If You Had The Opportunity, What Would You Ask The President Or Leader Of Your Country, And Why

            If I would be given the chance to ask something from the leader or the president of the country, I would definitely ask for the recommendation of a decree implementing fairness and equality amongst the people and society in terms of growth and opportunity, most especially in the workplace. This is due to the fact that I absolutely believe in the notion that with equal growth and opportunity the human community would be able to achieve positive development towards the building of a healthy and peaceful society. Hence, this specific request would be essential to heal discrepancies and biases among the people as well as in the entire community.

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            In a sense, this request from the president would possibly render the essential resolutions to the problem of a big discrepancy between the north and south of Italy. It is perceived that these two different regions of Italy are miles apart in terms of economic growth and labour opportunity for the Italian public living in the south. Also, the south of Italy is considered to be of the poorest region in the country as compare to the north, which entails a strong economic and social system (“The North and South of Italy – Worlds apart,” n.d.). Likewise, with strong and equal reform in terms of the government priorities in improving and developing each region, this difference between the north and the south of Italy of would be resolve accordingly.

            In addition to this, the stated request from the country leaders would as well  accordingly resolve the issue of gender bias in the work place. For instance, there are only few women and they are seldom given the chance to portray a major managerial role in the company. From a personal point of view, I personally believe and advocate the fairness and equality among male and female in the workplace.

            In the end, the above stated request from the country’s president would definitely be essential in resolving the issues of discrepancies and differences among the people as well as  within the community.


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