Huston Smith is concerned about the many faiths and the different attacks used in worship. Heed should be taken into history in order to listen and suit the types of worship in different faiths. Smith emphasized that it is non to be read as a survey book of history faith, but the reader should hold an unfastened head while reading this book as it is non his purpose to look down any faith because it is a book of political orientation.

Smith was limited to his survey due to the fact that spiritual survey as a whole is a really broad topic and he would n’t be able to set his points across in a more clearer manner if he did non restrict his survey because within the same faith there is grounds of other smaller groups that deviate in the manner they worship.

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What does he state he ‘s seeking to make in the book?

He is seeking to indicate out major issues within the different spiritual groups by giving many but limited descriptive patterns in major faiths as he describes it to be a book of ethical motives.

Why does he believe this is of import?

He did non desire to perplex affairs for his readers but sort of spring an overview to fit each reader a significant sum of information in respects of other faiths than their ain. He points out that he has no purposes to justice and he is less concerned on the position of each faith being superior to another. But he prefers to give an lineation that is would fit the reader with wisdom and the sort of addition one can acquire by larning about other faiths ‘ than their ain.

How make his attitudes about the different faiths in the universe differ from your ain?

Smith ‘s attitude towards other faith is more sophisticated than my ain, for I have ne’er considered knowing or larning about other faiths because of the premise that they are decidedly incorrect in what they believe.

Part B

How has the survey of faith in the universe come about historically?

Historical Scholars such as Herodotus and The Stoics studied faith in a comparative mode to their ain beliefs.

How do you believe that might impact how we go about it?

Comparing our ain beliefs to those that differ from what we pattern, has both some positive and negative elements that can impact our ain apprehension of other faiths. The historical survey of faith should assist us hold a more unfastened attack on how to travel about our ain survey in these modern times.

What do you see as the strengths and failings of the phenomenological attack?


We can happen out and derive more accomplishments by using this attack its description is easy to understand and it is popularly used.

One can derive effectual acquisition by utilizing this attack.


It can do bias particularly to the committednesss of one ‘s ain religion.

One can neglect to be truly nonsubjective.

Make you hold with it as a manner of nearing other faiths?

I do agree with the phenomenological attack to analyze other faiths because it would assist me non to pull decisions on simply what I assume but would assist me to acquire more apprehension of the patterns of other faiths that differ from my ain.

What do you understand as the cardinal differences between the confessional attack and the empathic attack?

Cardinal differences are: One tries to convert the other that the incorrect in a more indirect mode whereas with the empathic attack one seems to subject to another individual ‘s belief.

Which do you believe best corresponds to your ain?

The empathic attack corresponds to my ain, because I would wish one to esteem and honour my ain beliefs and would in return like to use that attack nevertheless much I know that they are incorrect in what they believe.

What are the chief points Smart makes about the historical beginnings of faith?

Smart points out that our ascendants must hold been involved in some type of worship harmonizing to the entombment patterns which might hold pointed to a belief of life after decease.

They might besides hold been a belief in liquors as links to shamanism is apparent.

The show of pictures and symbols found on stones and caves from the Stone Age adult male are besides a possible hint harmonizing to Smart.

He assumes the usage of thaumaturgy which he compares to science in this age was widely practiced and that those early worlds must hold recognized strong associations with diverse forces because of ritual patterns.

Make you hold with them?

I do agree with those points because world ‘s quest for God has gone on for a really long clip harmonizing to bookmans.

Assignment 2

How would you explicate the cardinal constructs of samsara, karma, and moksa,

Hinduism consists of two of import beliefs known as “ karma ” and “ samsara ” . Karma represents a individual ‘s actions either good or bad, which contributes and find their hereafter. Samsara on the other manus is a construct of metempsychosis or reincarnation that a individual carries on in their following life and this would find their place in the following life. For illustration if one dies, and has had a good karma regardless of holding been in a low caste he would upgrade to a higher caste in their samsara and frailty versa. After the person ‘s samsara they are released to populate in their following life and this procedure is called “ moksa ” .

Assignment 3

To what extent is the look “ Abrahamic Religions ” with mention to Judaism, Christianity and Islam more appropriate than the look “ Semitic monotheism ” ?

“ Semitic monotheism ” consists of many other people who believe in one God but non being talkers of the Semitic linguistic communications hence they do non belong to Abraham ‘s line of descent. The look “ Abrahamic Religions ” gives an exact significance in respects to the description of the beginning of Judaism, Christianity and Islam who all are Abraham ‘s posterities.

How of import are the five pillars for Islam and how do they exemplify some of the basic theological constructs?

The five pillars for Islam consist of ; ( Salat ) supplication five times a twenty-four hours confronting the Ka ‘bah, ( Sawm ) daily fasting forbearing from nutrient, drinks and sexual patterns throughout the month of Ramadan, ( Hajj ) pilgrim’s journey to Mecca at least one time in a truster ‘s life clip and ( Zakat ) the paying of alms to the hapless and charitable causes. But the first 1 is ( Shahada ) the responsibility of committedness which requires a Muslim to declaim the ‘Credo ‘ in public which says, “ There is no God but God, and Mohammed is his courier ” . The belief in one God is on its ain is one of the basic theological construct of Islam and the most of import component in Islam which means that creative activity of all things originated from God. Therefore, to a Muslim God set up all things and human existences are responsible for their ain ways of life either good or bad and will hold to be accountable for it on ‘The twenty-four hours of Judgment ‘ .

Identify the cardinal points Huston Smith makes about


Jihad is refered to as a holy war where Muslims battle in their defence, and argue that the westerner histories have wrongly labeled Jihad as a overzealous pattern. But from an Islamic point of position, it can be compared to a Christian war which is besides known as a holy war because those who die in such a war are known as sufferer similar to those who die in a Jihad.


Work force keep the upper manus to adult females. Womans are supposed to get married when they are still virgins and if caught in any extramarital state of affairs the punishment is decease by lapidating, unlike the work forces who pattern polygamy by being allowed to get married up to four adult females with no effects.

The nature of God and humanity ‘s relationship to him

God is one and unseeable to all, so there is no other Gods apart from ‘Allah ‘ and this is to all humanity and faith in its integrity. For illustration, worship of many Gods is apparent in Hinduism so they do non pattern monotheism or Christians who believe in the three still fall out of the class for those who believe and worship one God in respects to Islam who argue that God can non hold kids. Though the Jews believe in one God, still from an Islamic position it could be argued that God ‘s instruction are restricted to merely the Hebrewss unlike the Muslims who reach out to all.

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