“Too many people are traveling to college” by Charles Murray is a really informational article that contains a fresh expression at today’s employers and what they look for in their employees. Murray defines the differences and similarities of a traditional university from current times and from past times. Overall. George gilbert aime murphy is stating that everyone should non travel to college. I agree with Murray’s statement that excessively many people are being pushed into college when they are non truly needed to. Murray defines who will profit and why they will profit from traveling to a traditional university and obtaining a BA. Murray continues to explicate that employers use a BA as a no cost showing device for academic ability and accomplishments. Therefore. he says that the more people that go to college. the more sense it makes for employers to necessitate a BA. Murray besides explains why obtaining a grade higher than a BA from a university. will merely assist people that are traveling to a university to go a professional in a calling field that takes cognition. accomplishments. and take old ages to get. I agree with Murray’s statement that holding a BA is more normally required than ten old ages ago. I personally have a really difficult clip happening a occupation that will even see me because I am merely a high school alumnus.

Although I have been employee of the month twice within the clip span of two old ages and have earned a publicity. employers are still non impressed with my work ability because I don’t have a college grade. Further into Murray’s statement he says that for a recent high school alumnus obtaining a BA is “the incorrect economical decision” ( 66 ) . Murray uses the illustration of a immature adult male who has merely graduated from high school and is seeking to make up one’s mind whether to go an electrician or to travel to college and major in concern. trusting to go a white-collar director. With the immature man’s accomplishments and abilities. his is more likely to gain better rewards going an lineman instead than traveling to college going a director. This is because the immature adult male is precisely mean in interpersonal and intrapersonal ability needed to go a trough and is in the 95th percentile in small-motor accomplishments and spacial abilities that are helpful to go an electrician. With that being said. if is he merely norm at interpersonal and intrapersonal abilities to go a director. why wouldn’t the employer engage the following campaigner that isn’t norm. is really good at what he does. and has more experience? I personally know person who was in the same place as this immature adult male.

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My pa. who is really smart. and didn’t truly necessitate to travel to college to be a building overseer. I say this because. with my dad’s carpenter accomplishments and math accomplishments learned from by his male parent. along with other assorted accomplishments that were already taught to him in high school. he had already had all of the accomplishments he needed to go a building overseer. Another chief point included in “Too many people are traveling to college” is intrinsic wagess. Murray uses the phrase “intrinsic rewards” by stating that if you don’t like your occupation you will most probably non acquire any intrinsic wagess from it. intending satisfaction. I believe that it is highly of import to bask your occupation or calling. For illustration. if person doesn’t enjoy their occupation or calling. they will ne’er believe that they are doing adequate money and will ever desire more. I have learned from my mother’s experience as a instructor here in Clark County about intrinsic wagess. Although she does non do a batch of money. she still enjoys traveling to work every twenty-four hours.

For my female parent it isn’t about money. she enjoys larning new things from her pupils and assisting them learn and turn mundane that encourages her to stay a instructor. My ma likes to larn about the new games that the kids play. or the merriment topographic points they have been. My ma even enjoys larning about the good things that happen in her student’s life. such as a new brother or sister. that gives her intrinsic wagess. Everyone in this twenty-four hours and age believes that a university is simply a topographic point to party. do friends. acquire the whole “college experience. ” and to larn merely a small spot. The intent of college is no longer doing yourself a good rounded. educated individual. Murray says the old image of traveling to college used to seek and do a immature individual mature and grow. He besides said pupils would maturate and turn by populating on their ain. being responsible for the first clip in their lives. College besides had a much harder course of study.

The classs a pupil would have were for the honest work that they did. If you received a C it was likely because you merely had mean work. To acquire an A or a B you had to hold great work. non second-rate work. However. in this twenty-four hours and age. we as pupils. anticipate to have an A or a B on everything we turn in. We believe if we completed the assignment wholly. we believe that we should acquire an A or B. Overall. we as pupils want higher classs for much less work. If a pupil is traveling to college merely for the experience and non the cognition. why is the pupil paying tuition? The pupil would evidently be traveling to college for the incorrect ground. Murrays’s reasoning statement is that if everyone goes to college and wants the higher earning rewards that everyone else does. who is traveling to make the other occupations such as assembly line occupations? I agree really much with Murray’s statement because when I graduate college in 2018 I will hold a really competitory scope of people viing for the same occupation that I want. With that being said. I can merely trust that I will acquire the occupation because I have some experience.

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