There are many. in brief:
Minos was son of Zeus and adopted in Crete by mortal kind Asterion.When he became King, God Poseidon send a white bull from the sea tojustify him, but Minos instead of sacrificing the Bull he replacedhim with a regular one. Poseidon in revenge condemned his wife withzoophilia and when Daedalus made a wood cow so she would hideinside, the White Bull of Poseidon mate with the wooden cow andeventually with Pasiphae, which resulted to the birth of theMinotaur, half man, half bull and Daedalus build the Labyrinth torestrain him.
Later, Athens became a vassal of Knossos, and had to pay tribute tothem. The price was the lives of the 7 best boys and 7 mostbeautiful girls given to Knossos and King Minos every 7 years, tobe given to the Minotaur for launch, in retribution for theassassination of Minos’ son during games in Athens. Theseus went toCrete in order to kill the Minotaur and put an end to this, whichhe did with the help of Minos’ daughter Ariadne and Daedalus. Hisfather Augeus asked when his ship comes back to have white sails ifall was good or black if Theseus was dead. Theseus forgot to setthe white sails so his father commit suicide when he saw the blackone by jumping in the sea, whence the name Aegean Sea.
Later on again, Minos tried to find Daedalus and get him to trialso in search for him went to Sikelia (Sicely) and when asked forhim, was was boiled to death. After his death he became on of thethree judges of the Underworld.

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