I did my thesis on that subject (engineering from earliest times to Hellenistic times).
The first tools were not made of stone but from wood. We dont have any findings because wood deteriorates much faster than other materials. The first tools were ”pebble” tools chipped from one side and later from both sides. They were used from the ”homo habilis” the first human to use tools.
During the paleolithic age we find 3 different cultures depending on the way they created their tools. Hand axe or pebble culture, chopping tools culture and flake tool culture.
During the mesolithic age the tools continue to get smaller and with more detail. Because of the climate changing there were not so many large creatures to hunt so the equipment got smaller.We find the first small traps and fishing tools, made from stone or ivory.
During the neolithic, tools undergo a new form of preparation, finishing. It was made either with grinding with a harder rock or with sand. We have the first agricultural tools, stone foundations and the invention of the wheel (probably by the Babylonians in the 5th millennium BC).
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