Both the Old Stone Age and The New Stone Age have been given their names because stone tool technology is the primary tool type which is preserved to the modern day. Stone of a suitable type for tool making had economic significance in both periods, though more so in the New Stone Age when raw materials and finished products were widely traded. However the types of tools which were produced were very different, with Old Stone Age tools being largely simple, only slightly modified stones while New Stone Age tools were more sophisticated products like the well known spear head shapes.

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For the most part though there were far more differences than similarities between the two periods. Although the names infer the two periods had much in common the Stone ages as a whole cover a vast period of time (significantly over 2 million years) which saw a great number of not only technological and cultural developments but also biological ones as our own species, Homo sapiens emerged, populated the globe and became the only human species surviving.

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