Of all the possible countries of the cordial reception and touristry industry that are available to analyze and research, casinos and bet oning are one of the most exciting and controversial. The history of chancing in America has a colourful, every bit good as muddied, past. With over 450 casinos in 19 provinces, there are more than 35 billion dollars in gross generated by this most explosive section of the cordial reception field ( Beck, 2006 ) . Casino gambling has become a major industry in the United States over the past two decennaries ( Garrett. 20049 ) . However, whereas casinos contribute tremendous gross toward the cordial reception and touristry industry, research and surveies that have been carried out in the past indicate that there is a societal cost to the community every bit good.

There has been an on-going argument on whether to legalise casinos or non in assorted provinces across the United States ( Garrett, 2004 ) . This argument has elicited statements from both sides of the divide ; with advocates of casinos reasoning that casino gambling is an of import economic avenue, whereas oppositions concentrate on the thought that casinos have no increased value on the society, which is necessary in any economic channel ( Garrett, 2004 ) . With this in head, the impact of casinos on the society has become a topic of careful survey among research workers, bookmans, and policymakers. This survey will concentrate on the possible effects of land-based casinos in downtown Chicago.

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The overall construction of the thesis will dwell of four chapters. Chapter one will hold an debut, research inquiries, a statement of the job and the importance of the survey, definition of footings, and a sum-up of the chapter.

Chapter two of the thesis is the “ Review of Related Literature ” . This chapter will research the related literature of the cardinal thesis inquiries.

Chapter three of the thesis is known as the “ Methodology ” . This chapter describes the particulars of the stairss taken in research of the thesis and why.

Chapter four of the thesis is my “ Discussions, Conclusions, and Recommendations ” . This chapter will supply a cited treatment of the pros and cons of the research inquiries proposed in chapter one. It will offer informed and educated decisions and recommendations derived from research in the thesis.

The thesis will besides supply a bibliography of a elaborate list of cited mentions.

Research Questions

1. What are the obstacles/objections to accomplishing a casino in business district Chicago?

2. What are the possible societal costs of legalized gaming?

3. What is the duty of authorities with respects to chancing?

4. What are the possible economic effects of casinos in business district Chicago?

5. How would casinos impact the cordial reception industry in business district Chicago?

6. What can we larn from old experiences in other major metropoliss with casinos?

Statement of the Problem and Importance of the Study

Gambling protagonists in 11 commercial casino provinces and 33 tribal casino provinces view casinos as an efficient devise for bring forthing touristry and economic development, every bit good as revenue enhancement grosss for province and local authoritiess ( Morse & A ; Goss, 2007, p. 13 ) . Harmonizing to Dave McKinney, of the Chicago Sun-Times, in the approaching hebdomads, Senate Democrats intend to force statute law authorising casinos in Chicago ( 2010, November 8, p. 5 ) . Almost hebdomadally, if non day-to-day, these types of studies are common topographic point in Chicago. With the seemingly inevitable development of casinos in Chicago, comes an array of inquiries, statements, and contention.

This survey will look into the possible economic benefits of casinos, non merely for the private sector, but besides for the populace sector, particularly in respect to Chicago. The metropolis of Chicago faces a 654 million dollar shortage ( Chicago Tribune, 2010 ) . For many provinces and local functionaries, casinos are attractive because they promise important new grosss at a clip when all degrees of authorities face serious financial jobs ( Haugen & A ; Musser, 2007 ) . Even with the evident success of casinos in communities such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Tunica, Mississippi, many oppositions of chancing argue that the down side of such a venture is excessively high in societal costs. These oppositions province that an addition in offense, bankruptcy, broken households, and pathological gaming are the societal costs and that these costs out weigh any benefits. With these opposing point of views at odds with each other, there are many countries of argument to be studied. What is the duty of the local authorities, the casino, and the casino visitant in all of this? What is the monetary value of the societal costs? Is Chicago ready to open this Pandora ‘s Box?

List of Definition of Footings and Abbreviations

Casino hotel – as the name implies, these hotels house chancing installations. The comfortss, services, and attractive forces are designed for, and marketed to, the chancing invitee ( Fridgen, 1996 ) .

Deficit – the sum by which outgos exceed income or budget.

Gambling – the pattern of playing games of opportunity or wagering in the hope of winning money.

Bet oning – term used by the cordial reception industry to depict gaming.

Jackpot – an sum of money won in gaming.

Land-based – bing on or runing from land, instead than from a boat or H2O.

Monopoly – a state of affairs in which one company controls an industry or is the lone supplier of a merchandise or service.

Parasite – person who exploits another without making anything in return.

Pathological chancing – a relentless and perennial maladaptive chancing behaviour that disrupts personal, household, or vocational chases ( Morse & A ; Goss, 2007 ) .

Player – an active gambler in a casino.

Pull factor – temptation.

Social impact – the effects of touristry activity and development on the societal cloth of occupants of finish communities — as persons, as households, and as members of societal organisations ( Fridgen, 1996 ) .


With the of all time turning popularity of casinos and the credence of chancing throughout the United States, Chicago appears primed as a following mark for the gambling industry. With the outwardly evident windfall of extra gross to a financially fighting local and province authorities, come the more concealed societal costs of chancing. Make the pros out weigh the cons? How have diverse communities, such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Indian tribal provinces, reconciled these disagreements? The possible negative impact of casinos on business district Chicago can non be ignored. As such, issues such as offense and drugs have been associated with casinos across the United States. Could this be the instance for Chicago?

Chapter Two:

Reappraisal of Literature


The possibilities of authorising casinos in Chicago have received broad literature coverage by many writers from Chicago, the United States and the universe at big. It is believed that the possible impact of casinos would be felt all over Chicago with some of the consequence presenting lasting impact. Many writers and bookmans have invested their clip and resources in researching and analysing the possible effects of casinos and chancing in the metropolis of Chicago. These findings have been documented in books, diaries, and magazines among others. Although many people do non understand how casinos would significantly act upon Chicago, research indicates that the lives of people in Chicago would be impacted well by the debut of casinos and bet oning. It is deserving observing that despite the possible negative effects of casinos, most people would O.K. casinos throughout the province. This is due to the belief of the benefits casinos would supply to the economic system of the metropolis, every bit good as, to the full life of 1000000s of people. It is hence clear that casinos have both negative and positive effects upon which both oppositions and advocates of the thought establish their statements. Intelligibly, great blessing and favour for casinos has been noted due to beliefs that casinos will stabilise the economic system through enlargement of industries and creative activity of a broad scope of related concerns.

Notably, land based casinos could make concern chances in downtown Chicago. Des Chenes notes that there are several concerns which are related to casino operations and these have continued to spread out since the legalisation of chancing and running of casinos in the United States. In the 2007 survey, Des Chenes emphasizes the fact that hotel and eating house concerns have realized a major encouragement because of the continued enlargement of the casino operations in the United States. This has led to economic growing through gross aggregation and creative activity of occupations. Hundreds of occupants could profit if the legislative acts in downtown Chicago legalized casinos.

Des Chenes besides noted trade, between bet oning and non-gaming folks, as one the effect of casinos. These two groups have expanded their concern range through the exchange of different goods and services. Another impact of casinos in business district Chicago could be the development of school and infirmaries and other tribal plans through fiscal support, imparting easy entree to societal comfortss and opening up of hapless and neglected parts ( Des Chenes, 2007 ) .

On the other manus, Des Chenes argues casinos have been an gap for an array of jobs, which have continued to impact the United States. He mentions competition between casinos and other environing cordial reception concerns as one of the most common beginnings of struggle. With the debut of casinos, the ferocious competition for touristry dollars could perchance ache already bing cordial reception constitutions.

Positive Effectss of Casinos

Thompson focuses on the positive effects of land-based casinos which significantly favor the occupants and vicinities of casino installations. He considers employment as the major advantage of advancing casinos. Harmonizing to Thompson, gamblers create occupations for themselves which subsequently become their core beginnings of income. In fact, he argues that the issue of occupation creative activity would be an implicit in factor for the addition in casino installations in countries like business district Chicago and other parts of America. On an overall national graduated table, the writer affirms that legal chancing endeavors in the United States employ over half a million people. As a consequence, casino advocates believe that a prohibition on casinos would take to a considerable loss of occupations among Americans. However, the addition from casino occupations is non satisfactory merely because many people who gamble in casinos have a history of another occupation someplace else ( Thompson, 2001 ) . As clearly discussed by Thompson, gamblers are non to the full guaranteed their occupations since they can be terminated at any clip due to hapless behaviour which may tie in with casinos and gaming.

Another expert who examines the thought of casinos in business district Chicago and in other U.S. metropoliss is Des Chenes. He exposes different point of views refering gaming and casinos. Like most authors, casinos have both negative and positive factors which are normally based when either back uping or opposing their resistances ( Des Chenes, 2007 ) . He notes that since casino operations and chancing were legalized in the United States, much has been realized in footings of economic and societal development. He, nevertheless, double emphasizes the negative effects of casinos and their societal impact.

Des Chenes notes that casinos well contributed to the net grosss from every province, which totaled up to $ 18 billion in the twelvemonth 2003. He farther notes that grosss obtained from casinos in provinces improved the economic criterions of the country in footings of development. That through casino grosss and related revenue enhancements, the quality of life in casino communities has benefited.

The issue of employment is besides addressed in Des Chenes ‘s analysis. He notes that more than half a million occupations have been created by casinos runing in different provinces ( Des Chenes, 2007 ) . Harmonizing to the writer, occupation chances secured through casinos have gone a great stat mi in bettering the lives of many people through proviso of income for the acquisition of nutrient and vesture among household demands. More than $ 15 billion in salaried employee income are attributed to casinos nation-wide.

Negative Effectss of Casinos

The negative costs which straight face Chicago mean that there might be no or minimum economic additions associated with the presence of land-based casino installations in business district Chicago ( Thompson, 2001 ) . As a consequence, Thompson argues that the debut of land-based casinos is likely to take to loss of occupations among Chicago occupants compared to the figure of occupations which would be created. The overall loss of occupations would therefore negatively affect the community of Chicago.

Another argued consequence of casinos is the loss of buying power. It is clear that the power of money is so great that about every economic system depends on it. As discussed by Thompson in his 2001 research, casinos in business district Chicago would do occupants to miss any other money to pass on other of import activities since about every dollar owned and earned would be lost through gaming in casinos ( Thompson, 2001 ) . The analysis farther indicated among those who spent most of their clip gaming, one out of a 10 of them would hold considered passing the same hard currency at food markets. Besides this determination, the writer farther notes that about 20 five per centum of these people would pass their money on nutrient and vesture if they missed casino services. This shows that the society has significantly suffered since many people are non able to to the full provide for the demands of their households due to this economic “ parasite ” ( Thompson, 2001 ) .

Consequently, casinos have led to take down authorities gross due to the decreased disbursement witnessed among occupants. Since fewer people are willing to pass their hard currency on purchases, the monetary value of trade goods has to be well raised in order to run into the economic demands of the part. As a consequence, occupants feel the impact of casinos through higher trade good monetary values. The inquiry that Thompson tries to reply is whether gamblers should pay grosss to the authorities or non. If grosss are non paid by casinos, the writer argues the demand to hold gamblers pay grosss in order to back up the economic growing of the province ( Thompson, 2001 ) .

Des Chenes contends that casino operations have become a load to the province, particularly in turn toing jobs which emanate from chancing. These jobs create demands on the province and local authorities budget, which would hold been used for other critical undertakings. He besides concurs with his co-workers in the belief that casinos have the immense potency as money laundering channels and could lend to the rise of organized offense in downtown Chicago.

Social Challenges of Casinos

The increasing figure of people passing their clip in casinos and on gaming is rather dismaying. Experts argue that the demand for casinos in different parts of the United States has long been lifting exponentially. Most visitants to casinos prefer passing their leisure clip in such centres in the name of doing money and holding merriment. Many casinos experience a immense inflow of clients during gay seasons and jubilations when most people are non involved in their official responsibilities ( Binder, 2003 ) . As a consequence, many people find no clip to loosen up with their households taking to a sociological duty spread, normally created by work forces. Thus the death of the household unit.

Is there any benefit or disadvantage of passing extra clip in casinos? Many head-shrinkers argue that inordinate indulgence in casino activities can be rather damaging in multiple ways. These experts have ever linked utmost exposure to gaming and other casino activities to assorted wellness upsets which have become of great concern in casino communities. Such effects have been known in casinos which offer fine-looking benefits upon winning. This therefore acts a “ pull factor ” to 1000s of participants who become addicted as they focus on the award without sing the monetary value. Binder besides argues that some participants continue playing hard even after losing awfully with the hope of winning in the hereafter. What happens in the event that these participants do non hit any kitty? One obvious consequence is that such behaviour may take to the loss of tremendous money. It is rather astonishing that some participants normally find themselves shocked by their liability because of non winning at any game. It is during such minutes that many victims may see other improper ways of acquiring money in order to settle their debts. They may besides perpetrate serious offenses including slaying and self-destruction as a manner of work outing the job or running off from the truth. Many of these happen due to psychological instability caused by dependence ( Binder, 2003 ) .

Domestic jobs are another of the effects attributed to chancing which have been widely studied. Many sociologists believe that casinos would make more injury than good to the cloth of society in downtown Chicago merely as it has in other parts of the United States. Morse and Goss argue that casinos have the ability to increase domestic jobs, such as domestic force and disregard, a common job already in larger metropoliss, like Chicago. Morse and Goss farther affirm that dependence to gaming and other casino activities has led to an addition in instances where kids are locked in autos for really long hours while their parents or baby-sitters have spent clip in casinos. Additionally, kids from casino households have been known to be left for long hours unsupervised in hazardous environments and even the casinos themselves ( Morse & A ; Goss, 2007 ) . By so making, parents fail to run into their duties to their households in an acceptable manner.

As a consequence of carelessness due to casino dependence, many households in the United States and other parts of the universe face the hazard of separation and divorce. Morse and Goss concur that alcohol addiction occurs at a higher rate among casino participants and chancing nuts. Therefore, to foster the statement of domestic carelessness, casinos have been accused of advancing alcohol addiction.

Economic Issues as a consequence of Casinos

Like other writers and research experts who have analyzed the constructs of casinos, Levinson discusses the effects of casinos with an unfastened head. Harmonizing to his 2002 coverage, he found out that casinos had both positive and negative effects. From the interviews that he carried out, different people had changing sentiments with their perceptual experience towards chancing and casino influence. Many of these people believe that the presence of casinos in a part affects the societal life and criterions. Good life criterions and improved societal comfortss are stated as being common in countries with casino activities. Some of the gamblers, casinos, and local regulating organic structures choose to direct gross from casinos on bettering public installations such as instruction and wellness centres. Levinson farther notes that the presence of casinos could pull many participants from other topographic points, which could do the life criterions of downtown Chicago to be comparatively high ( Levinson, 2002 ) .

Levinson besides argues that many people have become less responsible by passing their resources, including clip and money, in casinos through gaming. He notes that some work forces find more comfort in wagering than in go toing to the fiscal demands of their households. As a consequence, many gamblers have spent significant sums of money in casinos go forthing themselves with nil to pass on nutrient, vesture, medical, and lodging among other indispensable demands.

Land-based casinos in business district Chicago would besides impact touristry and transform the cordial reception sector in an economically important manner. As emphasized by Fridgen, there are 1000s of tourers who flock to downtown Chicago. This has allowed the growing of the cordial reception industry, which continues to significantly spread out. Although the initial consequence of casinos would be the enlargement of the touristry industry, another economic benefit that would follow, includes the creative activity of occupation chances in eating houses and in hotels, which accommodate the casino visitant who spends their leisure clip in downtown Chicago.

On the other manus, bankruptcy is economic consequence of casinos that could be felt in business district Chicago and other parts of the state as discussed by Grinols in his 2004 survey, which focuses on chancing in America and how it has affected the lives of Americans. As a consequence, he associates bankruptcy to the operations of casinos. He nevertheless emphasizes that the mode in which casinos affected a province entirely depends on the running of the casino industry ( Grinols, 2004 ) . Casinos, which unfastened chances for other concern sectors, like touristry, are likely to see low or no bankruptcy. Grinols farther adds that casino households and communities may see adversities over gaming and incurring of debts. He significantly notes that bankruptcy among casino participants can be a major cause of emphasis, mental upsets and even suicide.

Security Challenges

A possible challenge of land-based casinos that could be experienced in downtown Chicago is security. As discussed by Binder in his 2003 book, security is a planetary job which affects many concerns. However, the security menace environing casinos is likely to by high due to the immense amounts of money needed in chancing and wagering. As a consequence, there is ever the demand of using security inside informations. Due to the big sums of currencies involved, some people are normally tempted to steal.

The security of casino participants has besides been an issue of concern across the United States, and this could besides go an issue in downtown Chicago. Gang related onslaughts on casinos have independently been reported doing casino proprietors tighten security for both the participants and the casino staff. This has besides led to installing of security cameras in order to guarantee that casino activities are safe.

Crime is a common job faced by provinces, counties, and metropoliss everyplace. It draws the attending of both political and corporate leaders. In the procedure of happening the causes of offense in business district Chicago, many analysis concur that that casinos would lend significantly to the day-to-day addition in offense rate. One clear fact is that money is known to pull condemnable and organized offenses. Crimes related to the operations are common particularly in state of affairss where the operations of casinos are opposed by the rabble ( Herion, 2010 ) . In such instances, organized offense may assail casinos to catch money being used for chancing. Herion farther argues that since casinos mostly favor the more flush, lower category persons may decide to assail casino participants impeaching them to be the cause of high monetary values.

There have been many casinos in the United States whose operations were alleged to be straight influenced by the organized offense. Harmonizing to Herion ‘s statement in his 2010 research, casinos may bring forth money which is subsequently redistributed to these “ rabble ” groups which control the operations of such casinos. He besides notes that one of the grounds why lower degree packs consider casinos as a chief mark is their failure to pay equal revenue enhancements in support for the province economic system ( Herion, 2010 ) . Although Herion references these as the ground why casinos may be straight associated with organized offenses, he farther looks at money laundering as a cardinal nexus between casinos and offense. There are persons and groups of people who use casinos as Bankss for money obtained from drug trafficking and other illegal channels of wealth acquisition. Based on Herion and similar theories, it is hence argued that casinos promote offense, which include money laundering and drug trafficking.

Herion farther underscores the fact that casinos have historically had condemnable roots since Mafia households and mobsters operated casinos that propagated condemnable activities. Although other smaller households besides operate casinos, organized condemnable groups dominated the concern. It is rather dry that after the legalisation of casino gaming, the jurisprudence safeguarded the involvements of condemnable packs and non the minor casino proprietors who were fresh in the concern. This could besides be attributed to the political connexion in which elected functionaries manipulated casino operations for their ain addition as echoed by many others analysts apart from Herion. To this twenty-four hours, there are still intuitions that casinos are tied to organized offense ( Binder, 2003 ) .

Other Challenges of Casinos

Fleming notes in his 1978 research that political influence has played a major function in the operation of casinos in America. He argues that there has ever been a connexion between political relations and casino chancing with many politicians being mentioned in instances of graft and mongering. Many politicians misuse their influential power and places to pull strings the running of casinos. Cases of drug trafficking, money laundering, and political favours have ever revolved around politicians and other senior authorities offices in relationship to gambling ( Fleming, 1978 ) .

Suicide is another possible consequence of casinos that could be witnessed in downtown Chicago. Von Herrmann explains the nexus between chancing and self-destruction and how casino participants are more likely to perpetrate suicide by four per centum compared to the remainder of the population. Why does this go on? In his 2002 research, Von Herrmann affirms that hapless mental stableness among casino participants is the chief cause of high self-destruction rate. This mental instability comes as a consequence of surplus debts and uninterrupted failure to a individual kitty. Due to miss of adequate financess to settle some of the debts, casino participants get emphasiss, non cognizing any other solution apart from self-destruction ( Von Herrmann, 2002 ) . Von Herrmann farther identifies a deficiency of household support as a cause of mental instability among casino participants. Such isolation can therefore lead to devastation and solitariness, already cardinal causes of self-destruction in Chicago and the remainder of the universe.

Summary and Conclusion

The research study presented to Honorable Frank R. Wolf of the House of Representatives ( April, 2000 ) explains a broad scope of the effects of casinos and chancing. The focal point of the study is on economical and societal effects which are experienced in casino households and communities. The study views casinos as a major beginning of authorities gross which can be used in legion development undertakings. Like many other findings obtained by research workers, the study affirms the constitution of casinos as a major beginning of employment in casino communities. This will travel as a milepost in bettering the lives of occupants through proviso of income ( Wolf Report ) . The study besides mentions bankruptcy as one of the negative effects of casinos which chiefly occurs as a consequence of hapless planning and over outgo caused by chancing dependence.

The study further gives significant weight on the societal impact of casinos on different communities including those environing Chicago. As a pillar of any stable society, the study views the household as the most affected unit. There are many jobs which face casino households including divorce, domestic force and self-destruction among others. As reported, dependence to casino related activities caused a important per centum of the stateless population in the United States. This was attributed to bankruptcy and extra debts ensuing from over disbursement.

Additionally, the study addresses divorce and domestic force as major ways in which casinos affected households and communities. Due to dependence, many twosomes spend most of their clip chancing without respect for the province of other household members. They may besides neglect to supply basic demands and attack complete carelessness which finally leads to disassociate or separation ( Wolf Report ) . In add-on, the Wolf Report states that casinos deplete one of our most valuable resources: clip. Thousands of people are passing unrecyclable cherished clip chancing and wagering merely to lose all their lucks.

As indicated in the study, some people lose their occupations due to over indulging in casino activities while others are forced to alter their degree of acceptable life criterions. All these narrow to future defeats, which may take to mental upsets and finally suicide.

While the Wolf Report reports many finite facts and figures refering the economic benefits of casinos, it offers that the possible societal costs of casinos and chancing are far more unmeasurable, and hence unfastened for argument. In title, there are an array benefits and societal costs when land based casinos in business district Chicago are discussed. Chapter Four of this thesis will offer a treatment, decision, and recommendation on the reviewed literature.

Chapter Three:



There are assorted methodological attacks that are available that could be used to garner, analyze and present informations in any research undertakings. Among the most normally used methodological attacks include qualitative, quantitative and literature reappraisal attack. These methods play a critical function in garnering different types of day of the month, specifically primary and secondary informations. Their analysis standards on the other manus are besides utile in obtaining different analytical consequences from these informations.

To get down with, qualitative research focal point on bring forthing consequences from instance study-based informations. In line with this, assorted facets of human behaviours are examined under qualitative analysis in order to emerge with appropriate informations. Qualitative research involves the studied usage and aggregation of a assortment of empirical stuffs -case survey, personal experience, introspective, life narrative, interview, experimental, historical, interactive and ocular texts -that describe modus operandi and debatable minutes and significance in person ‘s lives ( Neergaard & A ; Ulhoi, 2007 ) .

There are assorted countries in the research universe where qualitative research is used. To get down with, qualitative research is common among societal scientists who study the behaviour of human existences in the society, and how they respond to different stimulations such as trade name in the market. Arguably, qualitative research methods focus on replying the inquiry how and why in the research analysis that is being carried out. As such, this helps in placing the whole procedure that leads to certain phenomena in the society.

Another research method that is normally used is quantitative method. First, it is of import to province that quantitative research is concerned with the empirical probe of quantitative phenomena and features and the manner they relate to each other in a systematic manner. In line with this, certain processs need to be followed in order to get the coveted consequences. In add-on to this, personal sentiment affects the consequences that are obtained. As such, the research must be detached from the experiment to minimise opportunities of obtaining colored consequences or instead informations. Quantitative methods require withdrawal of the perceiver, particularly in experimental method where personal engagement can impact the results of the research ( unless that consequence is accounted for ) ( Balnaves & A ; Caputi, 2001 ) . Furthermore, statistical tools play a important function in assisting the research to obtain accurate consequences or instead informations utilizing the quantitative method. In most instances, quantitative research is used when analysing informations that can be quantified.

Literature reappraisal on the other manus focal points on analysing the literature on researches and surveies that have been conducted in the yesteryear. In other words, literature reappraisal focuses on carry oning an analysis of secondary informations. Researches and surveies that do non necessitate primary informations frequently rely on literature reappraisal to garner and analyse informations that is required. As such, one of the advantages of utilizing literature reappraisal in garnering informations is its handiness every bit good as dependability. Note that different subjects in the society have been tackled in the past by research workers and bookman. Therefore, information sing such subjects is readily available whenever needed. On the other manus, it costs less to utilize literature reappraisal as a manner of roll uping informations every bit compared to other methods of informations aggregation.

With this in head, it is of import to province that this research depended to a great extent on literature reappraisal as its method of informations aggregation. Note that there are legion researches that have been carried out in the yesteryear that satisfactorily provided informations and information for this thesis. In add-on, there are incommodiousnesss that occur when garnering primary informations. For illustration, long periods of clip are required to garner meaningful primary informations. This is coupled by high costs that are involved. However, since this is academic-based thesis paper, hence no adequate clip to garner primary informations every bit good as fundss to pick the costs of garnering this information. As such, literature reappraisal is used.

Chapter Four:



There were different consequences that were realized from the literature reappraisal. First, Casinos would lend positively toward the growing of the economic system in downtown Chicago ( Thompson, 2001 ) . In line with this, Casinos would make employment in the society, with more and more people happening occupations in casinos. Research indicates that touristry and cordial reception industry would witness an addition in the figure of casinos across the United States. Notably, every twelvemonth casino concern raked one million millions of dollars and this could lend positively toward the growing of the economic system of Chicago every bit good as of the United States in general. As a affair of fact, casinos play a really of import portion in the economic system.

On the other manus, the possible effects of land-based casinos in downtown Chicago can non travel unmentioned. For case, since casinos are associated with political relations, this may lend to tribal political alliance among major participants who involve themselves in casino gambling in downtown Chicago. Similarly, the dependence to casinos frequently led to bankruptcy, offense, corruptness and poorness ( Herion, 2010 ) . Furthermore, casinos had a negative influence on the society, particularly among kids and the immature people. In this respect, the constitution of Casinos in downswing Chicago could hold damaging effects.


Casino gambling is one of the greatest economic subscribers to cordial reception and touristry industry in the United States. In line with this, the positive economic impact of casino gambling has enhanced this industry, with a parts of 1000000s of dollars every twelvemonth. However, there have arisen statements that casino gambling could hold a negative impact on the society, particularly in topographic points such as Chicago business district. From the literature reappraisal that was carried out, it was found out that casino gambling had no increased value on the society. On the contrary, it had contributed to an addition in such frailties as offense and drug maltreatment in the society.

In other words, whereas casino bet oning contributed positively toward the growing of the economic system of the United States by heightening cordial reception and touristry industry, its negative impacts on the society can non be ignored in any manner. Notably, offense has been on top of this list among the impacts of casino bet oning on the society. However, there are other impacts that were identified in the literature subdivision of this paper. For case, it was found out that most households were affected when their members engaged in casino gambling. As such, there was an increased rate of divorce, force, poorness, etc among these households.

In this regard, casinos have a negative impact on the society arguably, most of the issues that arose as a consequence of affecting oneself in casino gambling affected the societal constructions that existed among assorted groups of people in the United States. In other words, there was a signifier of societal disaffection that was associated with casino gambling. In add-on to this, casino gambling besides affected the economic constructions that had been laid down in the society. As such, increased degrees of poorness was witnessed among people who were addicted to casinos, contrary to the belief that since there was tremendous money supply or flow within the casino gambling construction, most people were affected negative instead than positively. This could be as a consequence of the habit-forming nature of casino gambling, which resulted in a individual disbursement money even to the point of borrowing. With this in head, one of the issues that need to be studied is whether the benefits of casino gambling could be equated to its impact on the society.


There are assorted recommendations that need to be addressed sing the subject. To get down with, there is demand for an in-depth survey and analysis of the subject to find whether the economic benefits of casino bet oning outweighs the impact it has on the society. Note that assorted researches and surveies that were consulted focused on the impact of casinos on the society. However, there is small that has been done so far on the whether the impact of casinos outweighs its economic benefits in the society.

Future research on the possible impact of land-based casinos in business district Chicago would necessitate to concentrate on the relationship between casinos and societal lives of people who were involved. Note that the concern of casino gambling has grown enormously in the recent times. Therefore, there is a demand to analyze the relationship between casinos and societal lives of people. Note that the available research has dwelled much on the negative impact of casino, adverting issues such as offense and suicide among people who were involved in casino gambling. The research would lend toward the understanding the possible effects of land-based casinos in downtown Chicago.

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