Well. the subject of gender functions is a mature one. While there is no specific lineation supplying benchmarks to utilize in sorting a person’s gender. a figure of factors come into drama in assisting define one’s gender. One of the factors is cultural prescription as provided for by a person’s societal group. A adult male is a adult male or a adult female a adult female depending on how the societal group they belong to label or socialise them. But one should retrieve here that genitalia entirely do non find a person’s gender.

While one’s sex is determined by one’s biological science. both biological science and civilization ( nature and raising ) determine their gender. There are different functions for different genders. Gender is more of culturally than biologically determined. In fact. a individual could be born with male genital organs but be of female gender or frailty versa. Differences exist between the male and female genders for case ; work forces are braver than adult females and adult females more emotional than work forces. Womans like being protected while work forces like to protect.

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Besides. work forces want to prosecute a adult female for relationship while adult females want to be pursued. The differences between the genders emanate from differences in sexes civilization. faith among others. Some of the similarities include: both are covetous. egoistic and want to repair the other to populate up to their ain criterions. Again. both genders converge in their demand for acknowledgment and love. These among other differences and similarities together with other factors such as legal have succeeded in being changeless obstructions on the route to equality.

Most societal groups. our parents and the media have socialized us to believe that the male gender is superior to the female gender. One can inquire. does sex find one’s abilities? Prosecuting such a inquiry may arouse an eternal argument but a sex-based attack in finding gender functions is bias and oppressive to adult females and perpetuates inequalities and patriarchate. No admiration adult females have to contend for equality. Kyra Sedgwick says that. “…we are still non truly supposed to desire it every bit much as cat does. ” But I think adult females should be able to do their ain picks.

I would desire to socialise my kids in a mode that they will see both genders as equal and deserving every bit much regard despite the differences. I will besides desire to let them freedom to take what they want to be in life. I will non deny them chances on the footing of their gender. I will besides promote them to follow their passion provided they are within the scope of acceptable callings and I will endeavour to back up them. A figure of inquiries puzzle me. They include ; In fomenting for equality. make adult females go more adult females or less? Is a adult female more adult female because she enjoys same rights as a adult male?

Is it possible to contrive a universally acceptable mode of finding gender functions so as to shun the contention? What commissariats do our societies make for those persons who do non measure up as mean male/female? These inquiries leave me lost in the mazes. The first and 2nd inquiries demand that adult females be careful when fomenting for equality lest they lose their individuality. Anyway what is so serious about losing one’s individuality? If waiving one’s individuality will do one hold a happier life so isn’t it better to waive it.

What should be pursued. individuality or felicity? Addressing the 3rd inquiry will salvage us unneeded arguments while the 4th inquiry rises out of my concern that there are some individuals that are left out in the categorization of genders and this could be unfair- a more inclusive definition demands to be adopted for a just treatment. In making off with the double categorization such footings as feminism and others that are so ‘poisoned’ will be avoided and may be a less controversial terminology adopted. Andrea Wong is a courageous adult female.

From her early age she tried her leg in leading. a field that was mistakenly perceived as a modesty for work forces. Besides unlike most adult females. Andrea Wong knows how. after falling. to acquire up. dust herself off and maintain traveling. Unlike Wong. most adult females get resigned after their first failure. If adult females were like her. they would besides be leaders like she is today and would be making great feats. Rachel Roy is another adult female who impresses me. She goes for what she wants and she wants nil but the best. “ If I couldn’t work at Contempo. I didn’t want to work anyplace.

” This shows a resoluteness that most adult females lack. She knows what she wants that is to be a interior decorator. “her passion started in childhood and she has ne’er wavered” . She is concluding in her determination. These two adult females non merely put good illustration for me but besides are good function theoretical accounts for adult females. From the pieces. it is clearly depicted that success for adult females is dependent on their attitude and non their gender. If adult females changed their attitude so they would favourably vie against work forces and it would be easier for them and tougher for work forces. Plants cited Newsweek. October 15. 2007.

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