Tradition, civilization and linguistic communication are indispensable elements of human civilisation and polish. I choose this subject because it is really interesting subject, I can speak about my faith that it is Islam, it means “ peace through the entry to God ” . This faith it was founded 622 CE in Mecca, Saudi Arabia it laminitis it is the prophesier Mohamed. The entire figure of Muslims are1.8 billion worldwide. In Islam they are are excessively many traditions such as the matrimony, the Ramadan and many more. The civilization brings us to the Torahs. The Torahs make the civilization the and thought of every Muslim and those elements are ever cause of battles and struggles. The adult females ‘s rights in Islam, adult females ‘s should be treated as a cherished stone but in my sentiment now twenty-four hours is no true some adult females are treated merely like a marionette who have to obey their hubby. Well taking this subject it refers to conflict and peace because all the Torahs and the wars that happens between states o merely Muslim adult females ‘s that manisfates over their right in European states.

Tradition, civilization, linguistic communication, peace and struggle

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As I said tradition, civilization and linguistic communication are essentials elements. There are many traditions in Islam such as the Ramadan it is the month where Muslims fast for over 30 yearss. During Ramadan Muslims eat twice a twenty-four hours, one when Sun rises and the other when Sun sets, harmonizing to Islam, Ramadan is a manner of demoing devotedness to god and is the clip when Muslims devote their psyche to god by praying. After the month of Ramadan is finish it occurs a jubilation that is eid -alfitr where Muslims recognize each other. To fast during Ramadan month it is obligatory to every Muslim. Culture in Islam is different in every Islamic state besides civilization it refers to dress up. The Islamic vesture such as the Hijab is a hardback that Muslim adult females normally wear to cover their hair and caput. The demands are compulsory for covering the hair, adult females should non to demo any bodily hair to work forces whom they are non related to. For illustration, Muslim adult females do non hold to cover their caput they can demo their hair to their male parents, hubbies, boies, male parents and other work forces who are specifically allowed.

The jurisprudence of have oning hijab is obligatory and in many states there are struggles because of the utilizing of the adult females ‘s utilizing the head covering, such as in France the contention against the scarf that sparked in 1989, where three Muslim pupils were suspended from a school because of the utilizing of the head covering. Between 1994 and 2003, 100s of female pupils were suspended for have oning the scarf. Till now there is many argues about this subject besides another states. Another job is the adult females ‘s rights in Islam they say we adult females ‘s are treated as a A?precious rockA? as I said in my sentiment now twenty-four hours is non like that. But in those twenty-four hours before Islam adult females ‘s where treated as slaves or a belongings. In times of war, adult females were treated as portion of the award and when in a household a miss was born it was a portion of humiliation they killed the female kids. For illustration in Quran poetry came for the people who were practising female infanticide

“ And when the intelligence of ( the birth of ) a female ( kid ) is brought to any of them, his face becomes dark, and he is filled with inward heartache! He hides himself from the people because of the immorality of that whereof he has been informed. Shall he maintain her with dishonour or bury her in the Earth? Surely, evil is their determination. ”

( An-Nahl 16:58-59 )

On the Day of Judgment, the Quran references:

“ And when the female ( infant ) buried alive ( as the heathen Arabs used to make )

shall be questioned. For what wickedness she was killed? ( At-Takwir 81:8-9 )

Now yearss, in my sentiment Muslim adult females ‘s are treated bad or they do n’t hold the right as the Islam says because of the society, particularly the work forces ‘s that they think they are truly butch to make everything they want and whatever they want. So we adult females are like their slaves we have to obey their orders because there is abuse violently.

Language, the Arabic is the cosmopolitan Muslim linguistic communication and besides the Quran it is written in this linguistic communication. The Ninety per centum of the universe ‘s Muslims do non talk Arabic as their native linguistic communication but yet in day-to-day supplications and when reading the Qur’an.

Peace on Islam it set ups assorted constitutes to accomplish peace in the universe such as the Equality of Mankind before God: All human existences are equal in the sight of God. Justice in all Fortunes: Meaningful peace can non be achieved without justness. Defence Readiness: Those who are inclined to peace go an object of onslaught by the wicked 1s if they fail to be after for their self-defense. Peaceful Disposition to Others: Moslems are commended to stretch the manus of friendly relationship to others among world and are forbidden to open belligerencies or get down aggression.Cooperation with others for the Good of Mankind: Muslimism recognizes the demand of cooperation among states and civilizations for the good of all. Those where how Islam Torahs help us accomplish in the peace universe.

Finally struggle, struggle in Islam is because of Torahs or merely by terrorist act. Terrorism was since 1970. the horrific and tragic events of 9-11 than the force attributed to Islam. There are people who are determined to paint terrorist act and Islam with the same coppice.


In decision I think that by researching, I learned more about my faith besides I expressed what do I experience or my sentiment towards the faith. By researching I found out that people are racist toward many faiths but people should be cult and cognize a spot of everything and non judge a individual or a faith without cognizing what is approximately.

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