My Qualifications

I received a BA grade in Psychology from Lehman College University at NY in May 2003. I so received a Maestro of Science grade in Reding Psychology from Capella University in May 2012. I presently am using for the License Professional Counselor Associate.

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The Counseling Procedure

Peoples come to reding because they want something to be different in their lives. They may desire to alter their personal or household state of affairs, work out a peculiar job, or merely convey a healthier balance to their lives. The reding procedure can be fun and exciting. It can besides, at times, be really ambitious, hard and even painful. However, the end will ever be to convey about some positive alteration.

Your Rights and Duties

You have the right to inquire me to explicate my grounds for doing certain recommendations or for utilizing certain processs. You besides have the right to decline to follow these recommendations, and/or to end the guidance procedure at any clip and for any ground. I have the right and ethical duty to end guidance and offer a referral to another counsellor if you choose non to follow my recommendations. Either of us may bespeak a concluding session to discourse the grounds for expiration, and to make up one’s mind on an appropriate referral if desired. Please inform me if you are seeing another counsellor or mental wellness professional during the class of our work together, so that we may supply consistent intervention for you. You have the right to confidentiality in the guidance relationship as described in the following subdivision.


The guidance procedure is a confidential 1. Even when the client is under the age of 18, the inside informations of what happens in therapy can non go forth the session. I will promote unfastened communicating when deemed necessary and will supply parents with counsel and support ; nevertheless it is counterintuitive to intervention for inside informations of a child/adolescent session, partner session, etc. , to be revealed to other household members. It is besides counterintuitive to intervention for a household member to inquire a client about the inside informations of a session. There are some fortunes in which confidentiality can non be maintained. Those state of affairss include when the client is at hazard of injury to self or others, when there has been revelation of maltreatment and/or disregard, when a tribunal asks for records, or when information disclosed in a session involves condemnable activity that must be reported to jurisprudence enforcement. In all other fortunes, the client or legal guardian must subscribe consent for release of information to authorise communicating with outside parties.

Attendance/Cancellation Policy

Our work can merely be effectual with committedness and continuity. If you must call off a scheduled assignment, delight inform me no subsequently than 24 hours before the assignment. You will be responsible for payment for any lost assignments, except in the instance of personal exigency. Please be on clip for your scheduled Sessionss, as other clients may hold assignments with me instantly following yours. Note that if you are late, the session will still stop on clip, and you will still be responsible for full payment.


I presently accept Medicaid and a little figure of private insurances that will be disclosed upon petition. In the event that you do non hold a signifier of insurance that is accepted by me, I charge $ 125 for the consumption session and $ 100/hr for each subsequent 50 minute session ( single, household, and twosomes ) . If go toing a group, the fee for the full group will be disclosed prior to intake and payment will be required in full before the 2nd group meeting. In the event that a cheque is returned unpaid, hard currency payments will be required. I am unable to accept recognition card payments at this clip.


If you are non satisfied with my services, I encourage you to show those concerns to me. If you are non satisfied with the response, follow the instructions for registering a ailment with the North Carolina Board for Licensed Professional Counselors at hypertext transfer protocol: //

North Carolina Board of Licensed Professional Counselors
PO Box 1369
Garner, NC 27529
Telephone: 919.661.0820
Facsimile: 919.779.5642
Electronic mail: [ electronic mail protected ]

Credence of Footings

We agree to these footings and will stay by these guidelines.

Client: ___________________________________________________ Date: ___________

Counselor: ________________________________________________ Date: ___________

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