You poor thing! Everyone wants to be a smart @$%!! Your answer is YES YOU CAN PASS A DRUG TEST!! This is all synthetic materials. However, you can do as you please with your life, HOWEVER, PLEASE BE CAREFUL! I just did the crazy stuff about 7 hours ago and let me tell ya, I’M STILL JACKED! Personally, I don’t like it at all. I can’t wait to come down from this crazy stuff! Never AGAIN!!
It seems dangerous to me, but this is just me. I’ve done enough real coke in my day that I’d rather do the real and take a chance of getting caught as to do this blitz crap! I have NEVER done Meth, but it feels like what I think a Meth High would be. Just seems dirty and wrong, sounds crazy but remember I’m high, so forgive me! Again, BE CAREFUL, this is crazy stuff you don’t want to continue to do! It has damaged kidneys, hearts, and has even caused death in people. I truly believe it’s harmful and I won’t be partakeing any time soon, how about won’t be partaking EVER!

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That’s his opinion. I have done it as well. I personally like it. I paid $25 for .25 of a gram or 250 milligrams. I think it can go for much cheaper. At least $20 a bag. But i have heard it go for $50 a gram.

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