Noah: The individual righteous adult male of his clip and the builder of the “ Ark ” : Ibrahim: First of God ‘s “ chosen people, ” from whom Jacob: Isaac ‘s boy ; Benjamin: The youngest of Jacob ‘s boies.

Major events:

God creates the existence ( Gen. 1-2 )

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Adam and Eve removed from the Garden of Eden because they disobeyed God ( Gen 3: 14-19 )

Cain kills his brother Abel ( Gen. 4:1-15 )

Noah builds an Ark to salvage his household and two of each animate being on Earth from the coming of the inundation ( Gen. 6-9 )

Peoples from all part come together to construct the tower of Babel in an effort to see God ( Gen. 11:1-9 )

The metropolis of Sodom and Gomorrah is destroyed because they turned off from God ( Gen. 18-19 )

God tells Abraham to give his boy, Isaac ; Isaac life spared because of Abraham ‘s fidelity ( Gen. 22 )

In a dream, Jacob sees a ladder to Heaven ( Gen. 28:10-17 ) ; in the dream, God says Jacob gives boy Joseph to great power ( Gen. 37:1-4 )


A. Abraham to Moses

Book: Genesis ( 12-50 )

III. Exodus ( 1445-1406 )

God usage Moses to present Hebrewss from bondage ; establishes the Tabernacle ( collapsible shelter ) as a topographic point of worship

Major events:

Hebrewss enslaved ( Ex.1 )

Moses ‘ life and readying for service ( Ex. 2:1-3:6 )

God speaks through the combustion shrub, inquiring Moses to take the Israelites ( Ex. 3:1-6 )

Egyptians force the male monarch to let go of the Hebrewss from bondage ( Ex. 7-12 )

Passover instituted when God spares the Hebrewss from the pestilences by holding them place lamb blood over their door manner ( Ex. 12 )

Red Sea parted by God to let the Israelites to safety ( Ex. 14-15 )

God introduce the 10 Commandment ( Decalogue ) to Moses on Mount Sinai ( Ex. 19-20 )

The Tabernacle ( collapsible shelter ) is planned and built ( Ex. 35-40 )

Books: Exodus, Numbers, Leviticus, Deuteronomy

VI. CONQUEST OF CANAAN ( 1406-1390 )


Joshua led the people in a conquering to Canaan that lasted for many old ages. The Walls of Jericho came down after he and his people walked around them to acknowledge them into the holy land. Eleazar: Aaron ‘s 3rd boy who succeeded his male parent as high priest

Major events:

Invasion of Canaan by the Israelites ( Josh. 1-5 )

The wall at Jericho autumn after an angel of the Lord tells Joshua how to win the conflict ( Josh. 6 )

Canaanite male monarchs from the South are defeated, the Sun stands still ( Josh. 10-11 )

Canaan divided among folks of Israel, metropoliss of safety established ( Josh. 13-22 )

Joshua ‘s farewell addresses an history of his decease ( Josh. 23-24 )

Book: Joshua

V. TIME OF JUDGES ( 1376-1050 )


Deborah: Judge who fought with the Hebrewss in the conflict against the Canaanites ; Barak: Called by Deborah to take the army – agreed merely if she went with him ; Gideon: Judge of Israel instrumental in get the better ofing the Midianites ; Samson: Judge of Israel for 20 old ages whose efforts of strength were legendary ; Delilah: Philistine adult female who found the beginning of Samson ‘s strength ( his hair ) and betrayed him to the Philistine

Major events:

The people relapse into devotion, Israel is oppressed ; civil war is waged ( Judges 3-16 )

Gideon uses a fleece to be certain of God ‘s will ( Judges 6:36-40 )

Delilah betrays Samson ( Judges 16:1-21 )

Israel ‘s Dark Age begins: Anarchy and confusion are the norm because of the people ‘s moral oversights ( Judges 17-21 )


Judges Ruth 1 Samuel 1-7

VI. UNITED KINGDOM ( 1050-931 )

Monarchy Established- “ Samuel, a combination of priest, prophesier, soldier and politician, anoints Saul as male monarch and therefore creates the Israelites monarchy ( History of the Bible 2009 ) . ”


1 Samuel 8-30 2 Samuel Kings 1-11 1 Histories

2 Histories 1-9

David- The monarchy merely genuinely saw an constitution when David took the throne with a strong manus and head



Solomon- Solomon though a wise adult male and male monarch was the 1 to see the diminution of the


Ecclesiastes Proverbs Song of Solomon


A. Leaders- “ The Prophetss began to face Israel in the yearss of the divided monarchy, indicting the people for failure to mind the moral demand of God and for neglecting to protect the weak in society. Their warnings of day of reckoning came to go through as Israel fell before the imperial might of Assyria and Babylon. Faithful adherents of the Prophetss guarded their prophets, even supplementing them, long after their Masterss had passed from the scene ( Encyclopedia, 2005 )

Israel Elijah Elisha Judah



1 Kings 12-22 2 Kings 1-17 2 Chronicles 10-29 Isaiah Hosea Joel Amos Obadiah Jonah Micah


Judah Remains


2 Kings 18-25 2 Chronicles 30-36 Jeremiah Nahum Habakk Zephaniah


This is the Era the Jews were cast out of Palestine


Ester Ezekiel Daniel

Ten. RESTORATION ( 538-400 )

The Jews return to Palestine and live in a war for about 2000 old ages since


Ezra Nehemiah Haggai Zechariah Malachi


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