The definition of sarcasm is “literary technique of authorship or art which chiefly ridicules its topic ( for illustration. persons. organisations. or provinces ) frequently as an intended agency of arousing or forestalling alteration. ” Satire is more normally used in comedies. but another popular manner in which sarcasm could be used is in a tragic attack ; sarcasm is merely a manner to mock it’s subject. and the manner in which it’s described can arouse any emotion. though comedy is a favorite to many as it is universal- everyone can associate to the comedy facet of things. Satire in comedy utilizations gags on stereotypes and people’s perceptual experiences of others to dispute these thoughts. they are put into a humourous context. but they are at that place to bestir feelings of unfairness or unlawful favoritism.

Many of Shakespeare’s dramas are satirical. as he wanted to turn out a point that although it may be the recognized thing in society at the clip. it isn’t ever the right thing to make. Examples of these types of dramas are: “Romeo and Juliet” . “Measure For Measure” and “Taming of the Shrew. ” “Romeo and Juliet” is a calamity that writes critically of the issues that are about at the clip ; Romeo and Juliet have done nil incorrect except to fall in love with rival households. The drama depicts the morality jobs with competition and force that can go on if battles get out of manus and whole households are against each other. After all the calamity and unhappiness. the households eventually halt contending amongst themselves. associating in with the traditional sense of sarcasm ; mocking its topic to arouse alteration.

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A typical Shakespearian calamity is different from the modern calamity that is around today ; the definition of modern calamity is harder to nail because there are many ways in which a narrative could be classed as a calamity. Normally. the calamities are about ordinary. mundane people who face issues and personal conflicts and embody calamity into them. Modern calamities ever contain play to motivate emotions of the audiences. so they feel involved and can sympathize with the characters. The stoping is ever really sad and involves decease and agony.

The definition of a Shakespeare calamity is a batch more precise ; they involve a Lords or powerful character who is apparently perfect and without defect. who falls from grace because of their ain making. possibly conveying other characters down with him. The character ever has free will and will hold the opportunity to turn back and deliver himself. but his ain greed or something that he is in control of will force him frontward to his ruin. The calamities are about “the penalty of autocrats. the bend of fortune’s wheel. ” An illustration of this in a Shakespeare’s drama is “King Lear”- Lear gets what is coming to him for being so selfish.

In decision. Shakespeare uses sarcasm in his dramas to stress the problems of his clip with the societal and position issues. His calamities typically include sarcasm to set accent on the jobs ; he writes in a tragic manner that will do the audience sad. but he besides writes in a manner that will arouse idea and hopefully alter what is needed.


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