In the 10th century the Catholic Church reached a point that it had power in the Northern and Western Europe but the church did n’t acquire the international blessing, many people criticized the church because they felt that the Catholic Church leaders cared less about the religious activities because they were more interested in the secular chases such as political power and wealth although the church made some reforms in the in-between ages but people still criticized it and one of these people that stood in the face of the Catholic church is martin Luther.

Martin Luther was born on the ten percent of November 1483, his parents wanted him to be a attorney alternatively he became a monastic and a instructor, from the twelvemonth 1512 till his decease he taught Bible in the university of Wittenberg in Germany he did n’t desire to take a spiritual revolution he merely wanted to be a good Christian but he ended up being the adult male that led the reformation against the church, he changed a batch of people lives by taking the reformation, he besides challenged the highest opinion people in Germany, he stood in their faces to set an terminal to its improbable behavior against the people that live under the theocracy.

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Causes that started the reformation:

By the twelvemonth 1500 the forces of the Catholic Church is weakened the Renaissance started to demo the layman and the church was separately challenged, the printing imperativeness helped to distribute this secular thoughts to the remainder of Germany, people and swayers began to dispute the church because they saw it as an advantage to acquire rid of the church power and to take its wealth. The critics said that the leaders of the church were un worthy of governing and they were corrupt in a manner that the Catholic Popes who ruled during the Renaissance period were more interested in humanistic disciplines and pass a batch of money on personal pleasance instead than assisting people that are in demand of money, some of the Catholic Popes were excessively busy pursing worldly pleasance to hold clip for religious responsibilities, the lower clergy besides had jobs most of the priests and the monastics were uneducated, they barley can read from the bible and to learn other people how to read, they besides broke their vows between them and god, some of them got married and some drank for pleasance and some gambled. In the twelvemonth 1300s and 1400s toilet Wycliffe and Jan Hus stood in the manner of the church claiming that the Catholic Pope do non hold worldly power, and the Bible has more authorization than the Catholic Popes do, subsequently a batch of people started to read about the spiritual plants and organizing their ain sentiment about the church. The ambiance in Europe was ripe for reform in the early 1500.

Luther challenges the church:

In the twelvemonth 1517 Luther wanted to take a base against Johan Tetzel the adult male that was raising money in an improbable manner to reconstruct St. Peter ‘s cathedral in Rome, he did it in a manner that he started selling indulgence to the people of Rome, unluckily Tetzel gave the people the feeling that by indulgence they are purchasing their manner to heaven and all of their wickednesss are washed off. Disturbed by the actions of Tetzel in response to what he is making Luther wrote down the 95 thesis or the formal statement assailing the forgiveness merchandisers. On the October 31 1517 Luther published the 95 thesis and he besides invited bookmans to debate him, after posting the 95 thesis on the door of the castle church in Wittenberg person copied Luther ‘s words and took it to a printing imperativeness and it started to spread out all over Germany, Luther ‘s name was so known all over Germany and it was the clip the reformation took topographic point and it is all about rejecting the power of the Catholic Pope. Luther went from knocking the church to his good known instructions and they are: 1 ) Peoples could win redemption merely by religion in God ‘s gift of forgiveness. 2 ) All the church instruction should be clearly taken and based on the words of the bible non like the Catholic Pope he was more interested in worldly pleasances than religious, this is a good ground that immature priests could barley read. 3 ) All people with religions are equal so there is no demand for priest to construe the Bible for them and there will be no demand for the priests to give them prevarications and how they can come in heaven by paying a certain sum of money.

The response:

As Luther ‘s thoughts spread, a batch of people received a positive reaction to what he is making, a batch of people in Germany had been unhappy with the church for political and economic ground ; they besides saw that Luther ‘s protest was a manner to dispute the church. Soon the church functionaries could non step aside and let Luther to knock them without any sever effects they merely claimed that Luther is a rebellious monastic that means that he went against the Catholic church and its leaders and he needs to be punished by his higher-ups, after a piece when Luther ‘s thoughts became popular all over Germany, the Catholic Pope realized that he is a serious menace to the church, Martin Luther even encouraged the Christians to drive the Catholic Pope out of the church by force. In 1520 Catholic Pope Leo X he threatened Luther with Excommunication if he did non take back the words he said about the church and the thoughts that influenced a batch of people and made them turn against the church, Luther denied and he did n’t give any attending to the menace that was sent to him but shortly he was excommunicated. Not merely the Catholic Pope that was against Luther ‘s instructions but besides the holy Roman Emperor Charles the fifth he controlled a huge imperium including the many German provinces, 1521 Luther was summoned to the town of worms to stand test or take back the statements that he issued and claimed against the church and its followings, Luther refused, after a month Charles issued an imperial order the edict of worms, it declared that Luther is an criminal and no 1 in the province is supposed to supply him with nutrient or shelter, but there is a adult male that disobeyed the order of the Emperor he is the wise prince Fredrick of Saxony, for about a twelvemonth he sheltered him in one of his palaces and Luther took the clip to interpret the new testament of the bible to German linguistic communication, he was the first to interpret the Bible in Germany. In the twelvemonth 1522 Luther made his return to Wittenberg he found out that his thoughts were already put to pattern, alternatively of seeking reforms in the Catholic Church Luther and his followings became a separate spiritual group called the Lutherans. Not all people stayed under the influence of Martin Luther like the provincials they revolted against Luther thoughts because they demanded an terminal to the serfhood, provincials went about the state side and started a public violence destroying, plundering and combustion, Luther felt horrified of the rebellion so he wrote the princes of Germany non to demo clemency against the provincials, experiencing betrayed the provincials rejected Luther ‘s leader ship and that was the terminal of the provincial ‘s rebellion. A war interruptions out in Germany and many princes supported the Lutherans and some of them did it because of economic and political grounds, the ground behind back uping Luther because they saw his instructions as an opened chance to take control of the churches wealth and to asseverate their independency from Charles the fifth. In the twelvemonth 1529 some of the German princes remained loyal to the Catholic Pope and the emperor Charles the fifth, while the staying princes supported Martin Luther ‘s thoughts they were called the Protestants and that prefix is applied to the Christian people who belonged to non-Catholic church. Martin Luther was still determined that his topics should stay Catholic ; Charles the 5th went to war with the so called Protestant ‘s princess. After the war Charles crushed them and he won the conflict in the twelvemonth 1547, after get the better ofing them in the war, he failed to coerce them back into the Catholic Church. Charles was weary of contending so in the twelvemonth 1555 he ordered all the German princes, both Protestants and the Catholic to piece in the metropolis of Augsburg. At that clip the princes agreed to subscribe that every one of them would make up one’s mind the faith of his province, the celebrated spiritual colony that took topographic point in 1555 in Augsburg was called the peace of Augsburg.

The terminal of Luther ‘s bequest

Martin Luther escaped martyrdom, and died of natural causes. His last written words were, “ Know that no 1 can hold indulged in the Holy Writers sufficiently, unless he has governed churches for a hundred old ages with the Prophetss, such as Elijah and Elisha, John the Baptist, Christ and the apostles… We are mendicants: this is true. ” ( 1 )

In decision we see that Martin Luther the leader of one of the greatest spiritual rebellion leaders in history claimed that he would non let himself to populate under swayers that are so found of themselves and their secular desires, Martin Luther shows us that he ne’er gave up no affair the effects are he rejected the Catholic Pope when he threatened him and he stood in the face of the most superior swayer in Germany Charles the fifth the adult male that crushed the Protestants with his ground forces and he besides called out the princes of the Catholic and the Protestants and he called it the peace of Augsburg. Luther left a great influence on his people and he did a batch to alter their lives, he stood in the manner that he stood in the face of Catholic Pope and the Catholic church and the Emperor Charles the fifth to take down the improbable swayers of the church, the manner the Catholic Popes used to govern and he besides taught the people the good usage of the bible and its safe ways and non to be deceived by the likes of toilet Tetzel the adult male that deceived the people by stating them they can purchase their manner to heaven by giving him money and his lone end was to reconstruct the church. Martin Luther was a adult male of turning points in Germany and the remainder of Europe.

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