Alexander was first tutored by the strict Leonidas, a relative ofhis mother, and by Lysimachus of Acarnania. In early childhoodAlexander was raised in the manner of noble Macedonian youths,learning to read, play the lyre, ride, fight, and hunt.
When Alexander was 13, Philip began to search for a tutor andconsidered such academics as Isocrates and Speusippus, the latteroffering to resign to take up the post. In the end, Philip choseAristotle and provided the Temple of the Nymphs at Mieza as aclassroom. In return for teaching Alexander, Philip agreed torebuild Aristotle’s hometown of Stageira in central Macedonia nearthe eastern coast of the peninsula of Chalcidice, which Philip hadrazed, and to repopulate it by buying and freeing the ex-citizenswho were slaves or pardoning those who were in exile. Many newstructures were built at this time, including an aqueduct, twoshrines to Demeter. and many houses.

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