ( evildoers ) was to be cut off in the early forenoon. ( verse no.66 )

And the dwellers of the metropolis came joying ( at the intelligence of the immature work forces ‘s reaching ) . ( verse no.67 )

[ Lout ( Lot ) ] said: “ Verily! these are my invitees, so dishonor me non. ( verse no.68 )

“ And fear Allah and dishonor me non. ” ( verse no.69 )

They ( people of the metropolis ) said: “ Did we non prohibit you to entertain ( or protect ) any of the ‘Alamin

( people, aliens, aliens, etc. from us ) ? ” ( verse no.70 )

[ Lout ( Lot ) ] said: “ These ( the misss of the state ) are my girls ( to get married legitimately ) , if you must move ( so ) . ” ( verse no.71 )

Verily, by your life ( O Muhammad SAW ) , in their wild poisoning, they were rolling blindly. ( verse no.72 )

So As-Saihah ( torment – atrocious call, etc. ) overtook them at the clip of dawn ; ( verse no.73 )

And We turned ( the towns of Sodom in Palestine ) upside down and rained down on them rocks of adust clay. ( verse no.74 )

Surely! In this are marks, for those who see ( or understand or larn the lessons from the Signs of

Allah ) . ( verse no.75 )

And verily! They ( the metropoliss ) were right on the trunk road ( from Makkah to Syria i.e. the topographic point where the Dead Sea is now ) . ( verse no.76 )

Surely! Therein is so a mark for the trusters. ( verse no.77 )

Surat Al- Anbiya: This sura begins with the external obstructions placed by evil against such purification, and give the confidence of Allah`s power to support the work forces, exemplifying this with mention to Abraham`s battle against devotion, Lot`s battle against unfairness and failure to proclaim Allah`s glorification by doing full usage of man`s God-given modules and powers, that of occupation against restlessness and privation of ego assurance, that Ismail, idris, and Zal-kifl against privation of steady doggedness, that of Zun-nun against headlong choler, that of Zakariya against isolation, and that of Mary against the lecherousness of this universe. In each allusion there is a particular point about the psyche purification. The common point is that the Prophetss were non, as the nonbelievers suppose, merely resistless work forces. They had to win their land inch by inch against all sorts of opposition from immorality.

Surat Al-Anbiya. Sura 21 poetries 71, 74, 75.

And We rescued him and Lout ( Lot ) to the land which We have blessed for the ‘Alamin ( world

and jinns ) . ( verse no.71 )

And ( retrieve ) Lout ( Lot ) , We gave him Hukman ( right opinion of the personal businesss and Prophethood ) and ( spiritual ) cognition, and We saved him from the town ( common people ) who practised Al-Khaba’ith ( evil, wicked and foul workss, etc. ) . Verily, they were a people given to evil, and were Fasiqun ( rebellious, disobedient, to Allah ) . ( verse no.74 )

And We admitted him to Our Mercy, genuinely, he was of the righteous. ( verse no.75 )

Surat Al-Hajj: The capable affair of this peculiar sura is concerned with the religious deduction of the sacred House, the pilgrim’s journey the forfeits, endeavoring and contending in defence of truth when attacked and other Acts of the Apostless that make for unselfishness and uproot falsity. This sura pointed out the importance of the religious hereafter, and demand of soundness in religion: aid for the truth and the penalty for Evil. The motivating immorality may impede the work of Allah`s prophesier, but that work must prevail, and the clemency and truth of Allah must be established, hence serve Allah meekly, and will protect and assist you. A few poetries of this sura once more narrate the narrative of people of Lot and supply a lesson those who wilfully reject the Allah`s order.

Surat Al-Hajj. Sura 22 poetries 42, 43.

And if they belie you ( O Muhammad SAW ) , so were belied the Prophets before them, ( by ) the people of Nuh ( Noah ) , ‘Ad and Thamud, ( verse no.42 )

And the people of Ibrahim ( Abraham ) and the people of Lout ( Lot ) , ( verse no.43 )

Surat Al Furqan: This sura develops the contrast between light and darkness, as symbolical of cognition and ignorance, righteousness and wickedness, religious advancement and debasement. It closes with a definition of the workss by which the righteous are known in the environment of this universe.

Surat Al- Furqan. Sura 25 poetry 39, 40.

And for each of them We put frontward illustrations ( as cogent evidence and lessons, etc. ) , and each ( of them ) We brought to express ruin ( because of their incredulity and evil workss ) . ( verse no.39 )

And so they have passed by the town [ of Prophet Lout ( Lot ) ] on which was rained the evil rain. Did they ( nonbelievers ) non so see it ( with their ain eyes ) ? Nay! But they used non to anticipate for any Resurrection. ( verse no.40 )

Sura Ash- Shura: In this peculiar Sura we have the narrative of Moses in his battle with Pharaoh and of pharaoh discomposure. Other Prophetss mentioned are Abraham, Naoh, Hud, Salih, Lut, and shuib. The lesson is drawn that the Quran is a continuance and the fulfilment of old Revelation, and is pure Truth, unlike the poesy of conceited poets. In the poetries of this sura we find the responsibility onto the Prophetss as pointed with Lut ; as, Lut had to cover with indefinable offenses, and shuaib against dishonorable traffics and mischievousness ; their instruction was rejected, but the rejecters were wiped out.

Surat Ash-Shura. Sura 26 poetry 160 to 174

The people of Lout ( Lot ) ( those dwelt in the towns of Sodom in Palestine ) belied the Messengers. ( verse no.160 )

When their brother Lout ( Lot ) said to them: “ Will you non fear Allah and obey Him? ( verse no.161 )

“ Verily! I am a trusty Messenger to you. ( verse no.162 )

“ So fear Allah, maintain your responsibility to Him, and obey me. ( verse no.163 )

“ No wages do I inquire of you for it ( my Message of Islamic Monotheism ) , my wages is merely from the

Lord of the ‘Alamin ( world, jinns and all that exists ) . ( verse no.164 )

“ Travel you in unto the males of the ‘Alamin ( world ) , ( verse no.165 )

“ And leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your married womans? Nay, you are a trespassing

people! ” ( verse no.166 )

They said: “ If you cease non. O Lout ( Lot ) ! Verily, you will be one of those who are driven out! ” ( verse no.167 )

He said: “ I am, so, of those who disapprove with terrible choler and fury your ( this immorality ) action ( of buggery ) . ( verse no.168 )

“ My Godhead! Salvage me and my household from what they do. ” ( verse no.169 )

So We saved him and his household, all, ( verse no.170 )

Except an old adult female ( his married woman ) among those who remained behind. ( verse no.171 )

Then subsequently We destroyed the others. ( verse no.172 )

And We rained on them a rain ( of torture ) . And how immorality was the rain of those who had been

warned. ( verse no.173 )

Verily, in this is so a mark, yet most of them are non trusters. ( verse no.174 )

Surat An-Naml: This sura narrate the narrative of, the fire, the white manus, and the Rod, in the narrative of Mose ; the address of birds, the crowds, of Jinns and work forces pitted against a low emmet, and the Hoopoe and the Queen of Sheba, in the narrative of salih ; and the offense of wickedness with unfastened eyes in the narrative of Lot ; lead up to the lessons of true and false worship and miracles of Allah`s grace and disclosure. In this sura it is found that, Fools ascribe ailment luck to godliness as in salih`s narrative, or autumn into their lecherousnesss with their eyes open, as in Lut`s narrative ; but their secret plans and their fury will be foiled by Allah.

Surat An-Naml. Sura 27 poetries 54, 58

And ( retrieve ) Lout ( Lot ) ! When he said to his people [ ] . Make you perpetrate AlFahishah ( evil, great wickedness, every sort of improper sexual intercourse, buggery, etc. ) while you see ( one another making immorality without any screen, etc. ) ? ” ( verse no.54 )

“ Do you near work forces in your lecherousnesss instead than adult females? Nay, but you are a people who behave

senselessly. ” ( verse no.55 )

There was no other reply given by his people except that they said: “ Drive out the household of Lout ( Lot ) from your metropolis. Verily, these are work forces who want to be clean and pure! ” ( verse no.56 )

So We saved him and his household, except his married woman. We destined her to be of those who remained

buttocks. ( verse no.57 )

And We rained down on them a rain ( of rocks ) . So evil was the rain of those who were warned. ( verse no.58 )

Surat Al-Ankubat: This is a sura in which the growing of adult male as an person is considered, particularly illustrated by the manner in which the great prophesier were prepared for their work and have their mission, and the nature of disclosure in relation to there environments in which it was promulgated. In peculiar, accent is laid here on the necessity of associating existent behavior with the response of Allah`s disclosure, and mention is once more made to9 the narratives of Noah, Abraham, and batch among the Prophetss, and the narratives of Maidin, Ad, Thamud, and Pharaoh among rejecters of Allah`s massage. Lot`s people non merely rejected Allah`s message but publically defied him wickedness ; they found at that place worldly power as frail as a spider ‘s web.

Surat Al-Ankubat: Sura 29 poetries 28 to 35

And ( retrieve ) Lout ( Lot ) , when he said to his people: “ You commit Al-Fahishah ( sodomy the worst wickedness ) which none has preceded you in ( perpetrating ) it in the ‘Alamin ( world and jinns ) . ” ( verse no.28 )

“ Verily, you do sodomy with work forces, and rob the wayfarer ( travelers, etc. ) ! And rehearse Al-Munkar

( incredulity and polytheism and every sort of immorality wicked title ) in your meetings. ” But his people gave no reply except, that they said: “ Bring Allah ‘s Torment upon us if you are one of the truthful. ” ( verse no.29 )

He said: “ My Godhead! Give me triumph over the people who are Mufsidun ( those who commit great

offenses and wickednesss, oppressors, autocrats, troublemakers, corrupts ) . ( verse no.30 )

And when Our Messengers came to Ibrahim ( Abraham ) with the glad newss they said: “ Verily, we are traveling to destruct the people of this [ Lout ‘s ( Lot ‘s ) ] town ( i.e. the town of Sodom in Palestine ) genuinely, its people have been Zalimun [ wrong-doers, polytheists and disobedient to Allah, and have besides belied their Messenger Lout ( Lot ) ] . ” ( verse no.31 )

Ibrahim ( Abraham ) said: “ But there is Lout ( Lot ) in it. ” They said: ” We know better who is at that place, we will verily salvage him [ Lout ( Lot ) ] and his household, except his married woman, she will be of those who remain behind ( i.e. she will be destroyed along with those who will be destroyed from her common people ) . ” ( verse no.32 )

And when Our Messengers came to Lout ( Lot ) , he was grieved because of them, and felt straitened on their history. They said: “ Have no fright, and do non sorrow! Truly, we shall salvage you and your household, except your married woman, she will be of those who remain behind ( i.e. she will be destroyed along with those who will be destroyed from her common people ) . ( verse no.33 )

Verily, we are about to convey down on the people of this town a great torture from the sky, because they have been rebellious ( against Allah ‘s Command ) . ” ( verse no.34 )

And so We have left thereof an apparent Ayah ( a lesson and a warning and a mark the topographic point where the Dead Sea is now in Palestine ) for a common people who understand. ( verse no.35 )

Surat As-Saffat: This sura in which the licking of immorality is throughout connected with disclosure, and here the ranged battle is illustrated by mention to the angels in oasis and to the earlier Prophetss in our earthly history, from Noah to John. Peace and triumph came to Noah, Abraham, Moses and Aaron, Ilyas and Lut, in there struggle with Evil.

Surat As-Saffat: Sura 37 poetries 133 to 138

And verily, Lout ( Lot ) was one of the Messengers. ( verse no.133 )

When We saved him and his household, all, ( verse no.134 )

Except an old adult female ( his married woman ) who was among those who remained behind. ( verse no.135 )

Then We destroyed the remainder [ i.e. the towns of Sodom at the topographic point of the Dead Sea ( now ) in

Palestine ] . [ See the “ Book of History ” by Ibn Kathir ] . ( verse no.136 )

Verily, you pass by them in the forenoon. ( verse no.137 )

And at dark ; will you non so reflect? ( verse no.138 )

Surat Qaf: This peculiar sura is an entreaty to the natureand to the destiny of wicked peoples in the history, it removes as it were the head covering from the hereafter after decease.

Surat Qaf: Sura 50 poetries 11, 12, 13

A proviso for ( Allah ‘s ) slaves. And We give life therewith to a dead land. Thus will be the

Resurrection ( of the dead ) . ( verse no.11 )

Denied before them ( i.e. these heathens of Makkah who denied you, O Muhammad SAW ) the people of Nuh ( Noah ) , and the inhabitants of Rass, and the Thamud, ( verse no.12 )

And ‘Ad, and Fir’aun ( Pharaoh ) , and the brethren of Lout ( Lot ) , ( verse no.13 )

Surat Al-Qumar: the subject of the sura pointed the hr of opinion is near, but work forces forget or reject the message, as did the people of Noah, of thamud, of Lot, and of Pharaoh. Is at that place any that will have warning?

Surat Al-Qamar: The subject of this sura is explained by the chorus. “ Is at that place any that will have warning? Which occurs six times, at the terminal of each mention, to a past narrative of wickedness and rejection of warnings and in the entreaty to the simpleness of the Quran. There is an invitation to listen to the massage and truth and righteousness.

Surat Al-Qamar: Sura 54 poetries 32 to 64

And so, We have made the Qur’an easy to understand and retrieve, so is at that place any that will retrieve ( or have warning ) ? ( verse no.32 )

The people of Lout ( Lot ) belied the warnings. ( verse no.33 )

Verily, We sent against them a violent storm of rocks ( which destroyed them all ) , except the household of Lout ( Lot ) , whom We saved in last hr of the dark, ( verse no.34 )

As a Favor from Us, therefore do We honor him who gives thanks ( by obeying Us ) . ( verse no.35 )

And he [ Lout ( Lot ) ] so had warned them of Our Grasp, but they did doubt the warnings! ( verse no.36 )

And they so sought to dishonor his invitee ( by inquiring to perpetrate buggery with them ) . So We blinded their eyes, “ Then gustatory sensation you My Torment and My Warnings. ” ( verse no.37 )

And verily, an staying torture seized them early in the forenoon. ( verse no.38 )

“ Then gustatory sensation you My Torment and My Warnings. ” ( verse no.39 )

And so, We have made the Qur’an easy to understand and retrieve, so is at that place any that will retrieve ( or have warning ) ? ( verse no.40 )

And so, warnings came to the people of Fir’aun ( Pharaoh ) [ through Musa ( Moses ) and Harun

( Aaron ) ] . ( verse no.41 )

( They ) belied all Our Signs, so We seized them with a Seizure of the All-Mighty, All-Capable to transport out what he Will ( Omnipotent ) . ( verse no.42 )

Are your nonbelievers ( O Quraish! ) better than these [ states of Nuh ( Noah ) , Lout ( Lot ) , Salih ( Saleh ) , and the people of Fir’aun ( Pharaoh ) , etc. , who were destroyed ) ? Or have you an unsusceptibility ( against Our Torture ) in the Divine Scriptures? ( verse no.43 )

Or make they state: “ We are a great battalion, and we shall be victorious. ? ” ( verse no.44 )

Their battalion will be put to flight, and they will demo their dorsums. ( verse no.45 )

Nay, but the Hour is their appointive clip ( for their full recompense ) , and the Hour will be more

dangerous and more acrimonious. ( verse no.46 )

Verily, the Mujrimun ( polytheists, nonbelievers, evildoers, felons, etc. ) are in mistake ( in this universe ) and will fire ( in the Hell-fire in the Hereafter ) . ( verse no.47 )

The Day they will be dragged in the Fire on their faces ( it will be said to them ) : “ Taste you the touch of Hell! ” ( verse no.48 )

Verily, We have created all things with Qadar ( Divine Preordainments of all things before their

creative activity, as written in the Book of Decrees Al-Lauh Al-Mahfuz ) . ( verse no.49 )

And Our Commandment is but one, as the blink of an eye of an oculus. ( verse no.50 )

And so, We have destroyed your likes, so is at that place any that will retrieve ( or have

warning ) ? ( verse no.51 )

And each and everything they have done is noted in ( their ) Records ( of workss ) . ( verse no.52 )

And everything, little and large is written ( in Al-Lauh Al-Mahfuz already beforehand i.e. before it

befalls, or is done by its actor ( See the Qur’an V.57:22 ) . ( verse no.53 )

Verily, The Muttaqun [ ] ( pious ) , will be in the thick of Gardens and Rivers ( Paradise ) . ( verse no.54 )

In a place of truth ( i.e. Paradise ) , near the Omnipotent King ( Allah, the All-Blessed, the Most High, the Owner of Majesty and Honour ) . ( verse no.54 )

Surat At- Tahrim: The point dealt with here is: how far the turning off from the sex or the resistance of one sex against another or privation of harmoniousness between the sexes may wound the high involvement of the society. The weaknesss ofg the weaker sex should non turn away work forces from normal societal life: harmoniousness and common assurance should be taught and enforced, and Allah`s approval will fall on the virtuous.

Sura At-Tahreem sura no-66 poetry 10 & A ; 11

Allah sets forth an illustration for those who disbelieve, the married woman of Nuh ( Noah ) and the married woman of Lout

( Lot ) . They were under two of our righteous slaves, but they both betrayed their ( hubbies by

rejecting their philosophy ) so they [ Nuh ( Noah ) and Lout ( Lot ) & gt ; & gt ; & gt ; ] benefited them ( their respective

married womans ) non, against Allah, and it was said: “ Enter the Fire along with those who enter! ” ( verse no.10 )

And Allah has set forth an illustration for those who believe, the married woman of Fir’aun ( Pharaoh ) , when she said: “ My Godhead! Build for me a place with You in Paradise, and salvage me from Fir’aun ( Pharaoh ) and his work, and salvage me from the people who are Zalimun ( polytheists, wrong-doers and nonbelievers in Allah ) . ( verse no.11 )

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