Superstitions are really common. A superstitious individual, cognizing that there is something higher than he can non command, believes in the being of supernatural forces. Superstition arose from a sense of impotence to do contact with God. Therefore, a adult male creates his ain faith in which he tries to see certain and clear logic of supernatural forces around him or act upon them through his ain behaviour.

Superstition is a credulous impression, which is a belief in a anticipation of our hereafter and an impact on it through the usage of any supernatural forces. It contains an premise, frequently unconscious, that with the aid of these forces it is possible to accomplish a via media, which is acceptable for a adult male.

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Superstition normally manifests itself in reduced signifiers of a ritual at the behavioural degree: the usage of mascots, tattoos, charming gestures, etc. A particular topographic point occupies different marks and superstitious beliefs: certain events are attributed to predictive significance.

There are four chief types of superstitious notions that include:

Pagan superstitious notions, which are straight connected with a heathen anti-Christian worldview. They have their beginnings in the polytheistic faiths that deny the being of God, and reject the Creator of the universe ;

Occultism, in bend, elevates to a divinity some concealed forces, and attributes them the ability to alter a individual ‘s life ;

Folk superstitious notions differ from heathen 1s that they do non stand for a holistic heathen worldview, but exist fragmentarily and individually, non included in any complete system of the universe mentality ;

Ecclesiastical superstitious notions are expressed in the usage of spiritual rites in heathen rites or frailty versa.

The illustrations of superstitious notions in American civilization are the undermentioned 1s:

Some common good fortune superstitious notions:

You will acquire good fortune, if you take your base on your shadow ;

If you find a horseshoe that was lost by person, it will convey you good fortune ;

You will hold good fortune, if you find a trefoil with four foliages.

Some common bad luck superstitious notions:

The household will fall badly, if a cat sneezes no more than three times ;

If a black cat crosses your route, it brings you bad fortune ;

You will hold bad fortune, if you spill salt.

Religion is a particular signifier of the universe ‘s consciousness, caused by the belief in the supernatural forces, which include a set of moral norms and behaviours, rites, cult actions and unite people in an organisation ( for illustration, a church or a spiritual community ) .

In add-on, faith is a adult male ‘s worldview ( or a certain group of people ) , which is based on the belief in something supernatural, unaccountable. In every faith, there are certain regulations of behaviours to be followed by the disciples, every bit good as the intent for which people follow the dogmas of that faith.

In this portion of the paper, allow us discourse and explicate two different types of faiths, such as Catholicism and Protestantism.

Catholicity: the religion is based on the Bible and Holy Tradition, which includes edicts of the Ecumenical Councils. Celibacy is mandatory for priests and bishops. A mark of the cross most frequently is executed by five fingers as a symbol of the five lesions of Christ. Catholics believe that the dead return place and sometime see their life relations in a twenty-four hours of memorialization. Peoples, who are stingy to the funeral meal, are punished by loss of cowss, fire, etc. There is a usage to paint eggs at Easter, every bit good as to bake bars. Then these bars are sanctified, and they are considered to be a symbol of this vacation. When people swim in an ice-hole during Epiphany, it helps him to be cleansed of his wickednesss. It is prohibited to sear the underside of the taper when it is inserted into a candle holder. It is motivated as follows: “ Therefore, a individual burns the pess of Christ. ”

Protestantism: Protestants believe that a individual can have forgiveness of wickednesss by a religion in Jesus Christ ( by a religion in His decease for the wickednesss of all people and in His Resurrection from the dead ) . The Bible is the most supreme and concluding authorization on all issues impacting the world in its development. In add-on, Protestants do non see any point in supplications for the dead, saints, and many vacations in their award. Protestants, in comparing with other Christians, pay really much attending to “ talking in linguas ( glossolalia ) ” ( they consider it to be a mark of “ Baptism of the Holy Spirit ” ) , and to other gifts of the Holy Spirit, such as the gift of healing and prognostication.

There is no uncertainty that there are some differences and similarities between superstitious notion and faith. Let us discourse superstitious notion and faith from the point of view of an emic and etic prospective. Different faiths are born with the aid of people ‘s religion in something supernatural. They pass this belief on from one coevals to another within their household. For case, we can frequently hear that different unwellnesss of a spiritual individual were cured with the aid of many supplications. The unwellness disappeared by the consequence of a supplication. In fact, there are no logical and right accounts about this event. The spiritual people can name it a miracle. In bend, some philosophers would call it superstitious notion.

Superstition is influenced by some irrational beliefs, such as the fear of different things, black cats. The things of this nature is a curious fright that people believe and carry that if they face with those things, that likely something unhappy and bad will impact them. Therefore, it can be considered to be a faith, but it is a sort of false and wrong worship.

Ethnocentrism is a position of society, in which a certain group is cardinal, and all other groups are compared and related to it. Levine and Campbell emphasized that “ the attitudes include seeing one ‘s ain group ( the in-group ) as virtuous and superior, one ‘s ain criterions of value as cosmopolitan, and out-groups as contemptible and inferior ” ( qtd. in Hammond and Axelrod 926 ) . Cultural relativism is opposite to ethnocentrism. The footing of cultural relativism is the averment that members of one societal group can non understand the motivations and values of other groups, if they analyze these motivations and values harmonizing to their ain civilization.

In drumhead, it is possible to reason that both superstitious notion and faith are powerful impressions, even if they have some similarities between each other, they are non common things and act and run individually and independently from each other.

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