Slave life was not harsh in Greece. Male slaves were assigned tomarried women to do their bidding. The slaves also had to accompanythe woman when she wanted to go out of the house as stated in theirlaw. The slaves, male and female, helped do the chores around thehouse including helping to teach the children, but this was mostlydone by the mothers.#Another View:Most slaves were used for agriculture, fishing, trades andlabouring. They lived a harsh life, were subject to the orders andwhims of their masters with no excuses; the owner could punish,kill or sell them, as he pleased with no repercussions. Some menwere in the mines, living a horrible life which eventually killedthem. Women, as well as working domestically or on the farm orbusiness, were used sexually or prostituted.The only thing which tempered the owner was a desire to keepthem in good working condition for as long as possible.

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